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Two Masterballs cheat for Pokemon Black 2


Two Masterballs

You can obtain Two Masterballs in this Game.

You can obtain one from Professor Juniper in Mistralton City and one from Team Plasma's Corless in Team Plasma's Frigate.

Added by: Warrior13 Jul 6th 2012, ID#17167 and get
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i want a cheat to get a master ball

Added 20th Oct 2014, ID #460732

Colress did NOT give me a Masterball

Added 21st Mar 2014, ID #366601

you c an actually get a third one from the join area from the raffles.

Added 17th Feb 2014, ID #356098

How do you get action replay? PLEASE TELL ME

Added 21st Nov 2013, ID #320883

I think you can get a lot of the master balls by the raffle shops at join avenue

Added 8th Nov 2013, ID #318395

beat the game

Added 22nd Jul 2013, ID #299412

I beat.colress and did not get masterball I got one.from.professor

Added 26th May 2013, ID #285334

ice cream

Added 23rd Mar 2013, ID #266512

there is also a cheat to catch trainers pokemon i have all 717 pokemon

Added 11th Mar 2013, ID #262669

use the action replay it is esay i have 999 of every pokemon balls yes and master balls

Added 11th Mar 2013, ID #262667

I beat the whole game so easily.People think its so hard.I have almost all the legendarys and m game time is 37:37

Added 9th Mar 2013, ID #262063

I don't know what frigate is plz tell me

Added 6th Mar 2013, ID #261325

my party poke mon weak ull think they are lvl 96 kyurem lvl 100 genesect lvl 74 samurott lvl 52 gigalith lvl 68 zekrom and idk why i got this pokemon but lvl 5 magikarp u get him on the i think marvelous all i know its the bridge thats blue and u catch cresselia on it

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259565

oh my age is 10

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259561

pokelover i used my master ball on virizion im try in to get 2 more pokemon terrikion and cobalion

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259560

hello people you just have to upgrade the raffle to all the way and you get a master ball u dumb dumbs

Added 28th Feb 2013, ID #259558

You can get infinite master balls (if you have the raffle shop in join avenue) well its not 100% sure you do that but you now its possible.

Added 20th Feb 2013, ID #256512

Wow people can't even catch Cobalion?

I got all 3 B2/W2 legendaries without the use of the Masterball nor this stupid guide.

Added 21st Jan 2013, ID #244916

It works

Added 15th Jan 2013, ID #242981

how do you get landorus?

Added 12th Jan 2013, ID #242000

i know how to catch COBALION!!! Get the Master Ball from professor juniper and save it til u find cobalion.then use the masterball. I did and it worked!

Added 31st Dec 2012, ID #232937

What if you beat colress and did. NOT. Give u a masterball

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231014

you have to battle Corless first, and don't forget you can get an infinut amount from the join avaneu raffle.

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #230969

The other person that gives you the second master ball is Colress,not colorless or corless!

Added 14th Dec 2012, ID #221256

Did you compete in Pokemon World Tournament (PWT) in southern part of Driftveil City? After you finish the tournament you must go south of the PWT to fight Team Plasma in their ship. After that you should be able to go to Route 6.

Then you must go to mistralton city and then after you beat Skyla, she and prof. Juniper will take you with airplane to Lentimas Town (west of Undella Town) then you continue to Opelucid City & Pokemon League.

Added 13th Dec 2012, ID #220482

I dont know what happened but that is wierd

Added 27th Nov 2012, ID #213114


Added 24th Nov 2012, ID #212012

and you can get a Master Ball if you have luck to win it in Raffle Shop in Join Avenue

Added 11th Nov 2012, ID #207707

i cannot go from driftveil city to route 6 and neither the other way,from nimbasa city to route 15 all is in jappanese and not english do i miss something????i got 5 can help by answering on my ty all who can help me out

Added 7th Jul 2012, ID #161212


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