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Bosses & Levels cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky


Bosses & Levels

Beach Cave: the bosses are Koffing Lv 6 and Zubat Lv 3

Mt.Bristle: The boss is Drowzee Lv 12

Upper Steam Cave: Fake Groudon Lv 30 & after you beat the game Uxie Lv 42

Far Amp Plains: 8 Electrike Lv 18 & Manetric Lv 33

Quicksand Pit: Mesprit Lv 42

Crystal Crossing: Grovyle Lv 44 & Azlef Lv 42 after the game is beaten

Deep Sealed Ruins: Spiritomb Lv 37

Lower Brine Cave: 2 Omastar Lv 35 & Kabutops Lv 42

Hidden Highland: 6 Sableye Lv 38 & Dusknoir Lv 45

Temporal Spire: Primal Dialga Lv 48 & Dialga Lv 48 after game is beaten

Mystifying Forest: Wigglytuff Lv 50, Chatot Lv 45, Loudred, Corphish, Chimecho, Sunflora, Croagunk, Diglett & Dugtrio all level 35.

Sky Peak: 5 Carnivine Lv 40 on 5th station pass
& 3 Muk Lv 44 & 5 Grimer Lv 43 on the peak.

Lower Crevice Cave: Froslass Lv 41

Deep Miracle Sea: Gyarados Lv 46

Aegis Cave: Regice Lv 46 Ice Chamber, Regirock Lv 46 Rock Chamber,
Registeel Lv 46 Steel Chamber and Regigigas Lv 49 in Regigigas Chamber.

Deep Spacial Rift: Palkia Lv 48

Deep Dark Crater: Darkrai Lv 53, Mismagmus Lv 35, Arbok, Rhyperior, Magmortar, Aggron, and Magcargo, all level 35.

Next time how to get most dungeons!!

Added by: choco9321 Nov 11th 2009, ID#12745 and get
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btw the first time you face dialga he is not primal yet as your partner say he's more of half primal

Added 15th Jun 2015, ID #570673

How come you wind up battling the whole guide in mystifying forest , is it a special mission where you play as a bad guy?!

Added 28th Mar 2014, ID #369093

I'm such a newbie so I am cyntaquil lvl 7 and pikachu lvl 8 and I can't use wonder mail yet and I keep loseing my items so HELP ME

Added 6th Oct 2013, ID #312989

just train if you faint/lose in a dungeon then you lose some of your items

Added 15th Jun 2015, ID #570671

Chase: my team is named Team Scar I have Riolu as my starter his name is Haze and Pikachu as partner they are both level 100. I'm in future trying to get grovyle away from spiritomb my starter knows force palm, focus blast, focus punch, and iron tail. Pikachu knows agility, thunder, dig, and attract. I'm progressing really fast put I'm using cheats as well but it doesn't matter I'm also master rank but I only recruited 4 Pokémon I recruited azelf before I beat primal dialga but when grovyle was going to be captured but also I don't use them so I didn't really want to recruit often unless they are legendaries if they are I would recruit them.

Added 31st Jul 2013, ID #301644

do you think eevee an vulpix is a good pair the seven treasure hunting? i have groundon's articuno's an mew's
treasure.... an with must i go next?

(Sorry for the bat english i am hollander)

Added 19th Apr 2013, ID #275538

[color=blue][/color] im a boss i got a snorlax/100 and torterra/100 and a glitched magikarp/9999

Added 1st Apr 2013, ID #269437

i got far with my Mudkip and Treecko

Added 31st Mar 2013, ID #269041

Is there a code for Joy seeds?

Added 14th Jan 2013, ID #242492

what is the best way to win a game with mudkip treeko lileep and anorith lvl 27 21 8 and 7

Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #205133

Hello, Team aura! I heard you were amazing! My members on Team Akatsuki is Mudkip, Cyndaquil, Shinx, and Aron!
I still dont beat the game cuz i just started 1 week ago

Added 4th Nov 2012, ID #205016

I restart a lot, soooo ... i just beat Fake Groudon. Only attaxked me once

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188555

By the way, the best team for bosses are the Hero as Eevee and partner as Pikachu. Eevee learns Tackle and Tail Whip. Link those 2 with Tail Whip first, its a deadly combo. Pikachu learns Thunder Wave so that paralyzes the boss. Deadly combo, if you ask me. Oh ya you could link Tail Whip with another move, if you prefer.

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188539

Ben: I beat Darkrai on first try. I can give good advice since my team is a Cyndaquill and Riolu. Darkrai must be defated fast. I defeated him on first try. I had 30 reviver seed with me. The reason Darkrai must be defeated fast is because he knows double team when he is already hard to hit. At one point, he is nearly impossible to hit when he uses double team. I actually only defeated him at level 54 and my partner was level 56. Try to teach Riolu focus blast. It does lots of damages, but it may be hard to hit him. I think I was lucky defeating him so you may need more than 30 reviver seeds.

Added 14th Sep 2012, ID #186003

um im just wondering how do you beat darkrai as riolou and cintaquil plz help im level 69

Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #176943

i cant beat the guild! i mean if it was just the normal apprentices and bidoof i would be just fine but why do they have to add diglett's dad and wigglytuff or as i like to call wiggly anoyying and mister chatot aka mister screams a lot. if anyone beat the so called grand master of all things bad please tell me how you beat them! oh and i dont want to delete my save game so i will tell you my starter and partner.Totodile is my starter and he knows ice fang watergun+1 superpower and water pulse and riolu is my partner and he knows bite copycat reversal and brick break. So please tell me how you graduated as these pokemon. oh and spoiler alert if you dont beat them you end up back at the entrance and after you defeat all 13 floors you end up back at the trap but apparently your partner talks too much and wigglytuff pushes you in.

Added 9th Jul 2012, ID #162006

Hi! Since were all talking about ourteams and what bosses they beat, I guess I'll pitch in.

Name:Team Rose. All female.
-(me)Delcatty. Level 85
-Moves: Fake Out, Sucker Punch, Sing, Heal Bell
-Bayleef. Level 85
-Moves: Swords Dance(linked), Energy Ball(linked), Giga Drain, Magical Leaf/Synthesis(I switch a day)
-(Darkness and Sky)Lopunny. Level 80
-Moves: Dizzy Punch, Ice Beam, Protect, Bounce
-(Time and Sky)Gardevoir. Level 80
-Moves: Calm Mind(linked), Psychic(linked), Magical Leaf, Shadow Ball.

In Explorers of Time/Darkness Skitty is my starter. However in Sky, Chickorita is. My team is switched in every game I play. In Sky my team is Delcatty, Bayleef, Lopunny, Gardevoir.

Added 24th Jun 2012, ID #156328


Added 22nd Jun 2012, ID #155567

Rex:And i taught people hated my team

Added 21st Jun 2012, ID #155171

Rex:Hey Ben nice speech you should probably know my new record 5499 damage

Added 21st Jun 2012, ID #155170

Ben: Thanks to all who are supporting me. Both Rex and the other team Aura. I have a friend with Gallade, Rhyperior, and Roserade with the name team raider. Still, you have a fine team. First of all, let's not be violent and not say anything about killing. People hate my team because I think I'm the strongest. There could be someone better, even people not on this website. About how Groudon couldn't attack me, I just thought that was amazing how he didn't land an attack on me or my partner. That story is completely true and I don't blame you if you don't believe it. Even Rex can be better than me. Everyone wants to be the best one day. You won't get there insulting me.

Added 21st Jun 2012, ID #155099

I have a Lucario level 100 a Sceptile level 78 and Mewtwo level 75. I am team Raider! :p

Added 20th Jun 2012, ID #154908

Hey team Aura my team is also called team aura! Anyways i just heard about you! Your incredible! I admire you, and for the person who insulted you ill help kill him for you!

Added 2nd May 2012, ID #138883

What powerful that can beat Dakigbd? Sorry can't spe

Added 28th Apr 2012, ID #137755

Rex:Hey the guy who posted on 20 january with lucario darkrai and spiritomb.How dare you critic team Aura like that.And Ben i did not know you were rude.Hey that guy from 20 january you are weaklings and if you give me youre code ,I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 23rd Mar 2012, ID #125532

Rex:Hey team aura power,just to have you know Typhlosion ' name is Ben.

Added 23rd Mar 2012, ID #125527

Well, first of all thanks whoever you are with Raichu and charizard, and for the guy with Lucario, Darkrai, and suicune, your team is just a bunch of weaklings. Your team stands no chance agains my team. I have a Darkrai, suicune, and Lucario on my team and they are Lv. 100. My main team is Typhlosion(me), Lucario, and Umbreon. They where also trained to level 100. I'll at least be honest that my Darkrai and Suicune are Lv. 100, but I used cheats for them.

Added 26th Feb 2012, ID #118629

i would kill team aura yo team not ready for that Lucario,Darkrai and suicune comb all three level 100 no cheats needed nothing but pure hard work and time

Added 20th Jan 2012, ID #107549

if you ever need help i can help you with my level 100 raichu and level 91 charizard

Added 16th Dec 2011, ID #95406

Everyone targets the team that is the strongest these days Rex. I guess you could say we are friends. Well I have explorerd every dungeon but I have 457 diferent Pokemon on my team. Yes I do have max stats. The max stat limit for each stat is 255 I discoverd. I'll show you my adventure log:

-Pokemon that joined you: 457
-Kinds of Pokemon battled: 488
-Moves learned: 401
-Kinds of items acquired: 720
-Dungeons cleared: 1605
-Fainted in dungeons: 60
-Pokemon evolved: 49
-Pokemon Eggs hatched: 46
-Record # of one-floor victories: 39
-Won big at Big Treasures: 18
-Recycled: 301
-Sky Gifts sent: 13
-Discoverd Hot Spring.
-Discoverd Fogbound Lake.
-Returned from the future.
-Prevented the planet's paralysis.
-Graduated from Wigglytuff's Guild.
-Climed to Sky Peak Summit.
-Discoverd the secret of Aegis Cave.
-Foiled Darkrai's dastardly plot.
-Bidoof asked Jirachi for a wish.
-Wigglytuff reminisced about his Master.
-Sunflora caught the Haunter group.
-Team Charm found a Time Gear.
-The Pokemon in the future came through.
-Received the Icy Flute.
-Received the Fiery Drum.
-Received the Terra Cymbal.
-Received the Aqua-Monica.
-Received the Rock Horn.
-Received the Grass Cornet.
-Received the Sky Melodica.
-Completed all training programs.
-Accepted all special challenges.
-Cleared all of Zero Isle.

The rest are all just about legendaries joining my team. I don't really want to type down that. I can just tell you that every legendary joined my team. I know what the ?????????? is, I just need to rescue someone, like my brother Pikachu.

Added 20th Nov 2011, ID #88901

How many doom seeds did you waste to make this cheat? :/

Added 18th Nov 2011, ID #88164

Rex:Oh great now there is a fourth team saying they are superior.I mean like first team Aura,then team FirePunch,then team Dynamyte witch is my team and now team Aura Power.H is next?my friend's team team Courage: Luxray:Max Empoleon:Bold.I think they are the best cause they completed every dungeon,recruted every pokemon in the game and got every single one of them to level 100 with max stats.

Added 16th Nov 2011, ID #87883

Hey team Aura Power, I am friends with team Aura. Typhlosions my neighbor. Just to let you know, I am not allowed to reveal his name. Team Aura would become friends, not rivals with teams like you. His friends are me and Team Raider. We have those names since he gave an action replay to us to turn me into Lopunny in the game and my partner into Gardivor, along with turning another third Pokemon into Medecham. He did the same thing with Gallade, leader of team Raider. He bought an action replay a year after he won the game. He can actually create wonder mail codes with any award and in certain dungeons on any floor. He also has two brothers and one sister on this website.

Added 12th Nov 2011, ID #86820

As for the dude up above talking about never seeing a better team than mine...

My team is Team Aura Power. I am a Raichu and my partner is Lucario (my very first lv.100). I also added a third member, Dragonite. These guys are my backup team, though. My real team is Darkrai, lv.100, Maxed out IQ (has skills time tripper, extra striker, deap breather, and pp saver). I like to go solo with Darkrai. I just put everyone to sleep with Dark Void, then I kill them all with Ominous Wind. If I feel like having fun, I kill with Dark Pulse or Quick Attack. He is epic with x-ray specs and eclipse robe, I even got a dusk globe for him. To everyone who reads this, I highly recommend getting Darkrai.

Added 8th Nov 2011, ID #86030

I hate fighting darkrai... Still, he is my best recruit in this game ^.^ His dark void is awesome! it puts everyone in the room to sleep!I love my Darkrai so much, I maxed out his IQ. and now he is lv 85, trying to get him to lv 100, then the slaughter fest shall begin.

Added 8th Nov 2011, ID #86028

you won't believe me but Groudon in steam cave never had a chance to land a single hit on me or my partner!I was a Cyndaquil and my partner was Riolu.I was attacking Groudon with SmokeScreen and if that missed Riolu would use Bite, causing the cringe status condition.Groudon attacked with AncientPower once but it missed.Groudon also took steps back plenty of times and that gave us a chanse to use quick attack to hit groudon from a distance!I am now a Typhlosion and my partner is a Lucario. Our team name is team Aura.I am not trying to show off but I haven't seen a team better than mine.

Added 2nd Oct 2011, ID #77928

I refer Darkrai Annoiyng As HELL he always gang bangs Cressellia or how its spelled and makes you go the Deep Dark Crater ALL OVER AGAIN To get to him again Why would they make a boss thats so freaking hard and Annoying it Took me FOREVER to beat Darkrai (long before i deleted the save game)oh and i was Riolu and Vulpix

Added 18th Sep 2011, ID #75188

I refer Darkrai Annoying As HELL he always gang bangs Cressellia or how its spelled and makes you go the Deep Dark Crater ALL OVER AGAIN To get to him again Why would they make a boss thats so freaking hard and Annoying it Took me FOREVER to beat Darkrai (long before i deleted the save game)oh and i was Riolu and Vulpix

Added 18th Sep 2011, ID #75186

i struggle with darkria because cresslia keept dieing and i had like 13 reviver seeds

Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #70715


Added 28th Aug 2011, ID #70714


Added 23rd Aug 2011, ID #69603

i cant do the mystifying forest boss and im even level 61. i had 5 reviver seeds but there was a monster house on the 13th floor and i lost 3 there and when fighting the boss my partner died so i had 1 and then he died again so i had none for myself

wigglytuff is the most annoying when he uses that god damn double slap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #66421

I bought the guide

Added 28th Jun 2011, ID #53053

dude your awesome

Added 21st Jun 2011, ID #51088

How do you know this, you freek me out dude!!!!!:D

Added 28th Oct 2010, ID #16520

very helpful thank you

Added 19th Aug 2010, ID #9543


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