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Pokemon Dream World Modifier Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black


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Mar 27th 2011, ID#6965 Pokemon Dream World Modifier

This code gives you 649 of slot 1 items in your bag. It also gives you 100 of slot 2 items in your bag. Its just like a Pokemon modifier. U throw the number of items in slot 1 away to = the nation dex number. EXAMPLE. U would throw away 10 of slot 1 items to get to Pokemon Terrakion. And you would throw away 10 of slot 2 item to make it level 90. U will go to your house in Nuvema Town. I will hold select and talk to your wii. It will make a sound and you will go into battle. This is legit. I just tried and got a Genesect lvl 100. I like it more than the Pokemon modifier. And here is the good thing too. When you have to Pokemon from the wii. It will have it's Dream World ABILITY!!! Thats the best part!!!!!!!

Region: US/North America

94000130 fcff0000
12233fae 00000289
12233fb2 00000064
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fffb0000
0225d330 00ab0000
0225d334 00000206
0225d338 0400003c
0225d33c 00000000
0225d340 00000000
0225d344 004b00ac
0225d348 002b003e
0225d34c 00008021
0225d350 80210028
0225d354 00130080
0225d358 00088021
0225d35c 02060178
0225d360 80210032
0225d364 8010017b
0225d368 80100009
0225d36c 00010008
0225d370 00010011
0225d374 00ff001f
0225d378 8e000000
0225d37c 32000000
da000000 02233fae
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d334
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d35e
d3000000 00000000
da000000 02233fb2
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d360
d2000000 00000000

L+R to activate and get
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