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How to play as luigi

To get luigi you can just press the l and r a buttons and the a button too and you will hear luigi then you can play as luigi next time you play bye:D

Added 12 Sep 2012, ID #17558, by Guest and get

5 extra lives easy

First, go onto World 1-1 and play the beginning normally.
When you get to the part with the mega mushroom, don't just grab it. Wait until it is on the very edge of the cliff to grab it. If your timing is right and you keep moving forward, your "big-ness" should last until the end of the level, letting you destroy the staircase and even the flag, which give you 5 extra lives. Enjoy!

Added 23 Aug 2012, ID #17389, by Oinkert

How to unlock worlds

Its simple just get a mini micro mushroom then go to world 2 fight the boss on the last castle to unlock world 4 ten do the same thing on the last castle on world 5 to unlock world 7

Added 16 Aug 2012, ID #17319, by Guest

99 lives

First of all you need to play the first level of the game then find the mega mushroom then wait till it's at the right edge then get it don't jump keep running and destroy as many things you can and do you will get at least five lives and keep doing that untill you get 99 lives

Added 15 Aug 2012, ID #17318, by Guest

Haw to get the green tube on world 2-3

Go down the first green tube go down and follow the path utill you get to the water bit press the ? Butten and swim relly fast up to the top you will se a little gap go through that but be fast as there is another ? Butten that you need to press befor the water goes again then when you have doun that run doun the little corrie door and you will come out of a green tube and you will see a red flag jump on the flag and then you would have unloked a water world do that and then you will have unloked the tube that takes you strate to the end castle in world 2 pleas tell me what you think if you try my cheat

Added 31 Jul 2012, ID #17242, by poppycat

Bullet Bill taxi

This works at any place where Bullet Bills are.
1.Get a Tiny Mushroom and turn tiny.
2.Find a Bullet Bill cannon and wait for a Bullet Bill.
3.Jump on the Bullet Bill.
You will keep on jumping by yourself,but if you press
Jump you will go higher.If you go left and right
You would stay on the Bullet Bill better.

Added 25 Jun 2012, ID #17136, by Guest

Use Luigi

When selecting the profile to use, hold L and R while pressing A on the profile to use. You'll here Luigi and on the level map it will show Luigi.

Added 23 Jun 2012, ID #17094, by gfighterguy10

Get Luigi

When you are selecting files hold l and r at the same time. Keep holding them down when you select the file. If you don't hear luigi's voice when you select the file, you did something wrong. (You don't need Action Replay to use this cheat.

Added 31 Mar 2012, ID #16789, by kkkf

How to be luigi and how to go to secret challenge mode

How to be luigi - press l and r on the back of the ds. Keep holding them down while you select a file. If it does not work you did some thing wrong. How to go to secret challenge mode - pause the game on the
Map and type in lrlrxxyy. A message should pop up.

Added 26 Feb 2012, ID #16736, by Guest

Worlds seven and four easy

To gain access to worlds four and sven on the New Super Mario Brothers Game- DS or DSI, just defeat worlds 2 and 5 castles as a mini mario. TO obtain a mini mario, go to the level after the the first small caslte in world one, gain the mini, and defeat that level as a mini. Good luck. P.S. To kill something as a mini, jump up, then press down.

Added 7 Feb 2012, ID #16691, by Guest

How To Use Luigi

Select Mario Game and press up or down untill the file you want to play as Luigi on is brighter than the others. Then press L, are, then A all in order. You are then Luigi!!! Have fun!!!

Added 20 Jan 2012, ID #16660, by Guest

Make The Flying Red ?s Move (Easy)

If you want to make the flying red ? Boxes move quickly and do it by hardly doing anything, this cheat will help. Just enter a level you have completed already, then pause the game, and finally, choose return to map.

Added 29 Sep 2011, ID #16244, by to4ooo4

Get over the bills

In world 2-castle (Make sure challenge mode is on) When you get the bills you see an space all away at a the top move unit you see an little opening go back up and jump on the bill when you get to the opening wall jump and you will be at the top. Careful! When you are blocked by a wall jump. I hoped it worked.

Added 16 Aug 2011, ID #16082, by Cheesycheats1

Secret star

Go to world 1-1 and get to the check point. After you make it there let yourself die. Once you go back to it there will be three blocks sepperated and you go to the middle one, get on top of it. Once your there jump and you hit a hidden cube that has a star in it.

Thanks for reading

Added 4 Aug 2011, ID #16040, by questionasker

challenge secret mode

In the start button press the buttons LRLRXXYY you make a old mario bros, and is more hard

Added 27 Jun 2011, ID #15871, by Guest

Big guy!how to get him!

Alright, everyone wants big right?to get him on multiplayer(yes, I only know how to get him on multiplayer.)let your self die(on purpose) until(if playing to 5 stars)the opponent has three stars.get eight coins and watch the magic happen!(don't let your opponent get it before you!)P.S., the BEST place to get him on is the grass place with the goombas and the turtle!

Added 5 Jun 2011, ID #15805, by windrider9090


To play as luigi instead of mario press the left and right buttons on the back of the nintendo when you pick your game file.

Added 23 Feb 2011, ID #15292, by Guest

Play as Luigi

To play as Luigi, select your file while pressing L+R

Added 6 Feb 2011, ID #15241, by GhostClaw

New Music & Lots Of Fireworks!

At the end of a level, get on the flag with a time of {the last 2 numbers count} 11,22,33,44,55,66,77,88, or 99.There will be a certain Mushroom House that will pop up at the begining of the World you are on & there will be Music and lots of Fireworks!}How many fireworks show up is depending on your time.Example:11-1 firework. 22-2 fireworks. 33-3 fireworks.44-4 fireworks.55-5 fireworks.66-6 fireworks.77-7 fireworks.88-8 fireworks.99-9 fireworks.}

Happy Playing!
:D -Moemoerocks

Added 6 Feb 2011, ID #15240, by moemoerocks

Save Option Unlocked

After you beat the game,you can use the Star Coins to buy stuff.But why would you waste them buying things when you can save them?!To Save, just pause the game and there should be a new option that says SAVE.
{I'm not entirely sure, but I think this is only avalible when you actually BEAT the game.}

Added 6 Feb 2011, ID #15239, by moemoerocks
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