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Bosses & Levels cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky


Bosses & Levels

Beach Cave: the bosses are Koffing Lv 6 and Zubat Lv 3

Mt.Bristle: The boss is Drowzee Lv 12

Upper Steam Cave: Fake Groudon Lv 30 & after you beat the game Uxie Lv 42

Far Amp Plains: 8 Electrike Lv 18 & Manetric Lv 33

Quicksand Pit: Mesprit Lv 42

Crystal Crossing: Grovyle Lv 44 & Azlef Lv 42 after the game is beaten

Deep Sealed Ruins: Spiritomb Lv 37

Lower Brine Cave: 2 Omastar Lv 35 & Kabutops Lv 42

Hidden Highland: 6 Sableye Lv 38 & Dusknoir Lv 45

Temporal Spire: Primal Dialga Lv 48 & Dialga Lv 48 after game is beaten

Mystifying Forest: Wigglytuff Lv 50, Chatot Lv 45, Loudred, Corphish, Chimecho, Sunflora, Croagunk, Diglett & Dugtrio all level 35.

Sky Peak: 5 Carnivine Lv 40 on 5th station pass
& 3 Muk Lv 44 & 5 Grimer Lv 43 on the peak.

Lower Crevice Cave: Froslass Lv 41

Deep Miracle Sea: Gyarados Lv 46

Aegis Cave: Regice Lv 46 Ice Chamber, Regirock Lv 46 Rock Chamber,
Registeel Lv 46 Steel Chamber and Regigigas Lv 49 in Regigigas Chamber.

Deep Spacial Rift: Palkia Lv 48

Deep Dark Crater: Darkrai Lv 53, Mismagmus Lv 35, Arbok, Rhyperior, Magmortar, Aggron, and Magcargo, all level 35.

Next time how to get most dungeons!!

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