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Stardust List cheat for The Legend of Dragoon


Stardust List

Disc One (20 Stardust)

Seles (1 Stardust)
* Among the graves to the left of the exit

Bale (6 Stardust)
* Bucket of spears in the Weapon Shop
* Well outside Lavitz' house
* Kitchen of Lavitz' house
* A fireplace on the first floor of Indels Castle
* The top left room on the third floor of Indels Castle
* When riding the boat, choose to get off when given the option near a door. Go in the door and search the barrels at the north end of the room.

Hoax (2 Stardust)
* Below and to the left of the commander's desk
* The fireplace in the basement of the upper left house

The Marshland (1 Stardust)
* At the fireplace in the conquered fort

Lohan (4 Stardust)
* In one of the pots next to the entrance, near the guard in blue
* In a basket near the entrance to the Arena
* In the suit of armour in Dabas' Antiques
* Go down the hidden ladder in the bookshelf (press X at the ! Icon when examining the bookshelf) and check the fireplace

Black Castle Kazas (6 Stardust)
* In the first house on the left, search the barrels.
* Climb the ladder in the first house on the right and search to the left of the treasure chest.
* In the weapon shop, search to the left of the counter.
* In the resistance town, search the bookshelf in the top room.
* In the shop in the resistance town, search the barrel at the bottom left.
* In the shop in the resistance town, search the barrel at the bottom of the left hand staircase.

Disc Two (15 Stardust)

Fletz (7 Stardust)
* Search the crates in the hallway outside the bar.
* Climb up onto the roof of the structure up and to the right of Nello's home and search there.
* Search the left-hand box in the weapon shop.
* Search the tray of gems at the bottom of the screen in the accessory shop.
* Search the telescope in the item shop.
* Examine the statue to the right in the entrance hall of the castle.
* Search the room at the base of the right-hand tower of the castle.

Donau (2 Stardust)
* Examine the pools of water to the left of the entrance.
* Search the sink in the mayor's house.

Home of the Gigantos (1 Stardust)
* Search the right hand candlestick.

Queen Fury (2 Stardust)
* In the wheelbarrow next to Kongol in the engine room
* To the right outside the cabin where Albert is

Lideria (1 Stardust)
* In the tent with the save point, go outside onto the roof and climb down the ladder. Search the cupboard.

Fueno (2 Stardust)
* Below the stairs in the Inn
* Examine the painting near the stairs in the clinic

Disc Three (11 Stardust)
Furni (2 Stardust)
* In the first house to the right, check the barrels.
* Slide down into the basement of Teo's house and examine the right side of the room.

Wingly Forest (2 Stardust)
* Examine the top right corner of Guaraha's room
* To the right of the exit from the recovery point, in a pillar

Neet (1 Stardust)
* In the lamp post near the entrance

Deningrad (5 Stardust)
Please note: you cannot get these Stardust until after you have completed the quest to the Mountain of Mortal Dragon!
* The second floor of the Inn, near the device on the north wall
* There are two Stardust in the piles in front of the item/weapon shop
* Check the path to the left of Sacred Sister Wink
* Examine the pile of rubble behind Sacred Sister Luanna

Vellweb (1 Stardust)
* In the ruined altar at the central tower

Disc Four (4 Stardust)
Ulara (3 Stardust)
* Examine the pot on the north wall of the weapon shop
* Examine the rose beds
* Examine the large, dead plant (right and up the stairs from the mass of red flowers)

* Outside Martel's door in a pot

For giving the Stardust to Martel, you receive the following treasures:

10 Stardust <---> Physical Ring
20 Stardust <---> Amulet
30 Stardust <---> Wargod's Sash
40 Stardust <---> Rainbow Earring
50 Stardust <---> Vanishing Stone

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go to the inn, joined with it is the bar, buy and bring spirts to the drunk

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #417938

How do I get on the boat in the basement of the indels castle for the 6th stardust in bale???????

Added 17th Apr 2013, ID #274858

How do I get on the boat in the bottom basement of the castle in bale

Added 17th Apr 2013, ID #274853

Does anyone have the location of all 250 stardust ?

Added 11th Dec 2012, ID #219000

yea right. i really doubt theres 250 of those. Dart's final weapon is the Soul Eater

Added 31st Jul 2011, ID #62752


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