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TM/HM Codes Action Replay Code for Pokemon Black 2

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Oct 20th 2012, ID#9256 TM/HM Codes

Here ya go: some nicely working Codes for getting all the TM/HM's and having all these moves learnable to any pokemon. Just press L+R or Select to activate all TM/HM, the other should work on it's own.

Region: US/North America | Class: TM or HM Codes

All TM/HM- NOTE- it may be out of order, simply press the green icon to organize it however you like.
94000130 fcff0000
b2000024 00000000
e0019344 00000188
00010148 00010149
0001014a 0001014b
0001014c 0001014d
0001014e 0001014f
00010150 00010151
00010152 00010153
00010154 00010155
00010156 00010157
00010158 00010159
0001015a 0001015b
0001015c 0001015f
00010160 00010161
00010162 00010163
00010164 00010165
00010166 00010167
00010168 00010169
0001016a 0001016b
0001016c 0001016d
0001016e 0001016f
00010170 00010171
00010172 00010173
00010174 00010175
00010176 00010177
00010178 00010179
0001017a 0001017b
0001017c 0001017d
0001017e 0001017f
00010180 00010181
00010182 00010183
00010184 00010185
00010186 00010187
00010188 00010189
0001018a 0001018b
0001018c 0001018d
0001018e 0001018f
00010190 00010191
00010192 00010193
00010194 00010195
00010196 00010197
00010198 00010199
0001019a 0001019b
0001019c 0001019d
0001019e 0001019f
000101a0 000101a1
000101a2 000101a3
0001026a 0001026c
000101a4 000101a5
000101a6 000101a7
000101a8 000101a9
000194e8 00000000
d2000000 00000000

Pokemon can Learn and TM/HM
9219dba0 0000d105
1219dba0 000046c0
d2000000 00000000 and get
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30 comments, latest first.
how do i put them in? :/

Added 20th Mar 2015, ID #530906

l and r

Added 28th Jun 2015, ID #577030

you lost TM22 mate,,,

Added 5th Jan 2015, ID #496533

thanks so much it wooorked

Added 10th Dec 2014, ID #482813

Added 15th November 2015

Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #471983

Why when I used this I lost all my HMS

Added 26th Sep 2014, ID #451993

how do you do this

Added 12th Jul 2014, ID #417104

you can find TM 94 in virbank complex. talk to the man near the tree, then beat the worker, after that, talk to the man again, then you can have TM 94 :D

Added 26th Jun 2014, ID #407250

I don't know if this will ruin my game

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #396227

some of the tm/hms are missing...

Added 11th Mar 2014, ID #363094

NOTE: Remember to close down other cheats or it will kill your game.

Added 19th Feb 2014, ID #356829

My game freeses when I go to free space so I can't use them

Added 28th Dec 2013, ID #335113

If you're having a problem with hms not being useable, giving a message about being already used then instead of clicking use, click to "free space" and use it from there. It worked for me. May have to save and reboot before it'll work though

Added 2nd Nov 2013, ID #317525

What's the activation code to learn any tm's in pokemon black 2?

Added 1st Jul 2013, ID #294165

If you already have hm's or tm's in inventory, it will give you the tm's and hm's as if you never had them, making some missing while others overload into different pockets

Added 14th Jun 2013, ID #290353

used the cheat now 3 of my HM's are in the item pocket and unusable any tips?

Added 12th Jun 2013, ID #289712

I used this and now 3 of my HM's are in the items pocket and unusable any help?

Added 12th Jun 2013, ID #289709

i used a this cheat and it dosent let me use the hm in the item slots.

Added 18th May 2013, ID #283588

hey !! como elimino todos los mt !! me vinieron repetidos !! ademas no ahy mo :/ !!!

Added 15th Mar 2013, ID #263832

PLEASE FIX THIS! Some TMs are missing!!! THANKS

Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #263577

Where is the TM 94 ?

Added 9th Mar 2013, ID #262199

As stated earlier, TM 94 does not show up. Any chance of fixing/adding it? Thank you

Added 17th Dec 2012, ID #223374

As stated earlier, TM 94 does not show up. Any chance of fixing/adding it? Thank you

Added 17th Dec 2012, ID #223372

It dosent work! My game keeps freezin up!

Added 9th Nov 2012, ID #207007

all the hms arent ther like hm5 and hm 6 arent there either so need better code

Added 3rd Nov 2012, ID #204890

Learn TM/HM code does not work.

Added 30th Oct 2012, ID #203122

can you make a code for pkmn having pokerus?

Added 30th Oct 2012, ID #203037

It works, but, the TM 23 AND 94 are missing

Added 30th Oct 2012, ID #202952

I used a tm/hm code n now my hm's are in my medicine pocket and I can't use them...need a code to delete items...any help???

Added 28th Oct 2012, ID #202000

i use a cheat for all HM/TM. But after i use this cheat, my pokemon can't learn the HM/TM.

Maybe, anyone know this word "you used your last HM 01". What does it mean?

(Sorry for my bad english)

Added 23rd Oct 2012, ID #200101


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