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Max happiness(Marking) Action Replay Code for Pokemon White

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Mar 18th 2011, ID#6927 Max happiness(Marking)

Go to storage,select marking and mark your pkmon and confirm to max out happines.

Region: US/North America

020195d0 fba4f7e8
02001e00 73b4b4ff
02001ffc bdf8bcff
02001e60 733020ff and get
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24 comments, latest first.
how to use the code?

Added 24th Oct 2015, ID #619245

Do you have to keep it marked?

Added 20th May 2015, ID #558885

So much work gone from not saving...

Added 5th May 2015, ID #552156

Didn't work -_-

Added 14th Jan 2015, ID #501533

Doods, um you need to mark it not just put the code and level it up no. Just No. and it's for Pokemon White not Black 2, Black, or White 2. Works for me though!

Added 27th Jul 2014, ID #425893

it crashed for me too
Any ways to recover it plzz...??

Added 10th Jul 2014, ID #415546

crashed for riolu

Added 20th Nov 2013, ID #320540

didnt work then it did :lol:

Added 9th Nov 2013, ID #318623

Your a jerk bro. Used this on riolu in my rom and crashed it bad enough I have to redownload my black 2. Do you know how hard it is to find an English black 2 rom with no surveys. smh. Skrew Your Stupid Little Code.

Added 12th Aug 2013, ID #304318

i am trying it right now.

Added 11th Aug 2013, ID #304205

it worked. eevee -> espeon

mr mcman
Added 7th Jun 2013, ID #288472

it worked eevee -> espeon

mr mcman
Added 7th Jun 2013, ID #288465

why i my siolu do not evolve and it didn't crashed my game?

Added 19th Jan 2013, ID #244093

crashed my game...

Added 2nd Nov 2012, ID #204198

If this doesn't work, I'm suing you.

Added 28th Oct 2012, ID #202291

I tried evolving my riolu right away. you know what happened? THE GAME CRASHED AFTER I WON A BATTLE! Do not use this code.

Added 3rd Jul 2012, ID #159835

I used this code to evolve my Swadloon into Leavanny right at level 20! (Which is when Sewaddle evolves into Swadloon) It definitely maxes happiness out. I can't verify the exact value but it works. For anyone claiming it doesn't work I think you may have just entered it wrong or may have accidentaly tried using it in Pokemon Black...

Added 15th May 2012, ID #142404

didn;t work..i have tried 5 diferent cheats for max hapiness and nothing..

Added 30th Apr 2012, ID #138208

i hope it works i will try it now..

Added 30th Apr 2012, ID #138206

Gray code bro. Got my woobat to swoobat.

Added 23rd Mar 2012, ID #125495

it works fine got my shiny buneary into a lopunny

Added 4th Aug 2011, ID #63914

Works fine got my Leavanny with it after just evolving my sewaddle

Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #55649


Added 6th Jun 2011, ID #47430

Worked for me, couldn't verify value but got Woobat to Swoobat

Added 12th May 2011, ID #42662


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