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Easy start

Okay there are 3 different ways on how to have a good start on GT4
NOTE: you must have gran turismo 3 and at least 50000 cr. For this to work

Okay 1st thing, when you start, transfer your money from gt3 to gt4, it tells you how to do that at the start, then either buy a chrysler crossfire, Mazda RX-7 or Mazda RX-8, then after you have bought any of those cars, do a little tune up, anything that will make thee acceleration faster, then after you have done that, go onto one of the manufactures events, and when you win these are the cars you should get...

crossfire goes to Viper GTSR concept, with about 500 bhp
RX-8 goes to RX-8 concept car limited edition race car, again with 500-550 bhp
RX-7 goes To RX-7 LM RACE CAR with about 550 600 bhp

With these cars you should be able to win easily, then with that you'll make money really easily and that should give you a good start

Added 22 Sep 2007, ID #27767, by AnKiN9001 and get

A very fast car 270mph+

Ok to have a very fast car get the Bentley speed 8 then give it an oil change after that soup it up so I has about 1100 hp and finally the tuning.

Im not excellent at tunning but if you do this it'll max out at about 270mph

Auto set the gears to max then take the last three gears and put them as low as they'll go and finally give it no down force and there you go a car that will max out at 274mph

Added 25 Jun 2007, ID #27007, by aaron670

Easy Money

Once you have a car with at least 300 hp or more go to special condition events. Pick the second event on the list. It should be Easy Costa di Amalfi. Now these two races should be really easy because the car your competing against has only a max of around 80 mph. So you should be able to pass him real easily. The first course is normal then the second is reverse. Once you've beaten the two races you should win a Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car. Go back home and sell it. It is worth about 270 Grand. Go back to special condition events and clear your wins on that race. Race again and you'll get another Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car. Sell it again. Repeat this process until you have enough money to satisfy your needs.

Added 12 Jun 2007, ID #26862, by agator

Easy Money in good time!

As you might know, in the Special Conditions races you can win a Cadillac Cien of 2002, you win this car by completing the easy Rally d' Umbria races, use this car, or another exceptionally fast car in the easy Capri Rally Races, win that and you get a Toyota RSC Rally Raid Car, the aim of this Walkthrough Cheat is that you can do the Races again and again clearing the records each time, it's good because you can keep one car for whatever purpose and sell the others you win for over 250,000 each time, plus you get an extra handy 5,000 for coming in position first!
Have Fun Gaming!

Added 25 Feb 2007, ID #25731, by 493BHP

Easy money at the start of the game

Get both A and B licences befor anything. Then use the Sunfire GXP Concept '02 and give it nitrous, a superchip and a racing exhaust.Complete both the sunday cup and the FF cup in the beginner races and sell the car that is worth money, and keep doing this until you have about 25 000 credits.Then keep checking the late 90's used car lot until they have a mitsibushi evo vi or vii. When you have this just give it nitrous and a superchip and go to the special condition races. Complete the 2 races for the second one down and you will win a toyota rally race car. Either use this car for the rest of the races as it is fast as fudge, or sell it for about 250 000! It takes about 10 minutes to do these 2 races and you can keep winning this car over and over again!

Added 31 Jan 2007, ID #25476, by seanbristow693

Perfectomundo Start

1. Transfer the lincences and credits from GT3
2. Buy the Dodge Viper ( it rocks)
3. Beat all beginner league races
4. Then go to the us league races
5. Race the stars and stripes ( it should have 3 races) the last one is a city course)
6. Win the camaro lm race car from the stars and stripes race.
7. Then race the camaro club race in Chevy's races.
8. Then race the stars and stripes race again and sell that car for $212,000

Added 5 Jan 2007, ID #25095, by hms90832

All the cars in the game!!!!!!!!


Begginer hall

Course Unlockable car
Sunday Cup Autobianchi A112 Arbath '79
FF Challenge Mazda Atenza Concept '01
FR Challenge Nissan Skyline 2000gt-B '67
4WD Challenge Toyota Motor Triathalon Race Car '04
Lightweight K Cup Ginetta G4 '64
Spider & roadster Chrysler Prowler '02
Sport Truck Race Chevrolet SST Concept '02

Professinal Hall

Clubman Cup Mazda Mazdaspeed Atenza '05
Tuning car Grand Prix Nissan Option Stream Z '04
Race of NA Sports Honda NSX-R Concept '01
Race of Turbo Sports Mazda BP Falken Rx-7 (D1gp) '03
Boxer Spirit RUF CTR Yellow Bird '87
World Classic Car Series Mercedes-benz Dalimer Motor Carraige '86
World Compact Car Race Honda S800 Rsc Race Car '68
Supercar Festival Cizeta V16t '94
Gran Turismo World Championship Ford GT Lm Edition Spec-li '04

Extreme Hall

Gran Turismo All Stars BMW MaclarenF1 Gtr Race Car '97
Dream Car Championship Nissan GT-R Concept Lm Race Car '02
Polyphony Digital Cup Opera Performance S2000 '04
Like The Wind Volkswagen W12 Nardo Concept '01
Formula GT World Polyphony Formula Gran Turismo '04
Real Circuit Tours Nissan Gran Turismo Skyline GT-R
(Pacecar) '01
Premium Sports Lounge Ford GT '05

Added 22 Sep 2005, ID #17325, by peter1234

Win every race with a tuned car

When in a race with a car that has been tuned up quite a bit press r1 to get the race monitor up then hold l1 and press right 3 times to get it at three times the speed then let go of the buttons and hold l1 again and also hold right so a beep is heard and x3 is flashing keep it held for the rest of the race and you should come 1st it works for me 9/10ths of the time.
P.s while holding l1 and right make sure you are in push hard and overtake this only works in b spec mode races

Added 10 Jul 2005, ID #15993, by jake_griffiths

Unlock diffrent cars and diffrent tracks

To unlock cars and tracks, compete in the GT Career mode. You can earn money there to upgrade your cars, and buy or sell new and used ones

Added 2 Mar 2005, ID #13312, by Bevan
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