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If you do a ground pound {Jump then press Down on the D-Pad} but before you hit the ground, press Up on the D-Pad and you will land on your feet instead of doing a ground pound!

Added 6 Feb 2011, ID #15238, by moemoerocks and get

Worlds 4 and 7

Its very simple yet very complex.
To get to World 4 you have to beat Level 2-Castle with a Mini-Mario/Mini-Luigi.
To get to World 7 you have to beat Level 5-Castle with a Mini-Mario/Mini-Luigi.

Also, after you beat the game push the following buttons in this order:L,are,L,are,X,X,Y,Y.This takes you into Secret Challenge Mode where you can't go backwards. {Like in Super Mario Bros,the orignal you can't go back for anything.}

Thanks!Please Rate Thumbs Up If I Helped!

Added 6 Feb 2011, ID #15237, by moemoerocks

Lots Of Cheats!

Cheat #1-99 lives:
Go to world 1-1. Get a Mega Mario Mushroom. Run over everything in your way. Finish the level. Repeat this over and over untill you get to 99 lives. Its really easy but it takes a long time to do unless you get 5 lives every time.

Cheat #2-Play as Luigi in Single Player Mode:
At the menu where you choose which file you want to play on, puch L+are+A and you can play as Luigi! Note:If it doesn't say It's Me, Luigi! Then it didn't work so try again.

Cheat #3-Mushroom Houses:
Finish a level with a time {last 2 numbers} of 11, 22, or 33 for a Red Mushroom House which gives you Award Items. With the time of 44,55,or 66 for a Green Mushroom House with a mini-game for an extra-life. With the time of 77,88,or 99 for an Orange Mushroom House that gives you a Mega Mario/Luigi Mushroom. That is all the mushroom houses!

Cheat #4-Easy Way To Beat The Final Bowser {at the end of the game}:
Get a Mega Mario/Luigi Mushroom. Go into Bowser's Castle.{World 8.}Save the Mega Mushroom untill the end where you have to fight Bowser nd Bowser Jr. When you get to the end, use the Mega Mushroom to squash them. Then you have finished that!

Have Fun Cheating!!

P.S. If you could really use at least 1 of the 4 cheats, please rate this good! {Thumbs Up!} Thanks!

Added 5 Feb 2011, ID #15233, by moemoerocks

Luigi play

For luigi play when you get to select your file hold down L and are at the same time while pressing your file, you will come out as luigi.

Added 2 Feb 2011, ID #15206, by Guest

Become luigi

On select a file when the file is light green (hilighted) hold l and are and then press a.

Added 30 Jan 2011, ID #15188, by KINGHELIA


Play as Luigi in single player: At the Select a File screen, hold L+R while selecting a saved game.

Secret Challege Mode: On the map, pause the game and press L,R,L,R,X,X,Y,Y.

Added 28 Dec 2010, ID #15014, by Keyblade21

How to get 99 lives. (3 separate ways)

1st way: Go to world 1-4. Go normally until you reach the Red Koopa just before the big wall with all the brick blocks in it. Jump on him ONCE. Then press the Dash button (either X or Y) to grab the shell. Hold dash to hold it, then run for the area between the two pipes, one of them spouting Goombas. Get in the centre and throw the shell. Jump OVER it when it comes back at you. If done correctly, you'll get 99 lives easily.

2nd way: Go to world 7-5. Get a shell, as before. Chuck it between the two rotating Bullet Bill Blasters shooting at each other, and et voila! You'll have 99 lives in no time at all*!

3rd way: Play 1-1 until you get to where the Mega Mushroom is. Go ahead for a minute and stomp the Goomba. Then go back and hit the Mega Mushroom Block. Wait until it's almost over the cliff on the right side, then collect it. Go in a straight line, and don't jump over what you can break through. If you're not a moron, you can smash through the end flag (I personally like to jump on it, but whatever you like) and collect five lives. Repeat as needed.

*Note: This trick will take very long, if it works at all**.

**Note note: The trick pertaining to the Bullet Bills may not work at all, although I think it will. Also, this trick does not work with a Blue Shell.

Added 9 Dec 2010, ID #14939, by Guest

play as luigi in story mode

hold down l+r at the same time keep holding it down and slect a new or saved file and you will her a voice say luigi and thats all.

Added 21 Sep 2010, ID #14645, by Guest

how to get to world 4

bet brower with flower power a little then with mini mario

Added 13 Aug 2010, ID #14506, by Guest

luigi play!!!

hen it comes up to the screen wheree it says what game files u have, then hold l&r and click on whaever one u want to play on. u will here a little voice saying Luigi and u can play as luigi. cool. not really a cheat, but who cares?

Added 2 Aug 2010, ID #14422, by The stick

beat the game

get 99 lives then lose them all. find the red shy guy flag on 5-boo house. do not play that file for 1 week then erase your file and get the red shy guy flag on 1-2. after that you would be on 8 and bowser's castle will be completed and the game will be beaten.

Added 17 Jul 2010, ID #14271, by Guest

how to get stuck!!!!

go to the world with the water one with bubbles that u bounce off go to one in the right hand corner while being shell mario and keep bouncing off of that one and eventually u will get stuck in the wall!

Added 12 Jul 2010, ID #14244, by Guest

blue bowser shell

mario/luigi gets a giant blue coopa shell with spikes.

Added 18 Jun 2010, ID #14030, by wasup

Go to world 5 from world 1

You go to the first TOWER not castle and go to the part where there is a pipe you can go into and it shoots you through the air. Then use it and go up and fall off and go to the yellow door and go in it. then you will be put in a room where there are moving blocks. go to the right like you are trying to get the golden star and jump on the 2 blocks that are moving that 1 moves contantly you must jump on the top block and it moves back and if you touch off screen you get to go to a secret room that can give you a extra life (not telling that) and you have 3 or 2 blocks that you must destroy using a blue koppa shell item that you get from red mystery blocks or mustroom levels. If you have the shell run and hold Y and you should turn into a moving koppa and destroy the blocks after there is another room that you do the same thing exept hold the A button and the Y button mto jump and destroy the blocks that arent on the ground then go through the pipe and finish the level. Then there is a cannon unlocked for you to go to world 5.

Added 14 Jun 2010, ID #13986, by Guest

Unlocking extra fire without toad house

In any level that has 3-Mega mushrooms, get one of the mega mushrooms, then get another. After that you will have fire. Then get the 3rd mega mushroom and you will have an extra fire. Have fun cheating(:

Added 18 May 2010, ID #13768, by snipzip

How to unlock mini-me without going into a toadhouse

Go into level 1-4. Once you see the flying turtle, there will be two blocks under it. One block will be mini-me. Beat the level, get mini-me again in the same level. Then beat 1-4 again with mini-me. There you will have mini-me without going to a toadhouse.

Added 18 May 2010, ID #13767, by snipzip

Musical Credits

After you beat the game,while viewing the credits you can tap them and you will hear different sounds from the game

Added 23 Mar 2010, ID #13325, by Chargersfan21

Secret mode

Press start on the map, then press l,r,l,r,x,x,y,y

It makes it so ya can't retrace in the levels.

Added 11 Feb 2010, ID #13183, by mewtwo7

Play as Luigi!

Hold L+R while choosing a file. And you'll hear a voice saying "Luigi". Now ya can play as Luigi. He's faster, and he jumps higher.

Added 10 Feb 2010, ID #13155, by mewtwo7

world one complete walkthrough warp cannon

If you read some peoples warp cannon submits you can't understand them. Well, this is the complete warp cannon way
World one- ( be blue turtle shell)in the tower when you go up the "shoot" pipe near halfway with all the coins, there is an obvious door.go in it and you will see a lot of moving platforms as I call them. Go all the way to the right and you will see too on the side moving left. Jump on to the bottom one then on to the top and walk right. You will be in a room. Hold dash to go into your shell then break both walls of blocks to go into the pipe. You will get a "red flag finish" and a cannon to world five!

Added 24 Jan 2010, ID #13098, by Chaotix
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