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Get Wonder Guard Ability (This is a mark code you must mark your Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

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Jul 24th 2011, ID#7722 Get Wonder Guard Ability (This is a mark code you must mark your

Wonder Gaurd is the best ability. When your Pokemon has it only moves that are supereffective will hit. Other moves that aren't supereffective will miss. When you are in game go to the PC and hit marking. Mark All of the 6 marks!! It may not show right away, just hit a diffrent Pokemon the go back to the one you marked.

Region: US/North America | Class: In-game Cheats

020195do fc16f7e8
02001e00 73b4b4ff
02001ffc bdf8bcff
02001eo4 73702019 and get
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guys just to let u know..... this cheat is only for pokemon WHITE not white 2

Added 31st Dec 2014, ID #493435

Actually, No Guard doesnt negate Wonder Guard, and im pretty sure its unaffected by Mold Breaker too. Wanna get around Wonder Guard? Gardevoirs Trace Ability lol

Added 29th Nov 2014, ID #478376

freezes everytime i hit all 6 marks

Added 15th Jun 2014, ID #399883

Hmm there's tons of ways around wonder guard, ,my fav being a ability I made into a ar code known as " ethereal protection" it has no defense loopholes and has a 100 percent chance to bypass abilities like mold breaker c: heck it even nullifies status effects and hp drainers like leech seed....oh less notably it negates stat changes unless positive....ability negates on this wont work...heck even ability changers won't scratch this.... FYI ill release this around October for X and Y :D.

Added 8th Jul 2013, ID #295799

It DOES NOT work for white 2. Dont let these trolls fool you.

Added 1st May 2013, ID #279212

I now have the ultamate team now invicible spiritomb and sableye

poke geek
Added 15th Feb 2013, ID #254540

spirtomb is not invicible mold breaker turbo blaze both make the abiliteys useless

Added 13th Feb 2013, ID #253962

It didnt work>:(

Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #180127

Im gonna test it

Added 25th Aug 2012, ID #180126

Im gonna test it

Added 25th Aug 2012, ID #180125

all you need to do is turn the oo's into 00's

Added 20th Aug 2012, ID #178238

does it work for ar dsi?

Added 19th Aug 2012, ID #177693


Added 28th Jul 2012, ID #169422

Don't know what to think.

Added 27th Jul 2012, ID #169229

This stupid joint keep freezing what the heck is going on i type in the exact numbs but i barely got To the pc and it froze

Added 13th Jul 2012, ID #163757

This Code Worked Awesomely! I caught a level 100 SHINY Spiritomb and Since he has no weaknesses I have got an INVINCIBLE Spiritomb

Added 29th Jun 2012, ID #158370

Thanks! For the cheat.fel17 it does work.

Added 27th Feb 2012, ID #118948

that 19 at the end can be changed for any of the other abilities as well. list and same code for black at:

Your welcome.

Added 7th Jan 2012, ID #103672

Hey guys as far as I know, this worked for me in white version, and if you see that "o" in the code, its actually 0 so don't get confused. Cheers there is nothing better than wonder guard.

Added 31st Dec 2011, ID #101111

i believe no guard could be of more use than wonder guard. there is always a way around wonder guard.

Added 13th Nov 2011, ID #87227

It Doesn't work

Added 2nd Oct 2011, ID #77838


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