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Extra Lives


I have found a way to get loads of lives! All you have to do is repeat world1-1 ova and ova again! When you eat the mega mushroom you finish and it gives you lives! You have to finish the level though to get them. Also if your on a really hard level and have got the half way mark DO NOT USE THIS CHEAT/HINT! OR ELSE YOU WILL LOSE THE HALF WAY MARK! Also if you can do it knock down the finishing pole and loads of money comes out! If you destroy the staries at the end of the level and can't jump up don't worry there are invisible blocks so you can! I have 30 lives for the final boos! Look out Bowser and Bowser Jr. Here comes a very angry Mario!

Lugia-rules(aka the legandary collector)

Added 1 Sep 2006, ID #1253, by lugia-rules and get

More mushrooms

If you complete a level with the last two numbers the same (except 00) then you can get a mushroom house at the start of the level, these are the ones that I know of:

11, 22 = normal weapon mushroom

44, 55, 66 = life mushrooms

88, 99 = mega mario mushrooms

Added 16 Aug 2006, ID #1209, by smelly_fart_boy

Unlock world 4

What you have to do is to get a mini mushroom and keep it until the final boss on world 2 the boss is a dead pokey and you have to beat it while mini mario

Added 8 Aug 2006, ID #1157, by yu-gi-man

As many lives

Got to the first level and you will become big in the middle of the level, finish the level being big and at the end you will turn small again and when you do lives will fall out of the meter. Keep doing this and you will get as many lives as you want.

Added 6 Aug 2006, ID #1152, by Saix

Level 8-8 in 30 Seconds

Be Shell Mario at the start and shell dash your way through the whole level. If a piece of molten rock touches you, you're a gonner. The starting time is 400. If you shell dash all the way, you will get 370 at the end. Trust me.

Added 4 Aug 2006, ID #1148, by Mario the Cheater

Extra houses

Hello. To get extra toad houses, beat any level with the last two digits ending in the same number(299, 166, etc.) The numbers show what house you get.

99-77...Mega mushroom house (orange)

66-44...Life house (green)

33-11...item house (red)


Added 2 Aug 2006, ID #1133, by .hack

be luigi

press and hold l and r at file select

Added 27 Jul 2006, ID #1097, by luigi bros.

Be luigi

Press l plus are and hold at file select

Added 27 Jul 2006, ID #1094, by shadow132

Secret mission

While paused on the map, press L R L R X X Y Y to enter the secret Challenge mode. You will now be unable to go back to an area that has scrolled off the screen while playing a level. This cheat only works after you finish the game.

Added 18 Jul 2006, ID #1065, by Birdcage

99 lives

To get 99 lives,you must be big mario(not mega),or fire mario.At the end(or near the end)of world 2-4,you will see a koopa.Just around the 3rd 4th or 5th step(going bottom to top),stop on the koopa,and let Mario/Luigi keep bouncing off it.It may take tries,but You'll find out!

Thanks for your time!

Added 28 Jun 2006, ID #981, by kirbyteen

99 lives anyone???

OKay this one is kinda tricky, on world 3-4 at the end ( You know where the staircase is to jump onto the flag) There is a koopa troopa walking down the stairs if you time your jump percisely and land on him just as he is leaving the third step from the bottom you will continue jumping and gain lives...ALOT! This is a very difficult trick and must have percision timing...GOOD LUCK!!!

Added 27 Jun 2006, ID #973, by gamezismything

Lots of life, FAST!!!

Okay, first go to World 1-1. Go through the world until you get the MEGA SHROOM. Then Mario will mutate to ginourmus size, allowing you to earn lives depending on hoe much destruction you cause. Min. 1 life. Max. 5 lives. In this cheat I will teach you how to get 5 lives. Get the shroom, and go really fast through the rest of the level ( no jumping, stopping, grabbing items etc.) You should get enough juice to plow through the big jiga ma thing at the end of the level (you know, that big block structure right before the flag) after you mash that mario will shrink back to normal size, and you should get 5 lives.
Austala bye-bye, Super mario 6464

Added 23 Jun 2006, ID #960, by super mario 6464

Simplicity At It's Finest!

If you get a Mega Mushroom on a boss stage,save it until the boss,then use it.One hit will kill you're enemy on impact.
P.S.Try using this on Skeleton Bowser.It is funny.One time,I put on the Mega Mushroom just to be safe,because I wanted to kill Skeleton Bowser the old fashioned way.But I accidentally landed on him and crushed him,that's right,I smashed him to little tiny bits!It was really funny.

P.P.S.Fire Mario(and Fire Luigi)make it really easy to kill Bowser.Just shoot fireballs at him as fast as you can,and,of course,dodge his weapons.

Added 27 May 2006, ID #866, by BrendanIsSoCool

Killer Koopa!

When(if)you get that blue koopa shell,PUT IT ON! If you run with it(hold down the dash button while you are walking)you will eventually turn into a koopay shell that kills enemies on the spot.The only bad part is that you can't turn,unless you hit a wall and you can't kill dry bones for good I think,and that you aren't invincible to those metal balls with the pointy stud thingies on them.But other than that,this koopa shell has done wonders for me!

Added 27 May 2006, ID #861, by BrendanIsSoCool
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