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Nature modifier. Action Replay Code for Pokemon Platinum

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Apr 9th 2010, ID#1964 Nature modifier.

Enter the Nature Number of your choice into the calculator, and then press select. Run into a wild Pokemon, catch it and it should be that nature. This code does work, I've tested it out myself.

0 = Hardy
1 = Lonely
2 = Brave
3 = Adamant
4 = Naughty
5 = Bold
6 = Docile
7 = Relaxed
8 = Impish
9 = Lax
10 = Timid
11 = Hasty
12 = Serious
13 = Jolly
14 = Naive
15 = Modest
16 = Mild
17 = Quiet
18 = Bashful
19 = Rash
20 = Calm
21 = Gentle
22 = Sassy
23 = Careful
24 = Quirky

Region: US/North America

94000130 FFFB0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
DA000000 00111D10
D4000000 00002400
D3000000 00000000
D7000000 0207404C
D2000000 00000000 and get
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21 comments, latest first.
For everybody that gets another nature:
1- Put the number in Pokétch's calculator.
2- Press select and walk around (If you only press select when the battle start, is a little hard to get that nature.). Press select 'till the pokemon appears on the screen

Added 3rd Aug 2015, ID #593176

Does NOT work on eggs.

Added 31st May 2015, ID #563975

It's not working. I put 16 n got lonely

Added 7th Jan 2015, ID #497894


Added 24th Dec 2014, ID #489324

Can't get modest to work

Added 30th Sep 2014, ID #453497

Some people don't know how to desactivate the code so, to desactive the code, you need to go to the cheat list and in the box of the cheat you want to desactivate click on the little box with a correct(I play in Desmume I don't know if it is the same to others simulators)

Added 8th Aug 2014, ID #432799

It didn't work for me. I put in number for Modest nature and got some other nature instead.

Added 5th Jul 2014, ID #412563

found this on another site: "The effects of the code will stay active until you set it to something different or you leave the route." But it's still active. now it's really anoying.

Added 17th Jun 2014, ID #401017

it worked one time for me. after that, every pokemon had the same nature and I can't change it.

Added 17th Jun 2014, ID #401006

how to deactivate this code

Added 15th Dec 2013, ID #329681

This didn't work for me. I want a rash shinx, so i put 19 in the calculator and pressed the x key (x is set to select on my rom) and the shinx i caught was impish. Does it have to do with me playing on desmume?

Added 10th Nov 2013, ID #318796

your code broke my action replay :(

Added 28th May 2013, ID #285979

Is there a UK version of this code? The nature modifier doesn't work on the UK version.

Added 19th Dec 2012, ID #224469

it works for me thank you :D

Added 19th Dec 2012, ID #224292

it works for me thank you :D

Added 19th Dec 2012, ID #224291

I couldn't get this one to work. Put code in. Put number in calculator. Pressed select. Run into Pokemon. Catch. Not the right nature I wanted

Added 5th Aug 2012, ID #172593

This code works with my Pokemon modifier in platinum

Added 24th Jul 2012, ID #167975

doesn't work with other codes

Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #156453


Added 25th Mar 2012, ID #126283

I don't think there is :( I've searched all over...

Added 24th Sep 2011, ID #76271

is there a code for nature modifier for our party pokemon?

Added 23rd Aug 2011, ID #69633


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