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Catch Any Pokemon Action Replay Code for Pokemon Heart Gold


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Sep 11th 2010, ID#6234 Catch Any Pokemon

This will help you catch any pokemon.

Region: US/North America | Class: Encounter Codes

Catch Any Pokemon
change the Xs to the corasponding numbers and letters to meet the correct pokemon. all pokemon will be level 1 but if you use my level changer it can be any level you want. the pokemon and there numbers will be at the end of the code.

52246C94 28038800
12247D8A 00004801
02247D8C E0021C39
12247BEC 00002001
02247D90 00000XXX
D2000000 00000000

001 Bulbasaur
002 Ivysaur
003 Venusaur
004 Charmander
005 Charmeleon
006 Charizard
007 Squirtle
008 Wartortile
009 Blastoise
00A Caterpie
00B Metapod
00C Butterfree
00D Weedle
00E Kakuna
00F Beedrill
010 Pidgey
011 Pidgeotto
012 Pidgeot
013 Rattata
014 Raticate
015 Spearow
016 Fearow
017 Ekans
018 Arbok
019 Pikachu
01A Raichu
01B Sandshrew
01C Sandslash
01D Nidoran
01E Nidorina
01F Nidoqueen
020 Nidoran
021 Nidorino
022 Nidoking
023 Clefairy
024 Clefable
025 Vulpix
026 Ninetales
027 Jigglypuff
028 Wigglytuff
029 Zubat
02A Golbat
02B Oddish
02C Gloom
02D Vileplume
02E Paras
02F Parasect
030 Venonat
031 Venomoth
032 Diglett
033 Dugtrio
034 Meowth
035 Persian
036 Psyduck
037 Golduck
038 Mankey
039 Primape
03A Growlithe
03B Arcanine
03C Poliwag
03D Poliwhirl
03E Poliwrath
03F Abra
040 Kadabra
041 Alakazam
042 Machop
043 Machoke
044 Machamp
045 Bellsprout
046 Weepinbell
047 Victreebel
048 Tentacool
049 Tentacruel
04A Geodude
04B Graveler
04C Golem
04D Ponyta
04E Rapidash
04F Slowpoke
050 Slowbro
051 Magnemite
052 Magneton
053 Farfech'd
054 Doduo
055 Dodrio
056 Seel
057 Dewgong
058 Grimer
059 Muk
05A Shelder
05B Cloyster
05C Gastly
05D Haunter
05E Gengar
05F Onix
060 Drowzee
061 Hypno
062 Krabby
063 Kingdra
064 Voltorb
065 Electrode
066 Exeggcute
067 Exeggutor
068 Cubone
069 Marowak
06A Hitmonlee
06B Hitmonchan
06C Lickitung
06D Koffing
06E Weezing
06F Rhyhorn
070 Rhydon
071 Chansey
072 Tangela
073 Kangaskhan
074 Horsea
075 Seadra
076 Goldeen
077 Seaking
078 Staryu
079 Starmie
07A Mr. Mime
07B Scyther
07C Jynx
07D Electabuzz
07E Magmar
07F Pinsir
080 Tauros
081 Magikarp
082 Gyarados
083 Lapras
084 Ditto
085 Eevee
086 Vaporeon
087 Jolteon
088 Flareon
089 Porygon
08A Omanyte
08B Omastar
08C Kabuto
08D Kabutops
08E Aerodactyl
08F Snorlax
090 Articuno
091 Zapdos
092 Moltres
093 Dratini
094 Dragonair
095 Dragonite
096 Mewtwo
097 Mew
098 Chikorita
099 Bayleef
09A Maganium
09B Cyndaquil
09C Quilava
09D Typhlosion
09E Totadile
09F Croconaw
0A0 Feraligatr
0A1 Sentret
0A2 Furret
0A3 HootHoot
0A4 Noctowl
0A5 Ladyba
0A6 Ledian
0A7 Spinarak
0A8 Ariados
0A9 Crobat
0AA Chinchou
0AB Lanturn
0AC Pichu
0AD Cleffa
0AE Igglybuff
0AF Togepi
0B0 Togetic
0B1 Natu
0B2 Xatu
0B3 Mareep
0B4 Flaaffy
0B5 Ampharos
0B6 Bellossom
0B7 Marill
0B8 Azumarill
0B9 Sudowoodo
0BA Politoad
0BB Hoppip
0BC Skiploom
0BD Jumpluff
0BE Aipom
0BF Sunkern
0C0 Sunflora
0C1 Yamma
0C2 Wooper
0C3 Quagsire
0C4 Espeon
0C5 Umbreon
0C6 Murkrow
0C7 Slowking
0C8 Misdreavus
0C9 Unown
0CA Wabbuffet
0CB Girafarig
0CC Pineco
0CD Forretress
0CE Dunsparce
0CF Gligar
0D0 Steelix
0D1 Snubble
0D2 Granbull
0D3 Quilfish
0D4 Scizor
0D5 Shuckle
0D6 Heracross
0D7 Sneasel
0D8 Teddiursa
0D9 Ursaring
0DA Slugma
0DB Magcargo
0DC Swinub
0DD Piloswine
0DE Corsola
0DF Remoraid
0E0 Octillery
0E1 Delibird
0E2 Mantine
0E3 Skarmory
0E4 Houndour
0E5 Houndoom
0E6 Kingdra
0E7 Phanpy
0E8 Donphan
0E9 Porygon 2
0EA Stantler
0EB Smeargle
0EC Tyrogue
0ED Hitmontop
0EE Smoochum
0EF Elekid
0F0 Magby
0F1 Miltank
0F2 Blissey
0F3 Raikou
0F4 Entei
0F5 Suicune
0F6 Larvitar
0F7 Pupitar
0F8 Tyranitar
0F9 Lugia
0FA Ho-oh
0FB Celebi
0FC Treecko
0FD Grovyle
0FE Sceptile
0FF Torchic
100 Combusken
101 Blaziken
102 Mudkip
103 Marshtomp
104 Swampert
105 Poochyena
106 Mightyena
107 Zigzagoon
108 Linoone
109 Wurmple
10A Silcoon
10B Beautifly
10C Cascoon
10D Dustox
10E Lotad
10F Lombre
110 Ludicolo
111 Seedot
112 Nuzleaf
113 Shiftry
114 Taillow
115 Swellow
116 Wingull
117 Pelipper
118 Ralts
119 Kirlia
11A Gardevoir
11B Surskit
11C Masquerain
11D Shroomish
11E Breloom
11F Slakoth
120 Vigaroth
121 Slaking
122 Nincade
123 Ninjask
124 Shedinja
125 Whismur
126 Loudred
127 Exploud
128 Makuhita
129 Hariyama
12A Azurill
12B Nosepass
12C Skitty
12D Delcatty
12E Sableye
12F Mawile
130 Aron
131 Lairon
132 Aggron
133 Meditite
134 Medicham
135 Electrike
136 Manectric
137 Plusle
138 Minun
139 Volbeat
13A Illumise
13B Roselia
13C Gulpin
13D Swalot
13E Carvanha
13F Sharpedo
140 Wailmer
141 Wailord
142 Numel
143 Camerupt
144 Torkoal
145 Spoink
146 Grumpig
147 Spinda
148 Trapinch
149 Vibrava
14A Flygon
14B Cacnea
14C Cacturne
14D Swablu
14E Altaria
14F Zangoose
150 Seviper
151 Lunatone
152 Solrock
153 Barboach
154 Whiscash
155 Corphish
156 Crawdaunt
157 Baltoy
158 Claydol
159 Lileep
15A Cradily
15B Anorith
15C Armaldo
15D Feebass
15E Milotic
15F Castform
160 Kecleon
161 Shuppet
162 Banette
163 Duskull
164 Dusclops
165 Tropius
166 Chimecho
167 Absol
168 Wynaut
169 Snowrunt
16A Glalie
16B Spheal
16C Sealeo
16D Wailrien
16E Clamperl
16F Huntail
170 Gorebyss
171 Relicanth
172 Luvdisc
173 Bagon
174 Shelgon
175 Salamance
176 Beldum
177 Metang
178 Metagross
179 Regirock
17A Regice
17B Registeel
17C Latias
17D Latios
17E Kyogre
17F Groudon
180 Rayquaza
181 Jirachi
182 Deoxys
183 Turtwig
184 Grotle
185 Torterra
186 Chimchar
187 Monferno
188 Infernape
189 Piplup
18A Prinplup
18B Empoleon
18C Starly
18D Staravia
18E Staraptor
18F Bidoof
190 Bibarel
191 Kricketot
192 Kricketune
193 Shinx
194 Luxio
195 Luxray
196 Budew
197 Roserade
198 Cranidos
199 Rampardos
19A Shieidon
19B Bastiodon
19C Burmy
19D Wormadam
19E Mothim
19F Combee
1A0 Vespiquen
1A1 Pachirisu
1A2 Buizel
1A3 Floatzel
1A4 Cherubi
1A5 Cherrim
1A6 Shellos
1A7 Gastrodon
1A8 Ambipom
1A9 Drifloon
1AA Drifblim
1AB Buneary
1AC Lopunny
1AD Mismagius
1AE Honchkrow
1AF Glameow
1B0 Purugly
1B1 Chingling
1B2 Stunky
1B3 Skuntank
1B4 Bronzor
1B5 Bronzone
1B6 Bonsly
1B7 Mime Jr.
1B8 Happiny
1B9 Chatot
1BA Spintomb
1BB Gible
1BC Gabite
1BD Garchomp
1BE Munchlax
1BF Riolu
1C0 Lucario
1C1 Hippopotas
1C2 Hippowdon
1C3 Skorupi
1C4 Drapion
1C5 Croagunk
1C6 Toxicroak
1C7 Carnivine
1C8 Finneon
1C9 Lumineon
1CA Mantyke
1CB Shover
1CC Abomasnow
1CD Weavile
1CE Megnezone
1CF Lickilicky
1D0 Rhyperior
1D1 Tangrowth
1D2 Electivire
1D3 Magmortar
1D4 Togekiss
1D5 Yanmega
1D6 Leafeon
1D7 Glaceaon
1D8 Gliscor
1D9 Monoswine
1DA Porygon Z
1DB Galiade
1DC Probopass
1DD Dusknoir
1DE Froslass
1DF Rotom
1E0 Uxie
1E1 Mesprit
1E2 Azelf
1E3 Dialga
1E4 Palkia
1E5 Heatran
1E6 Regigigas
1E7 Giratina
1E8 Cresselia
1E9 Phione
1EA Manaphy
1EB Darkrai
1EC Shaymin
1ED Arceus

1 and get
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93 comments, latest first.
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i used the code and it worked!!!

but every pokemon that i find is at a lvl 100 not at lvl 1...!!
please help...

Added 14th Nov 2014, ID #471291

035 gives you an Entei instead of a Persian

Added 11th Nov 2014, ID #470325

Is there anyway to get a female torchi?

Added 17th Jun 2014, ID #401116

guys i figured out the problem you either messed up a digit in the code or u have other codes on that are messing up this code like my rare candy code was on and after i turned it off it actually worked

Added 8th May 2014, ID #382623

If you are wondering how this works, then all you need to do is turn on your ds and open your action replay. Next go to the set of Heart Gold Cheats and click on **Add New Code** at the top of the screen. Type in the name of the code and click continue. After you type in the code and save it, enter the game and just walk into the grass and find a pokemon. that pokemon should be the one corresponding to the code that you typed in. I hoped this helped you

Added 24th Mar 2014, ID #367825

Soooo this for sure works but... The only reason I'm using this is so I can get a Diglett with Arena Trap for the dog trio. But for some reason I caught like 6 Diglett using this code, and none of them have Abilities?

Added 11th Feb 2014, ID #354062

Does this matter what copy you have of the game. My Game copy is in French.

Added 29th Dec 2013, ID #335872

what do you do

Added 23rd Dec 2013, ID #333254

Thank you thank you !!!!!!

Added 14th Dec 2013, ID #329330

after using the cheat no pokemon will appear anymore--'

Added 16th Sep 2013, ID #309871

52246C94 28038800
12247D8A 00004801
02247D8C E0021C39
12247BEC 00002001
02247D90 00000XXX <<<<<<<<
D2000000 00000000

Replace the 3 X's with ur pokemon Pokedex #

Added 26th Aug 2013, ID #306905

how does this work plz answer someone

Added 31st Jul 2013, ID #301748

how does this work plz answer someone

Added 31st Jul 2013, ID #301747

how does this work plz answer someone

Added 31st Jul 2013, ID #301746

What buttons do u press to activate? I really want a groudon. !

Added 27th Jun 2013, ID #293162

Where's Zorua...? D:

Added 8th Jun 2013, ID #288791


Added 31st May 2013, ID #286645

On 00004801 use 00004901 to male Pokemon.

Added 29th May 2013, ID #286341

Whenever I try to find latias the game keeps freezing

Added 13th Mar 2013, ID #263226

hey man, all pokemons came female.. can you tell me where can i change to catch male pokemons? thank you

Added 23rd Feb 2013, ID #257742

Where do you input the codes at

Added 20th Feb 2013, ID #256530

what do you press to activate it?!?![strike][/strike]

Added 2nd Feb 2013, ID #249207

yea i dont know what to press to active it, and what numbers/letters do u put where the xs are!?!?!

Added 2nd Feb 2013, ID #249206

yea i dont know what to press to active, and what numbers/letters do u put where the xs are?!?!

Added 2nd Feb 2013, ID #249204

does the pichu work for event

Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #230332

i haven't tried this code yet does it really work


Added 25th Dec 2012, ID #228128

i haven't tried this code yet does it really work


Added 25th Dec 2012, ID #228126

Hello, could someone please help me? I've tried the code, but no Pokemons will appear! Could someone please help? Maybe I'm not doing something that I should? Thank you!

Added 15th Dec 2012, ID #221700

thank you

Added 13th Dec 2012, ID #220839

thank u so much

Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #212138

how do you activate the code?

Added 18th Nov 2012, ID #209823

no ryperier??

Added 12th Nov 2012, ID #207854

cyndaquil,darkrai,arceus,mew,pikachu,and celebi. the perfect 6. havent lost yet

Added 28th Oct 2012, ID #201974

cool this works fine! :D
I wonder if you could also define the pokemon's nature?

Added 23rd Sep 2012, ID #188415

it works

Added 27th Aug 2012, ID #180786

I did this with the wild Pokemon shiny code ALL SHINY LEGENDARYS BABY

Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #177173

I've seen a code like this for black but theirs is activated by holding select, how do you activate yours?

Added 7th Aug 2012, ID #173284

the code fore mew dosent work

Added 30th Jul 2012, ID #170100

Epicly thankful

Added 19th Jul 2012, ID #166252

can you change the code a bit so you can make random encounters shiny? cuz i really want a shiny mothim.

Added 8th Jul 2012, ID #161635

If u change the line above to 00002064 instead of 00002001 it will be level 100

Added 4th Jul 2012, ID #160195

Can anyone tell me why pokemon pearl and heart gold codes don't work on my action replay? it says cheat list not complete.

Added 28th Jun 2012, ID #158120

after you put in code what buttons would you press to get said pokemon like say for example Mew/Mewtwo

Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #156751

what buttens would you press to get the pokemon after you put the code in?

Added 25th Jun 2012, ID #156739

THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #149319

Dear pepole I agree with game freak their is no x

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139868

Dear pepole their is know x for add ing the code what is it Sincerely Game Freak

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139866

When changing a level, it's the last 2 digits of the line above the Pokemon characters. Remember A-F as well. I put in 11 and I got a level 17.

Added 12th Apr 2012, ID #132675

Thank you for your comment

Added 22nd Mar 2012, ID #125247

guys i got a mew lv 40 by using a super rod. Really neat!

Added 22nd Mar 2012, ID #125246

I wanted a spirittomb but I got regular what do I do

Added 13th Mar 2012, ID #122737

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