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Encounter 1 of every Pokemon in the Pokedex anywhere! Action Replay Code for Pokemon Soul Silver

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Jul 18th 2011, ID#7688 Encounter 1 of every Pokemon in the Pokedex anywhere!

I have a code that lets you find every Pokemon in the Pokedex. Example is that you go to, idk, route 34 and you go into the grass. You can run into a Giratina, Arceus, Shaymin, Uxie, Celebi, Deoxys, well, you get the point. No need to press any buttons! Just go into the grass and catch away. I completed the National Pokedex 100% LEGIT with this code! No ''Complete Pokedex'' code for me! Enjoy!!! (TESTED BY ME AND WORKS)

Region: US/North America | Class: Encounter Codes

db000000 021d15a8
421d15a8 7fffffff
d4000000 00000100
d0000000 00000000
d7000000 022186d4
d2000000 00000000
622186d4 00000000
322186d4 000001ee
da000000 022186d4
b2111880 00000000
c0000000 00000027
d7000000 00025a68
d2000000 00000000 and get
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God I catch all starter even sinnoh in route 1but it all in lv.5 and its always loses to a geodude -_-

Added 15th Oct 2015, ID #616699

I used this code, and the first Pokemon I encounter is a lv.2 Celebi. I have no poke balls. I have to kill it now. At least I know it works!

Added 20th Sep 2015, ID #610075

Can these pokemon go through Poke Bank?

Added 19th Aug 2015, ID #600167

But my secound was a Celebi
(Continued from comment below)

Added 30th Jun 2015, ID #577955

My first was a surskit 😭😭😫😫😫😫😫😭😭😭kill me

Added 30th Jun 2015, ID #577953

how do i add codes without a Action replay cord

Added 13th Apr 2015, ID #542379

you have to put it in your slef

Added 25th Oct 2015, ID #619647

lol I encountered spoke on that you can find on the route first

Added 7th Apr 2015, ID #539300

I got a level 17 charmeleon but I can not find any pokemon from Hoenn or Sinnoh yet I did find a level 34 Feraligtr thanx a lot

Added 1st Mar 2015, ID #522736

And one more thing. Is it okay if you run into the same pokemon more than once for example I ran into a GASTRODON a couple times. Is that normal?

The Questions
Added 20th Feb 2015, ID #518750

Am I supposed to be catching legendaries one after another? or is it just random?

The Questions
Added 20th Feb 2015, ID #518746

its a random pokemon

Added 15th May 2015, ID #556483

is the first pokemon supposed to be a legendary because the only legendary I've gotten is mewtwo (which I already have)

Added 20th Feb 2015, ID #518737

Thank you so much best code ever I ran in to a groudon,manaphy,heatran and a chimchar! πŸ˜„πŸ˜ƒ

Added 5th Feb 2015, ID #511852

Booted up my game with the codes and when starting up it made my screen white and was unable to play the game with these codes. Unsatisfied customer.

Added 28th Jan 2015, ID #508445

Not working

Added 15th Oct 2015, ID #616703

First pokemon was a palkia.Thanks a ton!!

Added 24th Jan 2015, ID #506634

didnt work
how come?
i made sure i typed in every code correctly

Added 22nd Jan 2015, ID #505474

Code works my first catch was wartortle

Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #492177

This may sound stupid to some however I'm new to the codes for the auctionreplay and just wanted to know if all the code news a to be entered or just the first line


Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #492121

First Pokemon I saw was a was a stupid buneary!!

Added 29th Dec 2014, ID #492040

where do i type in the code?

Added 10th Dec 2014, ID #482849

Wow! It works! My first was a Latias. If you use the shiny cheat its awesome!

Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #472055

Mine was a Pidgey...

Added 10th Nov 2014, ID #470071

Dude first Pokemon was mewtwo, love it lol.

Added 7th Nov 2014, ID #468177

first was electrode i love it!!

Added 30th Oct 2014, ID #465170

It worked. 1st caught: Lumineon at Mt. Silver

Added 23rd Oct 2014, ID #462107


Added 11th Oct 2014, ID #457444

I haven't found a single sinnoh or hoenn pokemon

Added 7th Oct 2014, ID #455950

3rd pokemon was an Arceus

Added 17th Sep 2014, ID #448872

thx first i got was a lv. 10 machamp. second was a lv.10 aradactol thx u the best

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448525

It Work !! Thank you very much !!

Added 15th Sep 2014, ID #448258

1st pokemon: moltres

Added 13th Sep 2014, ID #447179

Works awesome thank you my lord!!

Added 6th Sep 2014, ID #444921

First Pokemon, a sirskit

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443485

Awesome got shiny shinx

Added 30th Aug 2014, ID #442528

First pokemon kyogre works beautiful

Added 22nd Jul 2014, ID #423168

Do u have to of beaten the pokemon league

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419928

But can you send these pokemon to x or y?

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403536

it works am so happy thank you

Added 15th Apr 2014, ID #375307

first one i got was a heatran thank you guy

Added 6th Apr 2014, ID #372088

does this work for the uk?

Added 31st Mar 2014, ID #370026

Code works thanks

Added 9th Mar 2014, ID #362685

whuold this code work for heart gold to like some of the others on here that iv used

Added 4th Feb 2014, ID #351565

What's the best place to get mew

Added 27th Jan 2014, ID #348853

First pokemon i found was krabby in a ice cave, second was a level 2 Regirock, I was so happy that it worked, broke out of it's pokeball and used explosion :/
But i have a manaphy now *u*

Added 27th Jan 2014, ID #348695


This works like a charm!
Thanks for this legit codes!

Added 25th Dec 2013, ID #333900

Wow, just wow.

Works like a charm!

Added 25th Dec 2013, ID #333898


Added 21st Dec 2013, ID #332210

will the starter be random

Added 8th Dec 2013, ID #326513

Holy cow, this actually works! :O

Added 8th Nov 2013, ID #318471

Holy crap this actually works, just tried it got a level 3 Porygon.

Added 26th Sep 2013, ID #311263

I ran into a lot of Mews at Route 16.Works perfectly.Thanks.

Added 29th Jun 2013, ID #293643


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