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Save Anywhere

When you finish the game, you can use those big coins to buy things. So instead of wasting them buying things, save them by pausing the game. There should be a new option called 'Save'.

Added 4 Jan 2010, ID #12991, by Jazzy12x and get

Super Mario Bros.

Hey I found something out today. It has to do with the first mario game ever created, and the new super mario bros. Well really they are pretty much the same game and I'm not lying. First if you a Wii and have the first super mario bros downloaded on it thats great. Every time you find a secret in the first bros and play the new one that secret will be there! So have fun getting the secrets.

PS:I know this is dumb

Added 21 Oct 2009, ID #12636, by sundalo90

New Music + Fireworx (I'm surprised no-one entered this!)

This is really obvious but if you Finish a level (Absolutely ANY level) with the last two digits of the timer the same (11 22 33 44 and so on) you will get a mushroom house at the very beggining of the world. You will also get some very special music and fireworx! (The music is the Level Finish music of the Old Mario Bros.) You know, I'm really surprised no-one submitted this. But, it is kinda obvious...

Happy Gaming! =) -Craig555

Added 16 Oct 2009, ID #12605, by Craig555

Secret levels!!!

So if you want to go to the secret levels do the following.

1st secret level:in world one on the second level, you know that bridge that if you stand on the left it will raise to the right well on the second bridge stand on the left then run to the right and jump then walk. And when you see a tube and a star coin stop and fall and get the star coin then go into the tube and then you will see a red flag instead of a black flag.

2nd secret level:in the tower in world one (need the blue shell to go to the secret area) go to the door, and when you are in the room with the moving blocks go to the second door but don't go in, then jump to the two blocks to the side then go in the side and you will be in a secret room then jump and a 1-up mushroom will come out then keep jumping to the right and more blocks with coins will come out then when it ends run really fast until you go into your blue shell and run into the three blue blocks and keep holding B and jump in your blue shell into the other three blue blocks and then go in the tube and go to the red flag then a secret level will come.

PS:Oh and when you are about to start you profile hold down L+R then press A then something will happen.

PPS:Please RATE!!!!!!!!!!

Added 17 Apr 2009, ID #10991, by sundalo90

How to get to world 4 and 7

This is quit simple but very hard! You must beat the boss on world 2 and 5 with mini mario.

Added 19 Feb 2009, ID #10345, by ryanandchaz

cheats that will help,maybe

Play as luigi in single player:at select a file screen,hold l+r whhile picking a profile

Secret challenge mode:on the map,pause the game and press l,r,l,r,x,x,y,y.

That is all I have for now,o, and these codes have been tested and they work.

Added 27 Jan 2009, ID #10156, by sonic998

Cheat to receive lives/free mushroom houses!

Go to W1-1 and get the Super Mushroom, let it walk ahead of you for a couple of seconds and catch it then. This will allow you to break the stairs and flagpost at the end of the level, therefore you will get five free lives (the lives depend on how much damage you cause and 5 is the most at one time!)

If you finish any level on an even number (time-wise) you will open up a free mushroom house at the start of that world. Try ending on -11,-22,-33 etc etc and you can open weapon houses, super mushroom houses and life houses!

Hope I helped! (:

Added 20 Jan 2009, ID #10095, by LadyHayley

play as luigi

To play as luigi you must hold the L and R buttons when selecting a file and then push the A button on the file you want to play and you will be Luigi! However, this will only work if you believe...

Added 18 Jan 2009, ID #10069, by silentdagger21

Limited Edition Luigi

Play as Luigi
Start a Mario game and move your cursor to save a file.After you have the file highlighted,hold the L and R buttons at the same time and then press the A button.If you did it right, you'll begin the game as Luigi instead of Mario!

Added 30 Nov 2008, ID #9672, by PartyPete

Become Luigi

To become Luigi, when you get to the screen where it has your 3 files, select the one you would like to play. But before you click, or "tap" because you have a stylus, hold down L and R and say "a Turn in a to a luigi a" like you have an italian accent. You have to believe!

Added 29 Nov 2008, ID #9668, by yavn_is_evil

play as luigi

First in the main menu go to marios game (or story mode) and hold L and R until you get to the map and there he is. =D p.s. You can let go the L and R when you see him.=D

Added 7 Sep 2008, ID #9053, by fanzboy08


You know how you can ground pound???? Well if you ground pound and press up on the D-pad before you land on your butt you will land on your feet.

That's all

Added 6 Aug 2008, ID #8721, by gcman07

Two Cheats in One (Goombas falling from the sky/Fast 1 ups)

Go to world 1-1 then get the Mega Mushroom become huge and ground pound goombas will fal from the sky repeat this until the power runs out or the green bar on the top of the screen fills up

Happy Cheating!:-)

Added 31 Jul 2008, ID #8637, by MUDKIPTORCHIC

All right on world 4-level ghost house if you have a blue shell and spin into the wall with the stripped spinner everything on the left side of the wall will freeze. ( Even the coins will stop spinning).

Added 23 Jul 2008, ID #8507, by BzWzLz

World 4 And 7

To get the world 4 and seven you need to beat the final boss with mini mario

Added 25 May 2008, ID #7672, by mangito1006

Luigi As Playable Character?!?!

To make Luigi a playable character - Go to the select file screen highlight a file then hold L+R and press A. There we go. ^_^

Added 20 Apr 2008, ID #7303, by geezerguy

Killing Boo's

I have found a way to kill the nasty and annoying boo's. When you have the blue shell make sure you have a run up, starting spinning and then run into them, that is how to kill boo's. It is the only way that I have found so far.

Hope this helps =)

Added 14 Apr 2008, ID #7246, by tricky14!


Press l and are while selecting a file and you will be luigi.

Added 1 Mar 2008, ID #6745, by razor101

How to unlock world four and seven.

Well to unlock these worlds you have to beat world 2 on small mode this means that you have to beat bowsers castle on world four on really small mode(Blue Mushroom).You also beat World 5 with the same may be REALLY HARD!!!

Added 8 Feb 2008, ID #6445, by RawRy


There are 5 cannons and I am going to tell you were they all are.
1 world cannon to world 5:In small bowser :have a shell on you were the scond coin or third the one with the door then go through the right side not the doorthen use the shell to break the blocks and the go through the pipe then you shoul land outside of the castle and go to the flag

Added 2 Jan 2008, ID #5972, by mikeopen40
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