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How to Make Money and Increase Your Logic cheat for The Sims 3


How to Make Money and Increase Your Logic

Okay this is actually really simple. Make sure you sims/sims are happy. I mean like their modlets are fulled or some what filled. Then find a computer. Anywhere, doesn't really where just find a computer. Then click "Solve Riddles." Then fast forward on it. Once you see your sim/sims are getting tired, or hungry, etc. Stop. Click the "X" on the activity. Then you'll see you got +______ whatever amount of many you got. The longer you play, the more money you get and the more your logic increased. Hope it helped!

Added by: Guest Apr 18th 2011, ID#15711 and get
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Like my mood was filled an d nothing came up about riddles

Added 4th Jan 2013, ID #236775

Hey how do you activate cheats on the pic for karma I have the dsi and it shows a beret and a chefs hat how do I find it????

Added 23rd Aug 2012, ID #179158

it worked!!!! thanks I have a lot of money and a TV!! :D

Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #177043

well it didint work for me. ):

Added 2nd Aug 2012, ID #171219

I haven't played the game, but do you have to be a sim with the Logic trait or something? I played it for PS3 and that's all. But here's a video. Watch the old lady at the end! LOL!



Added 29th Jul 2012, ID #169787

thats the best money cheat i've seen for sims 3
(because i have a wife and i dont want to break up with her)

Added 3rd Jul 2012, ID #159934

the "ambiguity itself" is a big statue where you can buy all the paintings.

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131818

The "ambiguity itself" costs $12.225 simoleons so use that with the money cheat!

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131817

WOOTER!! i is quadrouple rich!!!!!!!!!
thank you for sumitting that cheat i is now richest sim on block (even more than stupid don alto!) thanks!

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131815

does anyone have any OTHER good cheats???

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131811

like if you marry a guy and he has 50.000 the money is yours, use it buy everything you wanted and stock your fridge with food and go to the spa and salon and cinema anyways just spend the money buy stuff for your house AND THEN BREAK UP WITH HIM because then he will get his 50.000 back but you will also stay with all of the stuff you bod...

Added 9th Feb 2012, ID #113388

motherlode gives you money

Added 22nd Dec 2011, ID #97368

Easy money

Buy a Easal then finish your painting skill 200+ each time BUT if finished dont click sell put it in ur inventorie (

Added 4th Dec 2011, ID #92610

For money, the Plasma Screen TV cheat is by far te most helpful got a lot of money from that!

Added 25th Nov 2011, ID #90119

You can also play chess (on one of the chess boards around town if you don't have your own) to increase your logic; evidently the higher your logic skills the more money you get from solving riddles!

Added 3rd Aug 2011, ID #63663

Cheers i got $280

Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #58361

cheers for the tip lol i just earned 47 simleons 30 mins befor work ohh and for the person who needs help play games on pc for a few hours (5 mins in real life) you will eventually be allowed to solve riddles.

Added 3rd Jul 2011, ID #54428

you loose all of the money

Added 21st May 2011, ID #44122

if you marry a rich person and then break up wif them, do you lose all ur money or just a little bit

Added 2nd May 2011, ID #41053

do u have to click the computer n then it comes up with a few options for example chat, play game, quit job etc coz when i click it it doesnt come up with solve riddles??? please help as i really need some more money lol

Added 22nd Apr 2011, ID #38984


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