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How do you get pregnant on sims 3 nintendo DS?

mizswagg asks: Added Dec 28th 2010, ID #178257

Question for The Sims 3

How do you get pregnant on sims 3 nintendo DS?

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Lola_Angel answered:
Added 29th Dec 2010, ID #376700
You can't on the DS version. Sucks, right?
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Guest said: 1st Feb 2015 | REPORT
How many times do you have to do a woohoo because I've done it about 4 or 5 times
Guest said: 21st Feb 2015 | REPORT
are you sure you mean the ds version, becuase it's not working
Guest said: 17th Mar 2015 | REPORT
How do you cuddle
Guest said: 5th Aug 2015 | REPORT
I don't understand because I'm getting it on my xbox360 soon but I'm on my dsi for now there's no cuddle option but ii try again thnx for your help!!! :3
shaun2001 answered:
Added 30th Dec 2010, ID #377074
um sorry but its dumb in all they canbut ds cant you cant get them in bed too its gross but i hoped it helped and you can only get married
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Guest said: 22nd Jul 2013 | REPORT
i tried to get them in bed together but i didnt work what should i press so that it comes up with wooho
Guest said: 24th Dec 2013 | REPORT
that just sucks that takes all the fun out of the game!
Guest said: 6th Apr 2014 | REPORT
i cant even get my sims to kiss how am i suppose to get them to woohoo
Guest said: 20th Feb 2015 | REPORT
Get romantic then let them flirt a couple of times and then a purple heart will appear and it means there passionate. When there passionate youll be able to kiss, makeout and woo-hoo when there in the bed

Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jan 2011, ID #378318
Sorry, but you can't. I've tried to get my sim pregnant aswell, but when you relax it only comes up with the usual. Sorry again!
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Guest said: 12th Jun 2013 | REPORT
how do you get them to do it in bed
Guest said: 8th Feb 2014 | REPORT
how do u make them cuddle
Guest said: 27th Apr 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 23rd Jul 2014 | REPORT
You cant have kids on ds but you han on 3DS
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Jan 2011, ID #383132
Only on the computer it sucks ):
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Guest said: 22nd Apr 2012 | REPORT
you cant on ds cause the ds is for kids so it would be a little inapropriate
Guest said: 4th Jun 2012 | REPORT
i cant but i got married and we sleep together but you cant get pregnant xx
Guest said: 31st Mar 2015 | REPORT
Do not give up
Guest said: 22nd Nov 2015 | REPORT
It impossible pls I need Awnsers! I want Jessica and Toby to have kids :'(.
Guest answered:
Added 8th Feb 2011, ID #386106
Apperently if you relax with you're husband and make sure thier romantic you press cuddle and after a while it says try for a baby
I havent tried it yet though
A good site to look on is cheats guru they have tips on there
Hope this helps
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Guest said: 3rd Aug 2012 | REPORT
Guest said: 2nd Feb 2014 | REPORT
What do you mean, make sure they're romantic?
Guest said: 4th Jun 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 1st Jul 2014 | REPORT
Your lying its not possible
Guest answered:
Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #388090
Oh oh oh I know how!! Well you know some people say you CAN'T have kids on the ds game? Well maybe those people are wrong! Follow these steps: 1: get married (first you need to find a guy ) 2: have sex in the bed oh and don't forget to WOOHOO!!!!!!
3: by now your sim SHOULD have a bump hope this is helpful
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kitawantstoknow said: 8th Jan 2012 | REPORT
how many times do they do it for?
Guest said: 3rd Mar 2012 | REPORT
but is it for the ds?
Guest said: 29th May 2012 | REPORT
Get two sims to relax in the bed then click on mate and it's going to say cuddle click it then it's going to say kiss then it's ging to say make out click it then it going to say woohoo click there you go
Guest said: 8th Dec 2015 | REPORT
no it dosnt idiot
Guest answered:
Added 14th May 2011, ID #405259
Having sex is actually 'woohooing' I think :o)
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Guest said: 8th Jan 2012 | REPORT
yes it is
Guest said: 8th Jan 2012 | REPORT
yes it is
Guest said: 19th Jan 2013 | REPORT
i think i dont know
Guest answered:
Added 6th Jun 2011, ID #410226
Its a lie a had a kid in sims 3 for ds and I dose work it dose it dose it dose don't say it's a lie it's true for those of you that said no impossible RONG I did my self just to let you know
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Guest said: 14th Jul 2011 | REPORT
Can you please tell me how then because I can't get it!
Guest said: 16th Feb 2012 | REPORT
you can't have a baby on sims 3 on a normal ds u can whoo hoo and try for a baby on anything else i think :?
Guest said: 3rd Mar 2012 | REPORT
how can you get them to whoo please tell me????????????
Guest said: 10th Nov 2014 | REPORT
I need to know how to get the woo hoo?
Guest answered:
Added 16th Jun 2011, ID #413175
You can't I'm on my ds right now on relax with my boy and nothing is going on
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Jul 2011, ID #418366
Yes you can because in the informatin packet it says you can start a family nd a family s not just you nd you're husband it is a pet nd kids so you can have kids
Guest answered:
Added 6th Jul 2011, ID #419140
Ok if you make them relax enough it will say cuddle then after press the other sim you are trying to make a baby with then it will say woohoo or try for a baby press try for a baby then if the girl throws up you know that she is pregnat and she will get bigger and bigger every once in a while>.
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Guest said: 5th Feb 2013 | REPORT
what about DS not 3DS
Guest said: 23rd Oct 2014 | REPORT
But how long do they need to relax?
Guest said: 23rd Oct 2014 | REPORT
How do you keep the man and wife stay on the bed?
Guest said: 22nd Nov 2015 | REPORT
It takes forever! -.-
Guest answered:
Added 16th Jul 2011, ID #422590
Ok I hear you guys saying yes you can have a kid but can you have sex? Can a girl and another girl have sex? Can a gay couple have sex? I just need some answers can you kiss each other?? Plz give me you're answer because if you can't do none of those I'm not buying the game!
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Guest said: 1st Jan 2012 | REPORT
Guest said: 8th Jan 2012 | REPORT
k but wat about 3ds?
Guest said: 8th Jan 2012 | REPORT
k but wat about 3ds?
Guest said: 13th Jul 2013 | REPORT
I married a woman even though I am one too on my ds
Guest answered:
Added 24th Jul 2011, ID #425064
U can't I've tried everything it's impossible it should already say the options
Guest answered:
Added 23rd Sep 2011, ID #442540
In the bottom right hand corner of the case the game comes in, it says E for everybody. The DS game is targetted for 7 and over so you can't. I've never tried.
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Guest said: 5th Oct 2013 | REPORT
mine is not e rated but 7 +
Guest answered:
Added 25th Oct 2011, ID #450548
So can you have babies? I'm lost
Guest answered:
Added 26th Oct 2011, ID #450756
Ok this thing will never work until you upgrade it to teen for example go to any game shops in town then give the guy you game say can this be upgraded to teen if the guy say ye say you want to upgrade it

Hope it helps bye b!"!$s

Guest answered:
Added 27th Oct 2011, ID #451011
I've tryed everthing tht you guys say and idk so I have 3D GAME it's RATED TEEN CAN YOU ON IT I've been following these and they not working is that why they not working?
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Guest said: 5th Jul 2012 | REPORT
Yh you can on the back at the bottom right corners it says SEX for 3ds
Guest answered:
Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #459238
Why do you want to have one anyways you can oly have on on 3ds I winn!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 8th Dec 2011, ID #462232
You just can't have babies, Get Over IT!
Guest answered:
Added 19th Dec 2011, ID #464669
[spoiler I want a aby on my nintendo dsi I don't have the game yet ut plz give me the right answere.
Guest answered:
Added 26th Dec 2011, ID #466580
YES you can have babies on this game! I have been trying for ages, but I know for sure and I quote from the instructions for Nintendo DS:"Your Sim gets jobs, makes friends and enemies, falls in love,HAS A FAMILY!!, persues their ambitions and more." I think it may have something to do with the amount of money they have, how high up their levels are, how far they have gone into the game or that it might come up as a "wish" they want,don't believe people who say you can't on DS if the actual booklet says you can
bobwazhere answered:
Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #468724
Y'all I've tried my chicks skills are all maxed out shes on level maxed on her jobs level she acomplised the life time goal and when she relaxed on the bed with her husband I touched him and nothing came up except kiss and other flirty stuff sux don't it
Guest answered:
Added 1st Jan 2012, ID #469088
U can hav a baby! Itried. U haf 2 b on level 100
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Stevie08 said: 5th Jan 2012 | REPORT
you have to be on level 100?? level 100 on what ????....make your answers clearer next time....sorry
Guest said: 15th Jan 2012 | REPORT
ive got a husband, i tried to cuddle, it seriously just WONT WORK! please if theres anyone out there, i actually bort dis game for a FAMILY
Guest said: 24th Mar 2012 | REPORT
u need them to be really happy and then press cuddle wait and then they will start to cuddle then press woohoo and the the bed starts moving
Guest said: 18th May 2015 | REPORT
Guest answered:
Added 5th Feb 2012, ID #479812
Its easy get them to whoo hoo. Then if she is sick and fat she is pregnant!
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tegwynjls5 said: 15th Feb 2012 | REPORT
how do you make em woo hoo?
Guest said: 6th Apr 2015 | REPORT
How do u woohoo please tell me I want a family
Guest answered:
Added 17th Feb 2012, ID #483534
Alright listen. On the Nintendo DS game you CANNOT have children. If you could have children you would be able to choose the age of your sim and add more than one. Don't believe these people who say 'I have children on the sims 3 on Nintendo DS!' They are lying to make you think you are doing something wrong. If you buy this game for a baby or something like that expect to be disappointed. You can't kill sims either.
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Guest said: 24th Feb 2012 | REPORT
for 1 you cant choose the age and 2 could someone plz tell me how to get to lvl 100
Guest said: 27th Feb 2012 | REPORT
TOO many people have explained that you cannot have a baby on sims 3 for DS.
However, you CAN woohoo on 3DS and have a baby.
Gosh! Do you understand now?
You. cannot. have. a . baby. on. ds. If you could, it wouldn't be rated E for everyone. It would be T for Teen like on 3ds
There is no level 100! See this comment before you ask dumb questios again!
Guest said: 30th Dec 2013 | REPORT
thank god! I have a 3ds :D
Guest said: 20th Sep 2015 | REPORT
You can to kill your sim I did it by not feeding them but no reaper or ghost comes just a stone and If your sim is divorced they won't care and I AM TELLING THE TRUTH
Guest answered:
Added 13th May 2012, ID #506362
Listen up. This is getting a bit complicated. Please try to be as clear as you can when explaining your answer, and please specify which game you have, because some of us are becoming a bit confused. Like me. It seems like there are only 2 answers here : yes and no. If any of you are lying about your answer, don't because it's stupid, and you're just going to have people yelling at you asking how you did it.
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Guest said: 30th Dec 2013 | REPORT
the regular ds and dsi games, no. They're rated E. On the 3ds game, however, you can, since it's rated T for teens.
Guest answered:
Added 20th May 2012, ID #508475
Look, guys, you can only have a baby on the Sims 3 3DS, PC and possibly Wii and XBox/XBox 360. Got that? No babies on DS/DSi, sorry.
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lelelulu2012 said: 28th Jun 2012 | REPORT
But how on a 3ds
Guest said: 17th Oct 2012 | REPORT
HOw do you get it on a PC?
Guest said: 5th Oct 2013 | REPORT
you cant have babys on wii only first graders
Pravinj answered:
Added 2nd Jun 2012, ID #512158
Apperently if you relax with you're husband and make sure thier romantic you press cuddle and after a while it says try for a baby
I havent tried it yet though
A good site to look on is cheats guru they have tips on there
Hope this helps
Guest answered:
Added 14th Jul 2012, ID #522999
In the sims 3ds you could have babies 1-3 I have tripplets my husban d is oscar and all you hav to do is sex wich is personally whoo hoo you're mood has to be really happy the you're husband has to be really happy to so you go on the bed and cuddle if it's a positve sighn you press you're husband and it say try for baby or woo hoo press try for baby it is woo hoo but wen you're finish havein sex you eat then after the girl would throw up and day by day and her stomach will get big then wen she falls on the floor it wil say you're sim is having labor go to hospital or abort if you want to hav the baby say rush to hospital there you hav you're baby this can only happean on the 3ds

Guest answered:
Added 26th Jul 2012, ID #526085
I guess all you have to do is change the girl into the white belly shirt with pink straps then have the girl kiss the boy 3 times every day for 20 days then on the 21st day relax them both on the bed click amorous then you can try for a baby but they have to be married I am trying it idk if it works hope I helped thanks for reading!!!!!
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Guest said: 5th Sep 2012 | REPORT
Did It work?
Guest answered:
Added 27th Aug 2012, ID #535064
Well this may not work but for the ds try going to the settings and since the game is rated e you can change it and there should be one that says teen on one of them. Click it then save it. You might be able to get pregenant because it lets you woohoo and all that on the Sims 3 for teenagers so yeah.
Guest answered:
Added 7th Oct 2012, ID #543042
Ok this is my second website shut up about it being rated E if ya looking at the EA thing that is just the brand dumb ***. It is rated PG. So yeah and by the way I think you can just be married for at least 100-200 days. Either way and if peeps r lying than shut up becuase I have had enough of this ****. So there if ya don't ike my answer than cry me a river build a bridge and get over the damn thing all ready.
Guest answered:
Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #560968
Im not lying...my mom had a DSI and played sims alot cus she had no job til now and guess what? She said you can have kids you just gotta keep loving him and keep kissing him until he realizes What you want. U must be married and if you're romantic (the trait) tht will really help.
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Guest said: 1st Apr 2016 | REPORT
What do you mean
Guest answered:
Added 16th Nov 2013, ID #608523
The Sims 3 for DS is rated E for Everyone. Since younger children may be playing the game, they would not be allowed to put a sexual content in. Even if it goes by a different name, and you aren't able to see it, it still is sexual intercourse. So, you cannot "woohoo" and make a baby on the DS. I know, it sucks.
Guest answered:
Added 16th Mar 2014, ID #619927
Ok ok ok yes no rilly nothing hapens I,v made them relax on the bed waited 1 menit nothing you jerks I wont a baby yall need to redo this an how cares that a mom or dads desin if they get to play a game like that it is runing it for te people how care for a baby

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