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Unlock Secret Dungeons - Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team

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Unlock Secret Dungeons cheat for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team


Unlock Secret Dungeons

When you have defeated Rayquaza unlock the following dungeons by completing the corresponding task.

Unlock Mt.Faraway:
Successfully clear Northwind Field

Unlock Northwind Field:
Successfully clear Lightning Field

Unlock Lightning Field:
Successfully clear Fiery Field

Unlock Pitfall Valley:
Successfully clear Northern Range. Unlock Meteor Cave:
Befriend Lugia

Unlock Western Cave:
Befriend Ho-Oh

Unlock Northern Range:
Have friend area Southern Island.

Unlock Desert Region:
Have friend area Furnace Desert.

Unlock Southern Cavern:
Obtain friend area Rock Cave. Unlock Far-Off Sea:
Purchase Calm Sea friend area.

Unlock Grand Sea:
Purchase Calm Sea friend area.

Unlock Darknight Relic:
Purchase Secretive Forest friend area.

Unlock Joyous Tower:
Successfully clear Pitfall Valley. Must have Blue Sky Meadow friend area.

Unlock Purity Forest:
Successfully clear Pitfall Valley. Must have Blue Sky Meadow friend area.

Unlock Howling Forest:
Have Blue Sky Meadow friend area and complete Smeargle's rescue mission from the bulletin board.

Unlock Murky Cave:
Successfully clear Stormy Sea and rescue Medicham. Talk to Ekans and Medicham after saving Medicham.

Unlock Buried Relic:
Beat Stormy Sea and you will later receive mail talking about ruins being uncovered. Talk to Lombre then Shiftry.

Unlock Silver Trench:
Successfully clear Stormy Sea and Pitfall Valley. Befriend Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres. Talk to Alakazam, and then go to the Birds' are and you'll get the Whirls

Unlock Wish Cave:
Successfully clear Pitfall Valley and have the friend area Blue Sky Meadow. Medicham and Ekans will show up. Talk to them. Ekans will only show later.

Unlock Fiery Field:
Give Xatu Spinda's Clear Feather

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19 comments, latest first.
Sep 18th 2014 Guest
how unlock the dungeon wish cave
ID #449238
Jul 17th 2014 Guest
What level should I be to go to Sky Tower safely with a Mudkip, Cyndaquil, and Magnemite?
ID #420380
Jun 10th 2014 munchlax04
there are more dungeons that you can get with wonder mail but I don't know the wonder mails sorry
ID #397192
Dec 30th 2013 Guest
i defeated rayquaza but nooo i got a message saying the game was deleting my data and now i cant get passed cloud dungoen pls help!
ID #336664
Sep 10th 2012 Guest
HAHAHAHAH noboby here knows about the four special dungeons huh?? hahahah well too bad... n dont ask... cuzz i ain tellin...
ID #185033
Sep 5th 2012 Guest
I don't know what you mean by "Give Xatu Spidna's clear feather." What do you mean? Is that an item you receive from a recruited Spinda?
ID #183652
Jul 5th 2012 Guest
you havent mention about the meteor cave which deoxys located.:D
ID #160702
Apr 23rd 2012 Guest
allready new that

ID #136383
Mar 10th 2012 Guest
nice but next time number them but thanks!!Sea you later matter.

by you will never fine out!!!!!!!!!(HA HA HA)
ID #121839
Feb 24th 2012 Guest
Aaaaah! I'm stuck because there's nothing to do after buried relic! What do I have to do to unlock wish cave and the places where celebi, jirachi, mewtwo, etc.? 0-0
ID #117883
Mar 22nd 2011 Guest
I have the friend area southern island but I can't go to Northern range?Is this because I didn't clear buried relic?I need Northern range to open all the other Dungeons!!![color=blue)>:(
ID #33732
Feb 12th 2011 ross123forever
it isnt blue sky meadows he means sky blue plains

There are many wonder mails for it but i cant remember any try to google it hope i helped
ID #28907
Nov 18th 2010 Guest
how do you get sky blue meadows
ID #18521
Nov 14th 2010 Guest
How do you get wyvern hill?
ID #18205
Oct 25th 2010 Guest
I passed it on my first try...but i don't know how i was a fire type holding the TM dive...
ID #16216
Oct 15th 2010 Guest
get to the stormy sea by beating the game note: you cant access stormy sea unless either carrying the TM dive or have a pokemon on the team that knows dive note: I suggest use the TM on a water pokemon to learn it trust me I had to restart my game twice from losing the TM AND I STILL HAVEN'T PASSED IT!
ID #15199
Aug 11th 2010 Guest
how do u get the place for legendary pokemon[img][/img] [img][/img]
ID #8408
Jul 17th 2010 Guest
how do u get stormy sea
ID #4910
Jul 5th 2010 Guest
easy way to get silver trench is recruit ho-oh and talk to spenda and then the next day alakazam will be moved to another spot and then talk to him and then go to the birds

ID #3182