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How to get a Shuckle cheat for Pokemon Heart Gold


How to get a Shuckle

At Cianwood City in the house which is located right next to the Safari Zone road and before the Pokemon gym there will be a person saying that a red haired kid has stolen his Pokemon and that he only has one left. He will then ask you to take care of it so that his last Pokemon doesn't get stolen. When he gives you the Shuckle make it like you and then return to the house. The person will ask if he can have his Shuckle back. Reply 'yes' and he will then say that the Shuckle really likes you and that you should keep it.

Added by: Sanzano Apr 7th 2010, ID#13464 and get
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At Cianwood City, which is given away by Kirk and Rock Smash some weak boulders in Cianwood City or Vermilion City.

Added 15th Mar 2013, ID #263743

i have 7 PC boxes filled with shuckles! i have 3 level 100's!

Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #196101

Shuckle has a better defence than a Steelix, defence form Deoxys and every other Gen. IV pokemon EVER. It's pretty cool.
(Base defence 230). :-)

Added 2nd Oct 2012, ID #190950

What are "SHUCKLES"?????

Added 23rd Jul 2012, ID #167682

where are the cheatcodes?

Added 14th Apr 2012, ID #133426

Does anyone know that if you train your pokemon by using RARE CANDYS they are weaker when they hit lv.1oo I have tested this,using my cloned darkrai...the one I trained by hand,the right way,was stronger by a large bit....

Added 4th Apr 2012, ID #129484

You can find shuckle by breaking rocks in kanto too!!!

Added 20th Dec 2011, ID #96609


Added 18th Dec 2011, ID #95973

Actually, I traded it. COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 18th Dec 2011, ID #95972

i will rade my shuckle for it i am collecting ledgenary pokemon so far i have kyoger,latias,ho'oh,moltres,articuno,lugia,lotios,
entei,rioulko,and suicune. if anyone has groudon or rayquaza please trade with me

Added 26th Nov 2011, ID #90494

I love pizza

Added 11th Nov 2011, ID #86632

When you get the masterball from Pro. Elm catch the Pokemon on the cover of the box/game. DO NOT BE TEMPTED BY ENTEI OR RAIKU AS THEY ARE LEVEL 40 AND THE OTHER ONE ON THE COVER OF THE BOX/GAME IS LEVEL 45. Entei is a fire type. Raiku is rock.(NOT SURE) The one on the cover of the box/game is physic/fire.

Added 5th Nov 2011, ID #85209

celibi for shuckle anyone?{it's the event celibi} re OK

Added 16th Sep 2011, ID #74680

celibi for shuckle anyone?{it's the event celibi}

Added 10th Sep 2011, ID #73563

Its not really a cheat anyway my Shuckle is level 100

Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #72481

I went to Cianwood but the guy wasnt there

Bloo Goo
Added 1st Sep 2011, ID #71708

i have absolutely no idea what a shuckle is and im supposed to be reading about pokemon soulsilver right now so cya

Added 2nd Aug 2011, ID #63385

já toho pána nem%u016F%u017Eu najít :(

Added 8th Jul 2011, ID #55758

farting noise? OMG!!!!!![color=red][/color]

Added 7th Jul 2011, ID #55654

i swear when you smash a rock and a shuckle comes out, I SWEAR, it makes a farting noise

Added 4th Jul 2011, ID #54656

i released his shuckle

Added 27th Jun 2011, ID #52750


Added 1st Jun 2011, ID #46296

i let him go too and the samething.

Added 22nd May 2011, ID #44298

i let the guys shuckle go and he dident care

Added 10th May 2011, ID #42412

nice but i dident think oh ho chuold learn shadow claw and dragon claw unless u used the action replay for pokemon to learn any Tm/Hm

max 3000
Added 20th Apr 2011, ID #38457

I hate that Pokemon any ways. I am more of a Ho-Ho kind of guy. My Ho-Ho is Level 100. His moves are Shadow Claw,Sacred fire,Brave bird,dragon claw...!!! P.S This is a good set of moves to beat the Elite four. Even better it your Ho-Ho is Level 85 or higher. Here is the way you can beat them more faster and easier.......................................

TO defeat the indigo league the best choices are
1.Shadow Claw....will
2.sacred fire....koga, karen
3.Brave bird....Bronu easily
4.dragon claw....lance easily..
With this attack set you have a better chance of winning...xD......< HOPE I HELPED!!!!!xD!!!! >

Added 11th Apr 2011, ID #36983

ya i made up my mind i am going to keep it like i said who cares if i give it back or not it was the game that gave it to me i didnt get it through someone over wifi the game gave it to so it really isnt stealing oh and sorry for misspelling so much

Added 4th Apr 2011, ID #35816

oh and shuckle

Added 4th Apr 2011, ID #35814

sorry i meent the guy and stupid

Added 4th Apr 2011, ID #35813

i did it i got the shukle from t6he guy i dont think i am going to give it back though because it might have a tupid name but it is the only shuckle i have on yhe game plus it was free it is not like i stole it it was the game that gave it to me so who cares if i give it back right who now i might get it to eventually like me and train it to be strong

Added 4th Apr 2011, ID #35812

my shuckle is epic win. just teach your shuckles toxic, encore and rest and it will be an epic winner.

Added 28th Mar 2011, ID #34688

i like pizza too

Added 25th Mar 2011, ID #34086

i like pizza

Added 29th Jan 2011, ID #27211

level 5 starters i ment

Added 18th Jan 2011, ID #25970

im breeding eevees in soul silver if anyones interested! my names Amy on it! ill only trade for pokemon holding stones like a moon stone to evolve my nidorina, or water stone to evolve my eevee, or starters like bulbasaur. male starters please! level starters too!

Added 18th Jan 2011, ID #25969

step 1:AFTER you beat the elite four go to professer elm he will give you a pass for the ss aqua

step 2: when you get to vermillion city go to that old man standing next to the running around machop
final step: go smash the rocks IF you have or taught one of your pokemon rock smash then youll find a shuckle somtimes they might be a diglett

Added 17th Jan 2011, ID #25721

go to ruins of alph if you have rocksmash and or go to cianwood if you have rocksmash aanndd surf...

Added 5th Jan 2011, ID #24213

what level is it?

Added 31st Dec 2010, ID #23343

well im going to try it and tell u if i got it or not

Added 31st Dec 2010, ID #23318

i tryed this and he took it and i didnt kepp it

Added 11th Dec 2010, ID #20781

i didnt give my shuckle back i caught a new one and called it shuckie and gave it berry juice it didnt work cuz hes a twit

Added 3rd Dec 2010, ID #20019

so u can breed anything with ditto?

Added 26th Nov 2010, ID #19357

I gave shuckle back but I kept the berry juice.

Added 19th Nov 2010, ID #18579

I gave my shukle back.

Added 24th Oct 2010, ID #16180


Added 24th Oct 2010, ID #16179


Added 17th Oct 2010, ID #15436

cool I'm going to get a Shuckle!

Added 3rd Oct 2010, ID #14258

i can get about 30 chickoritas no breeding no action replay

Added 29th Sep 2010, ID #13865

i'll say no to him to see how he reacts

Added 29th Sep 2010, ID #13864

shuckles rock i got 1000

Added 23rd Sep 2010, ID #13389


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