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Pokemon Dream World Modifier Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black

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Mar 27th 2011, ID#6965 Pokemon Dream World Modifier

This code gives you 649 of slot 1 items in your bag. It also gives you 100 of slot 2 items in your bag. Its just like a Pokemon modifier. U throw the number of items in slot 1 away to = the nation dex number. EXAMPLE. U would throw away 10 of slot 1 items to get to Pokemon Terrakion. And you would throw away 10 of slot 2 item to make it level 90. U will go to your house in Nuvema Town. I will hold select and talk to your wii. It will make a sound and you will go into battle. This is legit. I just tried and got a Genesect lvl 100. I like it more than the Pokemon modifier. And here is the good thing too. When you have to Pokemon from the wii. It will have it's Dream World ABILITY!!! Thats the best part!!!!!!!

Region: US/North America

94000130 fcff0000
12233fae 00000289
12233fb2 00000064
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fffb0000
0225d330 00ab0000
0225d334 00000206
0225d338 0400003c
0225d33c 00000000
0225d340 00000000
0225d344 004b00ac
0225d348 002b003e
0225d34c 00008021
0225d350 80210028
0225d354 00130080
0225d358 00088021
0225d35c 02060178
0225d360 80210032
0225d364 8010017b
0225d368 80100009
0225d36c 00010008
0225d370 00010011
0225d374 00ff001f
0225d378 8e000000
0225d37c 32000000
da000000 02233fae
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d334
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d35e
d3000000 00000000
da000000 02233fb2
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d360
d2000000 00000000

L+R to activate and get
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it works

Added 11th May 2014, ID #383359

IK NO ONE PROBABLY CARES ANYMORE BUT IVE SPENT ALL DAY AND I GOT IT TO WORK FOR ANY POKEMON DRAGONITE INCLUDED!!! so us cheaters use a lot of cheats right?? this is no ones first cheat they ever used ... we use many that require the use of the select button which, throws off this cheat above!! soooo.....
1. deactivate all cheat codes.
2. do a quick save and then close and reopen the emulator.
3.Then do an in game save and close then reopen the emulator as if u just started up ur ds.. or just reset it...
the reason u do this it to reset your game and any cheat codes entered previously. so the game starts as if u never somehow got 900 masterballs (KAPPA FACE) LOL
4. follow the steps in the cheat to get your dream world pokemon!!! u welcome ...
(i run pokemon on a drastic on android which already has the cheat but it kept freezing. i got this to work completely by accident but figured out how..)

Added 5th May 2015, ID #552287

I'm having the same problem. I have tried the above steps. Still doesn't work. Anyone got any other suggestions?

Added 11th Sep 2015, ID #607180

Help i have 649 liberty passes and please tell me how to rearrange items in this game so i do not have LPs as the first item.

Added 24th Feb 2014, ID #358674

Found the one for White, it looks like it only works for White, not the sequels.


encounter dream world pokemon
press l+r to have the first 2 items in you items bag to have an amount 649 and 100. toss the number of items needed to get the national pokedex number for the pokemon wanted for the first item and the level number for the second item. hold select and press a at the wii in your room. to encounter a pokemon with it's dream world ability.
94000130 fcff0000
12233fce 00000289
12233fd2 00000064
d2000000 00000000
94000130 fffb0000
0225d350 00ab0000
0225d354 00000206
0225d358 0400003c
0225d35c 00000000
0225d360 00000000
0225d364 004b00ac
0225d368 002b003e
0225d36c 00008021
0225d370 80210028
0225d374 00130080
0225d378 00088021
0225d37c 02060178
0225d380 80210032
0225d384 8010017b
0225d388 80100009
0225d38c 00010008
0225d390 00010011
0225d394 00ff001f
0225d398 8e000000
0225d39c 32000000
da000000 02233fce
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d354
d3000000 00000000
d7000000 0225d37e

Added 31st May 2013, ID #286803

Doesn't work for me; I just get Bulbasaur every time. Are you sure it works? (I got rid of 487 power bands for the national dex number of 162 to get Furret, but still found Bulbasaur).

Added 24th Aug 2015, ID #601914

Not the right level either. Level 100 when male or level 50 when female. I threw away 85 Power Bracers to get level 15 but that still happens.

Added 24th Aug 2015, ID #601915

Nevermind. Figured it out. I sorted my items like an idiot after throwing things away.

Added 24th Aug 2015, ID #601919

it doesn,t work for me on my ds light i have pokemon black 2 codes don,t work on my dsi xl and my l r don,t work

Added 25th Jan 2013, ID #246392

Was going to make a LP with this code, however... it did not work.
I tried everything everyone said in the comments.

Added 4th Oct 2012, ID #191379

It damn works i got Espeon with Magic Bounce BEST EFFIN ABILITY.

Added 29th Aug 2012, ID #181207

Just so every one is aware you need to have the C-Gear on for this code to work

Added 17th Aug 2012, ID #177179

What do I do all I get is musharna

Added 30th Jul 2012, ID #170108

whenever I press r+l i dont get 649 in slot 1 and 100 in slot 2 i dont know why!

Added 16th Jun 2012, ID #153399

Omg it really worked. When it is actually successful, the pokemon's cry will sound and you will start the battle. You have to try a few times. 1 tip i can give you guys is that when you press select and A, if the text box with words come out, it means you have failed. Instead of restarting again, just walk out of the room and come back in and try pressing the select and A again at the wii without having to restart. Keep trying and it will happen!

Added 5th Jun 2012, ID #149090

By "You have to try a few times", do you mean that you have to try a few times for a battle to start, or to get the correct Pokemon?

Added 24th Aug 2015, ID #601917

I'm too lazy to put in the code

Added 22nd May 2012, ID #144542

Can any1 make th code with no l and r buttons 2 activate it

Added 6th May 2012, ID #139839

no matter what i do i only get genesects. I already have 5!!

Added 10th Apr 2012, ID #131753

hmmm... Well I feel like the code works depending on the pokemon you try to use it for. I tried it on a miltank and it worked perfectly. Unfortunitly trying to get a dragonite or Snivy/Serpior did not work and has failed everytime.. In fact it's really only worked once for me...

Added 9th Feb 2012, ID #113412

this code is phenomenal

Added 4th Feb 2012, ID #112142

I only get genesect as well, and I already got a shiny genesect with max sp. attck evs

Added 21st Jan 2012, ID #107935

it works!! also is true this comment ''It only freezes if you press A twice and hold select. For me it works well and it never freezed since.''
that means that you only press ''A'' when you talk to the wii, so you toss the pokeballs and do all the other things with the touch screen, not using the A button.
sorry for my english ^^

Added 1st Jan 2012, ID #101481

For those who gets crashes/freezes, try this:
Turn the C-Gear on [not sure if this is important, but the times I've got it to work, I had this on], and do the L+R setting each time you want to use it, even if you have already have the right numbers [ex. I have 302 items for Sableye and got it; if I want another Saybleye, I need to press L+R again and set it to 302 if I want another one].

You should hold select and A at the same time and keep them held down [I held down select before pressing A at the Wii]. The battle should start then with a white message box; no words should pop up.

If you receive the 'turned on Wii'/etc message, then you've messed up and the rom will crash, so try again [redo-ing the L+R and whatnot].

I can't guarantee that it'll work, but I tried narrowing down the different variables to see what did and didn't.

It may not work every time [still doesn't for me], but it's mostly reliable; this code does work.

You do not need to get the national dex/beat the game for this to work; none of the 'encounter pokemon' codes for Pokemon Black/White do. I've enjoyed beating Clay with my Prankster Sableye and my regular Dunsparce.

Hope this works for you guys.

Added 21st Dec 2011, ID #97297

my items dont change numbers D; its not working...

Added 17th Dec 2011, ID #95899

I hear the noise but dont go into battle

Added 14th Dec 2011, ID #95047

Thank you for your commenti get the items, i toss the items, i talk to the the wii, i hear the noise, i dont go into battle

Added 13th Dec 2011, ID #94918

Thank you for your comment

Added 13th Dec 2011, ID #94917

Does not work. Will not give me the items.

Added 13th Dec 2011, ID #94913

i only get musharna what im i doing wrong please help

Added 28th Nov 2011, ID #91251

people who are confused

1. what he means by wii is the wii in ur bedroom on the game u get a kabutops is very simple just do 649 - 508 and u will get 141 then hold select in front of ur wii and press a

Added 28th Nov 2011, ID #91243

i tried it and it worked and i'm not a guest and im saying tht

Added 28th Nov 2011, ID #91236

i cant get the dream world abilby

Added 5th Nov 2011, ID #85236

Man thank you i've been looking for this

Added 14th Sep 2011, ID #74526

How would u get kabutops

Added 4th Sep 2011, ID #72545

please tell me how not to lock in time to shake the wii

Added 20th Aug 2011, ID #68834

Do you have to have a wii for this to work

Added 12th Aug 2011, ID #66455

ok ive tried the code for both black(my friends game) and white(mine) with black it works perfectly so thanks but with white i dont get the items and it freezes the moment i press select and yes my ar is up to date so just wondering if you could tweak it to work for white thanks =)

Added 10th Aug 2011, ID #65903

it works great thanks

Added 27th Jul 2011, ID #61772

The Pokemon is Breedable. U have to breed it with a pokemon its same species or the dream ability wont pass down. Breeding with ditto wont pass donw the ability.

Added 19th Jul 2011, ID #59253

it works but just 10% times i tried doing this:
opposite the wii i press l and r
i toss the objects for the pokemon and level there
then i horld select
while i hold select i press a for A second
and then it usually freeze my game,but sometimes work
sorry for my English bc i speak spanish and i understand but not write well!!!
Can someone tell me a way for make it always work?

Added 9th Jul 2011, ID #56078

heres a tip change the code for l and r to start and activate it and trow the master ball at how many ect..... and then talk to the wii holding selcet and it will work

Added 1st Jul 2011, ID #53815

i only get genesect why?? my items stay the same 2

Added 20th Jun 2011, ID #50557

Aren't you a guest too? But, just saying, it does work, but only like wen you're done with the game.

Added 13th Jun 2011, ID #49064

I'm dissapointed at all the people who think this would work. Coincidence that the only people who say it works are guests? And that all the others are questioning it. Don't try this on your actual game.

Added 8th Jun 2011, ID #47872

what is the wii

Added 3rd Jun 2011, ID #46731


Added 3rd Jun 2011, ID #46582

wtf does slot 1 and 2 mean?????

Added 18th May 2011, ID #43710

I only get Genosect...

Added 16th May 2011, ID #43395

why does genesect always pop up on white version

Added 16th May 2011, ID #43369

thanks, so handy lik

Added 16th May 2011, ID #43354

dude this doesnt work bc all u keep getting is genesect

Added 16th May 2011, ID #43324

It worked for me once, but now all that happens when I press A in front of the wii while holding SELECT is that the game freezes. Am I doing anything wrong?

Added 10th May 2011, ID #42322

I'm not getting any items in my bag for this to work.

Added 5th May 2011, ID #41545

It only freezes if you press A twice and hold select. For me it works well and it never freezed since.

Added 30th Apr 2011, ID #40734

All this does is freeze my game. It's not a rom it's the proper game chip and everything.

Added 25th Apr 2011, ID #39558


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