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Giratinna With Wonder Guard (select) Appears in party 6!!!! Action Replay Code for Pokemon White


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Jul 7th 2011, ID#7558 Giratinna With Wonder Guard (select) Appears in party 6!!!!

Lets just get to the info
Held Item:Griseous Orb
Ability:Wonder Guard
Caught In:Pokeball
Fateful Encounter?Yes
Stats All 500?Exept HP 504
Moveset:Shadow Force, Sky Attack, Superpower, V-Create.All 20 PP

Region: US/North America

94000130 FFFB0000
02234E20 DE18F57C
02234E24 A9BB0000
02234E28 6EBBF472
02234E2C 587C2EC9
02234E30 0EC031D6
02234E34 B73A4384
02234E38 6CB14434
02234E3C D2FAEF0B
02234E40 81F3D913
02234E44 6FBF1E68
02234E48 B792FF78
02234E4C E737423E
02234E50 6AADEA6B
02234E54 4366A901
02234E58 A65FA853
02234E5C 1B460C44
02234E60 32B09405
02234E64 335B7B60
02234E68 A7CFDF09
02234E6C A9B3C9F9
02234E70 F607D15A
02234E74 529E19B7
02234E78 F623C0FF
02234E7C A3BBF207
02234E80 EE335A36
02234E84 188324F7
02234E88 ABE4E07F
02234E8C 1DE1C7CD
02234E90 965759F3
02234E94 2150FEAB
02234E98 D56B7371
02234E9C D21BE34B
02234EA0 D48384E8
02234EA4 32234D82
02234EA8 55DF8554
02234EAC 5DF18B8D
02234EB0 8EE4B7C3
02234EB4 F7020571
02234EB8 93CFB906
02234EBC C348415D
02234EC0 C6291F34
02234EC4 1CD67B37
02234EC8 B059FC2F
02234ECC 4F8AA2CE
02234ED0 C847AA56
02234ED4 26450CC2
02234ED8 3AF11A76
02234EDC 83FFE8CF
02234EE0 62960007
02234EE4 6B33F841
02234EE8 F6C06EC4
02234EEC 177937A7
02234EF0 3884BD7D
02234EF4 0D736FC6
02234EF8 9F08C22B
D2000000 00000000


Edited: Jul 10 2011 and get
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8 comments, latest first.
Hold select for how long? I did it for 10 seconds still didnt work

Added 13th Nov 2011, ID #87331

it really works

Added 28th Jul 2011, ID #61920

its not suppose to be an egg.type it slowly or its wrong

Added 13th Jul 2011, ID #57584

Thank you for your commentwhen will the egg hatch, it was a quick hatch glitch, so how many normal steps does it take?

Added 12th Jul 2011, ID #57315

it wont hatch!!! is it quick hatches fault, or is the code full of crap!?

Added 12th Jul 2011, ID #57296

Hold Select Will Replace the 6th pokemon you need a six pokemon to do so

Added 11th Jul 2011, ID #56964

how do u use it????
all it says is select!

Added 8th Jul 2011, ID #55986

It doesn't work!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 8th Jul 2011, ID #55844

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