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Secret Characters (Item Fusion's Only) cheat for Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2


Secret Characters (Item Fusion's Only)

Majin Buu (Pure Evil) - Human Gunman's Gun + Majin Buu
MAX Power Master Roshi - Master Roshi + Seriousness
Perfect Cell - Cell Perfect Form + Self Destruct
Hildergarn - Hildergarn's Lower Half + Hildergarn's Top Half
Super Zarbon - Zarbon + Unsealed
Full Power Frieza - Frieza Final Form + Ultimate Transformation
Mecha Frieza - Full Power Frieza + Remodeling Surgery
Janemba - Saike Demon + Peoples Bad Energy
Great Ape Raditz - Raditz + Power Ball
Great Ape Nappa - Nappa + Power Ball
Great Ape Vegeta - Vegeta (Scouter) + Power Ball
Great Ape Bardock - Bardock + Power Ball
Great Ape Turles - Turles + Power Ball
Super 17 - Android 17 + HFIL Fighter 17
Super Buu (Gotenks Absorbed) - Super Buu + Absorb Gotenks
Super Buu (Gohan Absorbed) - Super Buu + Absorb Gohan
Garlic Jr. - Mayko Star + Dead Zone
Super Garlic Jr. - Garlic Jr. + Giant Form
Lord Slug - Namekian + Mutation
Super Slug - Slug + Giant Form
Super Saiyan Broly - Broly + Super Saiyan
Legendary Super Saiyan Broly - Super Saiyan Broly + Break Through The Limit
Kibitoshin - Supreme Kai + Kibito
Baby Vegeta - Vegeta (Second Form) + Baby
Super Baby 1 - Baby Vegeta + Lower Class Saiyan
Super Baby 2 - Super Baby 1 + Power From Lower Class Saiyan
Great Ape Baby - Super Baby 2 + Artificial Blutz Wave
General Tao - Bros. Of Crane Hermit + Memorial Campaign
Salza - Armoured Calvelry + Cooler's Soldier
Turles - Lower Class Saiyan + Fruit of The Tree of Might
Cooler - Hatred of Goku + Frieza's Brother
Cooler Final Form - Cooler + Ultimate Transformation
Meta-Cooler - Cooler + Big Gete Star
Zangya - The Flowers of Evil + Galactic Warrior
Cui - Vegeta's Rival + Frieza's Soldier
Android 13 - Computer + Hatred
Fusion Android 13 - Android 13 + Parts of 14/15
Syn Shenron - Evil Dragon + Negative Energy
Super Yi-Shin-Long (Omega Shenron) - Syn Shenron + Ultimate Dragonball

Added by: Acreas Nov 6th 2006, ID#24164 and get
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Have it beat it lol XD

Added 13th Apr 2015, ID #542315

code:Power Ball + Vegeta(scouter)=Great Ape Vegeta

Added 11th Mar 2015, ID #527163

i did all these item fusion and none of it worked for me ;(

Added 7th Feb 2015, ID #512908

you can't

Added 30th Nov 2014, ID #478637

Kid goku is not found in item fusion look it up ok

Added 19th Aug 2014, ID #438063

is there any more item fusions

Added 2nd Jul 2014, ID #410732

Super saying bedrock?

Added 9th Jun 2014, ID #396755

Hey I've found more than half of these but though it helped me

Added 1st Mar 2014, ID #359822


Added 6th Jan 2014, ID #340475

u need to add kid goku

Added 16th Jun 2013, ID #290735

Some more plz?![color=blue[strike][/strike] ][/color]

Added 24th Apr 2013, ID #277222

how do you use miracle

Added 13th Apr 2013, ID #273130

Baby vegeta

Added 16th Sep 2012, ID #186627

[color=red][/color] kk

Added 9th Aug 2012, ID #174089

na missao do trunks vs meta frieza na menu de batalha trava

Added 27th Jul 2012, ID #169173

please where are unsealed item?

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #168119

Baby vegeta won't transform into super baby vegeta

Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #153670

What if we cant find enough of something, like Buu Pure Evil requires human gunman gun and mahjin buu but it gives the item number error

Added 29th Apr 2012, ID #138051

i know how to get hirudregarn. you do hirudregarns top half and hirdreparns lower half

Added 22nd Dec 2011, ID #97487

how do you get great ape kid goku

Added 15th Dec 2011, ID #95251

If its says you lack the item number well item fusion buy more z item fusion

Added 6th Oct 2011, ID #78645


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