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May 12th 2011, ID#7249 event code

This code will give you reshiram,zekrom and kyurem all shiny and lvl 100 with strong attacks in box 1 21-23 (tested) press select

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes

94000130 FFFB0000

0221CA4C 3B9AC9FF

0221CA50 7B1C0000

0221CA54 531E793B

0221CA58 591CC9B1

0221CA5C ED4ED1F5

0221CA60 BE54B781

0221CA64 BCB3E0C8

0221CA68 4886BF34

0221CA6C ACE3B9A1

0221CA70 36FAB5D2

0221CA74 4B870D6F

0221CA78 D03CF777

0221CA7C 960BA303

0221CA80 CBA09C00

0221CA84 DE8E84C7

0221CA88 715A0D77

0221CA8C F7E4166C

0221CA90 7A0DD751

0221CA94 20754A4B

0221CA98 6820439E

0221CA9C 7F641F87

0221CAA0 63DF6490

0221CAA4 55EAABF3

0221CAA8 4C416631


0221CAB0 EC34972F

0221CAB4 F72CAB9C

0221CAB8 CE625F49


0221CAC0 3F3C517B

0221CAC4 B01DBC5F

0221CAC8 838CF7A5

0221CACC 1BAC37F1

0221CAD0 D5037BEF

0221CAD4 3B9AC9FF

0221CAD8 7EA60000

0221CADC 26874154

0221CAE0 BC1E86B7

0221CAE4 B69EBA0B

0221CAE8 658C6CCA

0221CAEC F9196BC1


0221CAF4 80A810D9

0221CAF8 094FB86A

0221CAFC 7D1F6D0D

0221CB00 184D2BF1

0221CB04 2ADF1628

0221CB08 DF32E8D1

0221CB0C 50EFE7F4

0221CB10 217EB62A

0221CB14 7CBD65F7

0221CB18 0B22B4D7

0221CB1C 0FCB25CB

0221CB20 E691028C

0221CB24 8E3CEE7E

0221CB28 5C9066BA


0221CB30 10BAEB0E

0221CB34 F0EE25D1

0221CB38 D00D60F3

0221CB3C 3E5850B9

0221CB40 BFF64EAA

0221CB44 852C8E75

0221CB48 714013D7

0221CB4C E72FB2FA

0221CB50 83D017E3

0221CB54 EB964FD5

0221CB58 7277E0E4

0221CB5C 3B9AC9FF

0221CB60 FE010000

0221CB64 013C03F2

0221CB68 91A59447

0221CB6C 55967FFE

0221CB70 5B1CCCA6

0221CB74 0F15271C

0221CB78 5CC9A98A

0221CB7C 73D92B1B

0221CB80 C458BCEB

0221CB84 7723E2C7

0221CB88 238698CD

0221CB8C A5BEF4D7

0221CB90 35A721A3

0221CB94 13E84EF6

0221CB98 92C773B0

0221CB9C 2D4FB812

0221CBA0 60AF67B9

0221CBA4 3166978A

0221CBA8 F229B138

0221CBAC E582E441

0221CBB0 704CC402

0221CBB4 696D425C

0221CBB8 976526EF

0221CBBC BD336F48


0221CBC4 7E72137F

0221CBC8 1B62ED50

0221CBCC 450C4859

0221CBD0 94B2EF55

0221CBD4 3841F29C

0221CBD8 76C6CBA8


0221CBE0 98B469BF

D2000000 00000000 and get
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If you do this, you do realize that there are risks, right? Also, you will not be able to transfer to pokemon x/y via anything.

sylveon person
Added 5th Feb 2014, ID #352113

This code ruined my box on black version. Do not use.

Added 23rd Dec 2013, ID #333068

the reason your pokemon arnt are obeying you because you probably dont have all eight gym badges thats like really obvious.

Added 26th Jun 2012, ID #157086

I got the Reshiram, but I got two eggs, though they do have Pokerus

Added 18th Sep 2011, ID #75300

hey when you copy the code do you need to erase the spaces or not?

Added 8th Jun 2011, ID #47743

u need to have all the badge and after the code is activated save the game

Added 20th May 2011, ID #43904

u need to have all the badge and after the code is activated save the game

Added 20th May 2011, ID #43903

showed up but froze my game

Added 19th May 2011, ID #43880

You need all of the badges, IF they are LVL.100

Added 14th May 2011, ID #42956

i got the pokemon but thry are not obeying me

Added 14th May 2011, ID #42918


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