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How to Beat the CREATURE Stage in no time cheat for Spore


How to Beat the CREATURE Stage in no time

Step 1) Start with any creature and find the largest skeleton you can find.

Step 2) Once you find your skeleton, open the Cheat Console (control, shift, C).

Step 3) In the Cheat Console, type in freecam and press Enter you should be able to move the camera anywhere.

Step 4) As soon as you click the skeleton, Zoom Out until BOTH your character AND the skeleton DISAPPEAR.

Step 5) When you Zoom In to your creature, the skeleton should still be there.

Step 6) Repeat steps 4-5 until you have found ALL of the parts (When finished, all of the skeletons will disappear all around your world).

Step 7) Go to your nest and open the Creature Tweaker (press Mating Call and click on the creature with the hearts all around it).

Step 8) Take everything off your creature until all you have left is the spine.

Step 9) Add 3 Legs and 1 Arm (They must be the ones for 50 DNA or it will not work).

(Keep the spine short because if it is too long your creature will be too complex)

Step 10) Remove the pre-attached hands and feet and replace the feet with The Toadening, Sassyquatch and, Dirtchargers – and for the hands choose the Croak Masseur

(These will each be 250 DNA so you will most likely need to use the addDNA cheat several times)

Step 11) Depending on if you are an Omnivore, Carnivore, or Herbivore, you will need two mouths. There is one you need that is BITE level 1 / SING level 5 and another with BITE level 5 / SING level 1. You will need both to max out your stats.

Step 12) Next go to weapons and apply the Spurprise!, Elkegent and Porcupain.

(Put on the EYES while you still can and remember to keep the spine short, usually about 6-7 segments)

Step 13) After you have done that go to details and put on the Cassoworry, a health level 5 and a Charm level 5 (Order is important, BE CAREFUL).

Step 14) Once you are finished save and exit and set out to find rogue creature (They are usually around water or tormenting other nest if that helps at all).

Step 15) When you have the rogue, try to ally them but instead of just going at it, try to look at what they do to impress you and then do the action that they appear to be doing. (Think of it like there’s a mirror between you two, all you have to do is mimic them)

Step 16) Go out and there and either Ally other creatures (using the process I just described) or use your new rogue to crush everyone you see (if you do this, you will probably quite frequently need to pause the game by pressing “P” and enter into the Cheat Console, refillMotives to replenish any lost life.)


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