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Unicorns cheat for The Sims 3 Pets



If you want to adopt a unicorn this is what you do. When you see a cloud that is mixed with different colors like white pink and blue you zoom in on it then you push ctrl shift c and type in testingcheatsenabled then a space true then you push enter. Once you did that you shift click on the unicorn and push add to active family then once you have done that you should have a unicorn in your family.

Added by: thesimslover54432 Jun 24th 2012, ID#17241



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Jun 3rd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
How do you shift click
ID #565086
May 24th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Does it have to be in a specific town?
ID #560407
May 3rd 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #551501
Jan 17th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
'i need a unicorn
ID #503020
Jul 13th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
hi I tried i but when I type in testingcheatsnabled true it does not exist.
ID #417420
Sep 17th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
Its testingcheatsenabled true ☺
ID #609130
Aug 17th 2015 Guest AvatarGuest
it does work you just spelt "enabled" wrong. its an e, not an a
ID #599367
Mar 9th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
This is really helpful!! you can even do it to a sim, or any animal.
ID #362725
Jan 11th 2014 Guest AvatarGuest
in latenight town there are no clouds so how does it work?
ID #342490
Dec 30th 2013 Livija Avatar Livija
Oh and it can only go till 8pm-5am so you have to be quick.
I hope that helped Smile!
ID #336238
Dec 30th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
At 8pm look at all the fishing spots,and if there is a kind of cloud then click that place so the sim will go there.When you do that,if you want to make it faster that you get the unicorn then write "testingCheatsEnabled true" and shift click on the unicorn,there should be an "add to active family" click it and now that unicorn is yours(though if your sims goal is "Fairy-tale finder" you won't accomplish that,you actually have to adopt it without the cheat).But if you want to do it the normal way,you have to just keep socializing with the unicorn like rubbing it's neck,petting it,feeding it a treat,or whatever.Once you have become Best Friends then there should be an option so you can add it to your family.If the unicorn says no,then it will tell you that you have to befriend 3 animals.All you have to do is go and be friends with 3 animals,but I think your supposed to befriend a dog,a cat and a horse.Then go back to the unicorn and tell it (I haven't gotten to the rest yet after that)
ID #336236
Oct 9th 2013 Tia.fayee95 Avatar Tia.fayee95
omg if you find a unicorn anywhere I the game.. -.- theres no specific time or place..

you write the cheat: Testingcheatsenabled True

then click on the friggen unicorn with the right click of your mouse while holding Shift at the same time, it then comes up with " object- Delete" "change Traits" etc and " add to active family"

you pick.
ID #313628
Oct 9th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
omg if you find a unicorn anywhere I the game.. -.- theres no specific time or place..

you write the cheat: Testingcheatsenabled True

then click on the friggen unicorn with the right click of your mouse while holding Shift at the same time, it then comes up with " object- Delete" "change Traits" etc and " add to active family"

you pick.
ID #313627
Jul 13th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
more simple please if anyone responds rudely to this it shows wat a dumbass they are
ID #297108
May 13th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Is there a main purpose for the "ignite" icon?
ID #282462
Apr 5th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
ID #270765
Mar 22nd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
You need to go to a fishing place at 5 am and if you see a cloud (Or maybe not) Just zoom in and do the ctrl shift c and write in (testingCheatsenabled true) then hold shift then click on the unicorn. it should say add to family, so click that and then its all yours :D Hoped this helped
ID #266136
Mar 16th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
I found a unicorn did what you said and no it does not work I WANT A UNICORN NOW!!
ID #264149
Mar 15th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
Why can't they just have a cheat for spawning unicorns into your family
ID #263783
Mar 8th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
At 8:00 PM Go to map view and look at cinnamon crest falls. If there is a rain cloud then there is a unicorn.
If there isn't, try again the next night.
hold down ctrl shift c and then type into the cheatbox
"Testingcheatsenabled true" and then enter, after that, shift click on the unicorn and then click the option saying "add to family"
ID #261789
Feb 22nd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
i dont know how 2 get a unicorn foal- help?
ID #257154
Feb 21st 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
hi i asked for some cheats and they came up with this crap
ID #256850
Feb 13th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
can you get 2 unicorns by doing the same cheat
ID #253825
Feb 2nd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
its by the fishing hole
ID #249111
Feb 2nd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
[spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][spoiler][/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoilerspoiler
ID #249069
Jan 5th 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
What Fishing Place?
ID #237479
Jan 3rd 2013 recap-girl Avatar recap-girl
Just to recap this is what you do. Click and hold these buttons in this order (ctrl shift c) then a box appears at the top of your screen write in (testingCheatsenabled true) then you find a unicorn usually at a fishing place and you might have to wait a while for the unicorn to appear then when it does hold (shift and click on the unicorn) there will be 3 differemt actions to choose from click the one that says (add to active family) then TAH DAR! you have a pet unicorn, btw DON'T include the brackets when typing in cheats they are just there to point out exactly what you have to write
ID #236342
Jan 3rd 2013 Guest AvatarGuest
  • [url][center][quote][spoiler][strike][color=red][size=12][/size] [/color] [/strike] [/spoiler] [/quote] [/center] [/url]
  • [/list] [/img] [/video] Smile
    ID #235931
    Dec 25th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    I have founded also one at my house, so you don't need to go to a fishing place.
    ID #228025
    Dec 1st 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    I like trains
    ID #214255
    Nov 24th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    Can you find unicorns at Sunset Valley on the Sims 3 Pets ?
    ID #211812
    Nov 19th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    where do i find the cloud and at what time?
    ID #210114
    Nov 17th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    I found the unicorn by the science place at 11:25
    ID #209341
    Nov 11th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    it works!!!
    ID #207535
    Nov 2nd 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    tx it worked by the way at night you might see a horse with a horn thts the unicorn you only find it at night at the fishing place if you dont find one to bad try the next night
    ID #204218
    Oct 27th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    After Entering the cheat Don't forget to hold shift.
    I Did and got very angry with my computer..
    ID #201524
    Oct 8th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    you find the cloud in fishing places from 8 to 6 i think you can find a youtube video on it
    ID #193709
    Oct 1st 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    where do you find a unicorn
    ID #190564
    Sep 30th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    It will happen at 8:00
    ID #190305
    Sep 29th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    This cheat did not work
    ID #190175
    Sep 18th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    and where do u see a cloud
    ID #187151
    Jul 16th 2012 Guest AvatarGuest
    its usally by the place with all the ponds where r all the horse r at and u will see it around 5
    ID #165039
    Jul 10th 2012 Caoimhe900 Avatar Caoimhe900
    and where do u see a cloud
    ID #162444
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