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Moon Walk

Moon Walk
This is my all-time favourite cheat
On level 4-2 at he begining you have to jump two things. One is big, the other is narrow. On the narrow one jump and hold down. (If you did this right you should be under some bricks.) Let go of down and keep holding left. Mario then will moon walk.
Submitted by Mariochamp

Added 18 Dec 2007, ID #5762, by mariochamp and get

This isn't so much a cheat so much as a fact of how to get luigi in story mode it also show's how to get him in the back ground at the end of the game what you do is go to choose game, then hit L and R at the same time, then hit A to select file. And then presto you have luigi

Added 15 Dec 2007, ID #5733, by litythereftyxboxlive

About the 99 lives cheat at the end of level 1 world 1...

About the 99 lives cheat at the end of level 1 world 1 when I jump on the koopa at the end of the level (the steps) all that happens is mario jumps on it then bounces of it the lands back on it (when the koopa is in it's shell) it bounces of the step and goes into the hole before the box's where you find the koopa! And then I don't press any buttons for a while nothing happens (i don't press anything for about 4 1/2 mins ) can someone help me please!

Added 15 Aug 2007, ID #4450, by jo777

More Flag points

Be big to knock the flag over and gain 8000 points

Added 15 Aug 2007, ID #4449, by Rob_93

99ups on world 1-1.

Hint:Its best to be fire Mario/Luigi at the end of this level.

By the end of world 1-1 you'll see a red Koopa, grab it's shell and bring
It to one step of the steps by the finish pole and keep hold of it till
It shakes and gets out of it's shell, when it does jump on him and he'll
Go into his shell, after that don't touch a button till you get 99 1ups.

Don't move when Mario/Luigi is jumping on the Koopa shell till you get
99 1ups.

Added 3 Jul 2007, ID #3645, by Tomster

Free lotto box

Go to the world 3 cannon and instead of going in the cannon keep on going and you will find a free lotto box every time you go in to the cannon level there will be a new lotto box

Added 1 Jun 2007, ID #2930, by el_farto


While paused on the map, press L R L R X X Y Y to enter the secret Challenge mode. You will now be unable to go back to an area that has scrolled off the screen while playing a level. This cheat only works after you finish the game.

At the "select a file" screen, keep pressed L and R buttons and choose one of your saved game files with the A button.
Now you'll play in the game as Luigi instead of Mario!

Added 18 May 2007, ID #2697, by mr. buh

First Star: Complete the game once.
Second Star: Complete the whole game(Including the Letter Levels).
Third Star: Complete the whole game with all the stars from every level.

P.S: If you want to save this you MUST go to PAUSE MENU, go to Save Game and press YES because if you press NO it won't save and you will have to start from your previous save area.

PLEASE enjoy this cheat and please rate this.
I hope you all find this very useful.

Added 15 May 2007, ID #2661, by Justin Benecke

How to get the Secret Challange Mode

If you have beaten the game, then you can use this code. First, you need to be on the map screen. Then you need to pause the game. While it is paused, press the following buttons in this order: L,R,L,R,X,X,Y,Y. It will show a message telling you that you did it right.

What this code does: When you're playing a level, the screen can't mscroll backwards. There will be an arrou sign telling you if the level uses this function. This makes the game seem even more like the orignal SMB on the NES!

P.S.: To disable the code, just put in the cheat again!

Added 14 Apr 2007, ID #2446, by cobo5951


To play Luigi in New Super Mario Brother, you need to go on to select file and hold L and R and select your file. If you have done it right he should say,
"It's me, Luigi!"
Hope I helped!

Added 10 Apr 2007, ID #2415, by Marowaks Master

Cool easy coins and goombas!!

Ok this cheat just gives you coins and lots of goombas so listen up...

Step 1: Go to world 1
Step 2: Go to the first level
Step 3: Get a huge mushroom!
Step 4: this might waste your hugeness time, but keep ground pounding the ground and a whole bunch of goombas and/or coins will fall out of the sky!!

PS: I don't know if this only works for the first level or not so you can try it on any other levels I havent tried it...


Added 14 Mar 2007, ID #2273, by ixxlikexxapplesxx

Touch screen fun

On the credit role at the end of the game. Touch the bottom screen with your pen , it will make noises. Different noises for every letter!!!

Added 21 Feb 2007, ID #2181, by shadow9944

How to destroy ghosts

First get a blue shell thingy then just hit them.

Added 14 Feb 2007, ID #2148, by purred1


If you finish A level on the time 111 122 133 144 155 166 177 188 199 211 222 233 244 255 266 277 288 299 311 322 333 344 355 366 377 388 399 411 422 433 444 455 466 477 488 499 511 522 533 544 555 566 577 588 599 611 622 633 644 655 677 688 699 711 722 733 744 755 766 777 788 or 799 you will get a bonus

If it's 11 22 or 33 at the end of the timer it will be a red mush room house(Items)

If Its 44 55 Or 66 at the end of the timer it will be a green mushroom house (Lives)

If it's 77 88 OR 99at the end of the timer it will be a orange mushroom house for (Super Big)

Play as luigi by pressing L and R triggers at the save game selection.

Deafeat the castle 2 as a mini mario/luigi to unlock world 4 (acid world)

Deafeat the castle 5 as a mini mario/luigi to unlock world 7 (cloud world)


TOO world 5 Take the secret exit from the world one tower

Too world 5 Take the secret exit from the world Two-A

Too world 6 Take the secret exit from the world 3 ghost house

Too world 7 take the secret exit from the world 4 ghost house

Too world 8 Take the secret exit from the world 5 ghost house

Added 4 Feb 2007, ID #2099, by paulspals

Secret area

On world 1 level 1 jump around as mega mario or mega luigi and a beanstalk grows serach carfully, when your flashing green jump and climb this may have been a glich in my game I don't know.

Added 30 Jan 2007, ID #2071, by supersonic88

Play as Luigi (single player)

Hold L+R and press A

Added 31 Dec 2006, ID #1837, by JordanG0

Easy 1 ups!

Well it's pretty compilcated when you get to world 5-2 use mega mushroom.Note:you must have mega mushroom!then he gets huge!Note:use at begining of level.Next you bash your way towards the blocks.then your 1 up meter will fill alll the way up!

Use this cheat well!

Added 29 Dec 2006, ID #1828, by cheat master king

Panicking Toads

When you first start a new game at the opening scene once the cloud strikes the castle the Toads will be running around frightened

Added 1 Dec 2006, ID #1664, by Drakkon

LUIGI !!!!!!

To get Luigi you go to the file select menu and push L then R then A and then you will have Luigi when you go into your file !!! Luigi can run faster and jump higher than Mario so it is really good to have him.

P.S. This cheat may stop after you turn off the game so you will just have to do it agaim.

P.P.S. I am not completely sure if it stops after you turn the game off but if you save it think it stays. P.P.P.S Please rate this cheat.

Hope you liked this cheat and find it useful

Added 22 Nov 2006, ID #1605, by cheat king 56

Secret area

O.K if you want a secret path do the following:
1) Go to world 3-2
2) At exactly 3/4 of the way through the level, there should be a moving mushroom. Go on to it.
3) Right near the start of the mushroom's path, there are three pipes, a red, a yellow and a green one.
4) jump up into the green one, while holding up.
5) Go down the other green pipe, and you should see a load of moving mushrooms. Once you passed that bit, there should be a red flagpole.
6) Slide down it and voila! Once you come out, a diferent, secret path is there with the level 3a, 3b, 3c and the big castle.
P.S there are other secret areas like this in the game. Look out for them.

Added 5 Oct 2006, ID #1387, by badgeofo
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