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Best cheat ever for The Sims 3


Best cheat ever

Hi I'm going to show you all how to have alot of money without a job have to press the Shift,Ctrl,and C at the same time then let it go

2nd. There going to be a box in the top of the screen

3rd. In that box type in testingcheatsenabled true
Then press enter

4th.Then Press the same thing Shift,Ctrl, C same time

5th. Type in the box 1st Familyfunds (your family's last name) Then Type the amount of money you want

Trust me it works !!
Any questions Ask me .

Thumbs up if it worked for you

Added by: cuky May 1st 2011, ID#16184 and get
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I've never had $99,999,999.... until now...

Added 18th Oct 2015, ID #617823

ive been playing sims since 2011 and motherlode works the easiest.

Added 9th Jan 2015, ID #498772

Thanks! The cheat worked

Added 24th Dec 2014, ID #489410

Awesome you rule I am stoked.

Added 18th Nov 2014, ID #473116

Here is another cheat,
Do the testingcheatsenabled true thing and then when you want to move a family into a house when your in edit town and you have just made them type in the box "freerealestate" and then click on any house you want without having to worry about the price!!!

Added 5th Oct 2014, ID #454898

This cheat is wonderful, ive used it so many times

Added 19th Aug 2014, ID #438144


Added 4th Aug 2014, ID #430740

I just want to know how to make them go on vacation

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #412872

type in:
'testingCheatEnabled true' hit enter
and then type in 'buydebug' go to shop and click the ? mark to buy items that you usually cant buy like life fruit and death flower

Added 3rd Jul 2014, ID #411443

thank you so munch

Added 14th Jun 2014, ID #399530

i love JokePlease TRY IT NOW!

Added 23rd Apr 2014, ID #378029

my best cheat is JokePlease because it actually gives you s joke, very funny ones[img][/img]

Added 17th Apr 2014, ID #375937

I like testingcheatsenabled true the beat because you can trigger age transition, add different Sims to your household (even the grim reaper lol) you can do practically anything. You can build on public lots and venues and you can add furniture. You can also spawn any character I the game (including the grim reaper and burglars) another thing us you can set jobs,modify traits,delete or add moodlets,and edit their needs. It is the best cheat I have ever used!!

Added 13th Apr 2014, ID #374435

id didnt work

Added 5th Apr 2014, ID #371781

boring just tipe ctrl shift c then motherlode it work better

Added 30th Mar 2014, ID #369674

Like so awesome!!!!! I kept clicking enter then I went to go check if it worked and since I kept clicking enter I ended up know with 50,000,000 coins. I wouldn't stop clicking it and then I ended up with this much. I'm still shocked. :o

Added 6th Jan 2014, ID #340545

Are you tired of taking care of needs? well u don't have to any more just press Ctrl and shift then C. Then type in testingcheatsenabled true. Now just press Ctrl and Shift and click on your mailbox [all at the same time] and u will see the words [Make All Happy] click on it. then do the same again and u will see the words [Make needs Static] click it and u will have a forever happy fammily

Added 23rd Dec 2013, ID #332827

I just wanne say that for those of you who that cheat of familyfunds its really does work ok it took me like 7 tries but I got it here for you who still can't get it let's say my lastname is sinclair then I type testingcheatsenabled true and then open the cheat box again type. Familyfunds sinclair 10000000 see if you type the amount like this it works but if you type it 10,000,000 it won't then well it takes your money hope it helped ^.^

Added 14th Nov 2013, ID #319360

i knew about this cheats years ago -_-

Added 15th Mar 2013, ID #263791

the way to use this cheat is to hold CTRL+SHIFT+C all at the same time and type in testingcheatsenabled true then hold CTRL+SHIFT+C again then type in familyfunds [family name] [amount of money you want]but this is not the best cheat ever for me testingcheatsenabled true, buydebug,moveobjects on,constrainfloorelevation off and that cheat you said

Added 14th Feb 2013, ID #254063

I will keep on typing motherlode so I am more rich.Do you know how to have a baby? Well here's how,
First you buy a double bed(just buy the cheapest one
Next you get a male sim and a female sim
Then make sure they're married and make them relax on the bed
After that they will go under the cover and when they get out listen for a little jingle so you know she's pregnant.
Finally you can choose where your sim can have the baby at the hospital or at home. Hope this works!

Added 18th Jan 2013, ID #243803

if u do control shift c at the same time,a blue screen will come up and type in mother lode or testingcheatsenabled true and then u can click on anything by pressing shift and c, one more thing aso type in unlock outfits!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope u enjoy and motherlode is awesome

Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #241787

To do this cheat correctly do as follows: 'familyfunds (amount of $) (Household name/Last name)'

Added 22nd Oct 2012, ID #199833

Thanks I just lost all of my money

Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #180393

well if you do their cheat you can have up to 99,999,999 which is the max amount of coins. motherlode only gives you 50,000

Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #156234

So motherlode and you get $50,000! And if you do testingcheatsenabled true then shift-click your sim or mail box, you can make their needs static so they will never need the toilet or anything! And you can set them a job for anything! Its the best

Added 22nd Jun 2012, ID #155510

or if you want do crtl,shift,C thing then type in the box on top motherlode and you get 50$ more every time you do it

Added 6th Jun 2012, ID #149493


Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #115868


Added 4th Feb 2012, ID #112149


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