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BIG HEAD-up [4 times]R1[4 times]then circle

Ask.com and get

Press the start botton and press circle(4)times then square. You this cheat you will be able to swim,climb,and headbash.

You can put in this cheat or use the man money bag. Here`s another to find gems hold L1,R1 and R1 and sparks will point you.


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Here are some sweet cheats for Spyro2!!

To get some stuff like swimming, climbing, and some junk like that without paying blubberbutt Moneybags press START,OOOO DOWN then Square.


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1) Headbash BIG boulder in front of main castle

2) Use the whirlwind in side castle walls(supposedly to get you to the top of castle faster) and fly onto the wall. There should be an orb somewhere directly on the wall.

3)Use whirlwind of #2 and go on wall. Run around until you see a waterfall.

Jump into the waterfall, and swim in the river that leads to Moneybags down below.

There should be an orb somewhere in the stream.


During play pause the game to enter the following cheats.

You will hear a chime if it has worked.

All abilities: 0 x4, square

Big head mode: up x4, R1 x4, circle


I cant believe this hasnt been written yet! Dont u wish Hurricos was easier??! well, heres how to make it so

In the level Hurricos, theres a supercharge with a breakable windmill behind it, and another in front of it, theres also a box to break open with the supercharge... get the supercharge working and break open the box to get jems(obvious right?).

Then go back and supercharge the breakable windmill that is near where the box was, the windmill will break, revealing a button, DONT PUSH THE BUTTON!!! in fact.. DONT PUSH ANY BUTTONS OR THIS WON'T WORK!

Jump onto the middle of the button and let urself fall off- if spyro looks like hes falling, jump again and fall to the left side of the button(under it) the camera will go pretty shakey but dont worry, after a little while u should get shot up REALLLLYYY high!!

Right before u start falling again press Triangle to glide and from there u should be able to go ANYWHERE in Hurricos!!

I recomend u get all the jems u need first + the Orb u get for getting to the little guy near the 2 big windmills THEN get the other orb u get for getting to the factory, as shutting down the factory disables this little trick.



Go to breeze harbor and go to the pool next to the heat activate wirlwind. Then make the water rise.

Go to the step closesest to the water.Go on the left side of the step and dive until you end up floting on the step.

Now you can swim in the air.Charge swim facing the saturn-like planet in the air.

Keep on going for at least 10 minutes and you might see the breeze builder's world but it's deserted and you can go through everything!

BEWARE:don't go to far under the deserted breeze builder world and the only way to get out is by exiting the level.


hey! If u are trying to get all of the specieal moves on spyro2.forget it all you have to do is this.

Press start hold the l1 butten and press up up up up square and you will hear a sound effect and thats it!


Okay.Sparx and I have a very funny pointless cheat.In Mystic Marsh,when you get the Professor's pencil go 2 the whirlygig with an item+spit item while rising.

It may take severl tries,but get it in the middle of the stars.

Walk in,get it,and rise.You willgo high and stay like that and glide along.To get down spit item.

PS: If left unnatended too long,items will dissapear.You can get a new one from professor.


Hi Spyro fans. as you may know i am the person who wrote in about the strange land in sunny beach.

In Breeze Harbour when you know you can fill it up with water blah, blah, blah, and you go to the secret place.

If you fly towards Saturn and you can't get back unless you exit the game, well there is a possible way to get back.

When you fly towards Saturn you are swimming off the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the island.

When you arrive at the new destination, if you swim the opposite way from Saturn you will get back.

That's if you don't fall down 1/2 way there!

Trust me this works I use this all the time. If it don't work 4 u then I'll kill myself (oooh, what an excellent idea, i'll start now. JOKES!!!)

bye and remember this is REAL!!!


Hi dudes,

Having troubles getting thru the levels?

Well, then this is a perfect password for you.

Level Select!

Pause the game then go to inventory and press square,square,circle,square,square,left,right,left,right,circle,up,right,down.

When you get to the balloonist you should be able to select any world.



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OK, if u want to get all the elements :head bash, swim, climb all the stuff u have to pay for, when in play, press start and go to ur menu thing and hold L1 and R1 and press circle, circle,circle,circle square and there should be a little noise and WHALLLAAAA u have all those element.

p.s. it really helps if u do that cheat in the very begging of the game)

*******DrAgOoN gIrL********


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Or permanite superfly ether so dont waste youre time!

You cant play as ripto ether!

WELL I KNOW THAT THAT WASN'T A cheat but i'm pretty sure it helped.

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