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Ya know what I am gonna make this easier for you guys and make it short and sweet.

Things to know about me...
I am a God.
You must worship and sacrifice to me daily.
Failure to do so will result in immediate incineration.
My music preferences are rock, metal, and stuff like that.
My favorite bands would be Disturbed, FFDP, A Day to remember, and Sixx AM.

There a few things that tell YOU, the person reading (or attempting) this. I hope you learned a lot and are prepared for the following exam. Failure to take the exam results in immediate incineration, failing the exam will also result in immediate incineration, passing the exam will not result in immediate incineration. Almost a win-win situation, except it's not.

1. What am I?
2. What should you do for me on a daily basis?
3. What will happen if you do not do what you need to do?
4. What are my favorite bands and what genres are they each classified in?
5. Would you like to pass this test?

Essay Prompt:
You have failed to meet your daily requirements and do not wish to feel my wrath, what should you do? Please write a 2 page essay explaining how you failed your duties, what you should do to not feel my wrath, and what you should do to get back on good terms with me.

Test Answers
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Congratulations on making it this far! I am pleased to announce that you have passed the test and are hereby allowed to live and continue on with you short existence. For now that is all.


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