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A cheat sheet for english class - Bully

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A cheat sheet for english class for Bully


A cheat sheet for english class

I don't have all the words for each class just enough to pass the class for some

1st class: mellow, low, mole, well, elm,mow, Mew, meow, owl

2nd class: fig, hit, sit, fit, ifs, his, fish, gift, fist, shift, fight, figs, fits, gifts, fights, hits, sight, this, sift, sigh, gist, its

3rd class: elm, mess, mile, miss, less, lime, smile, smiles, mise, slim, lie, elms, lies, slims, limes, miles

4th class: ray, con, nay, can, ran, cony, coy, any, crayon, cay, cry, nor, racy, corn, car, acorn, yon, roan, cyan, corny, narc, carny, yarn

5th class: age, dag, gag, gar, egg, dare, drag, gear, dear, gad, are, rage, era, red, rag, grade, dagger, rad, ear, read, grad

Hope this helps out any one having trouble with English class.

Added by: godfather64 Oct 30th 2006, ID#24050


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cheat for clothes
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Thanks to this website very much
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Jul 13th 2014 Guest
Thanks! Another word for class 1 is W - O - E
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thanks for your help.
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Thanks so much ... It really helps me because I am not knew to the game, I played it with my ex-boyfriend and I recently bought it and i need the cheats so thanks so much
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Sep 29th 2012 thwin ko ko aung
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Sep 8th 2012 Guest
thanks I had some much trouble with every english class
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Thank you! This helped a lot!
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thanks for tips
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Thanks i had a hard time trying to pass the 2nd english class thank you
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