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Call of Duty: Black Ops | PlayStation 3

Use the directional pad to select your care package, press the RIGHT directional button and then you should be holding a care package marker. Aim it like you would a gun or grenade and press R1 to throw it down. Wait for it to be delivered, pick it up by holding SQUARE and then select it with the RIGHT directional button to use it.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PlayStation 3

It would be helpful if you told me what rumor but any and all inns should work, just keep badgering the inn keeper for any rumors or news and eventually you should find what you are looking for, if not just move onto the next inn. If you are looking for a certain quest that you know happens in a certain hold then just check out all the inns in that hold.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops | PlayStation 3

You need to buy them off PS Store, they cost $14.99 each.
And you can't really get out of five, you either die or use a glitch. But all known ones have been patched up.

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | PlayStation 3

So I am trying to get married with Aela but accidentally missed the ceremony and made her mad. So I did the make up with her thing and set it again but now it isn't saying when it is and everytime I talk to her she just says the wedding is soon.

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Darksiders 2 | PlayStation 3


Death rides across worlds to bring back mankind from the dead and save his brother War from the fate that awaits him. But corruption lies in wait around every turn and chaos reigns everywhere. The Crow Father, keeper of secrets, holds the key to save humanity and War but will Death be able to get it from him. Who he forced a terrible burden upon him, the burden to forever carry the souls of all the Nephlim that the Four Horsemen killed, and now The Crow Father is sinking into despair. All that awaits Death is a long and perilous journey.


This game, nor the first one, doesn't focus on realistic graphics so much but the style they go towards is more animated. In many aspects this style suits the game better than anyother and I give it a 9 out of 10 because their is still a tremendous amount of detail in it. Thousands upon thousands of single blades of grass together to make a beautiful grassland in one of the first areas in the game is quite impressive. Occasionally you may see a few objects or landspace points that appear blurred but for the most part you will be stunned by the graphics.


The soundtrack in Darksiders II is impressive but can get rather repetetive after awhile in one set area however generally it really does enhance and match up with the location you are currently in or what you are fighting. Exploring the area, slacing the walls, or fighting a few enemies the music is of course well done and most importantly the transitions are pretty much perfect. Along with the soundtrack comes sound effects that are activated through various actions, smashing an enemy with a hammer, breaking a few boxes or other assorted breakables, blowing up stuff, turning a lever, or just falling to your death. All of which are activate perfectly wihtout any problems.


Highly addictive mix of action and puzzles while often compared to God of War or Zelda, Darksiders II is deserving of both comparisions. But also is deserving to be set aside from both titles being unique in as many aspects as it is similiar. This game is clearly deserving a perfect 10 out of 10 for it's gameplay. You play as Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocolypse. Death wields a scythe as his main weapon but can also fight with a gaint warn hammer or guantlets or even a pistol. A new addition to Darksiders II is being able to equip different types of armor and weapons to Death, collecting levelled items that increase his stats. This new addition is executed perfectly within the game allowing players to browse various dropped items after slaying their enemies and choose what they like and equip it. Another new feature is ridables, large constructs that Death can activate and ride. Any early construct resmebles a Golem and is used to clear paths, create a chain walkway from one place to another, or just to be cruel to anything that dares stand in your way. Overall Darksider's II gameplay is massive, addictive, and perfect. So much to to explore, solve, and kill.


The lowest score being as this game may not have a great replay value, you beat ir once and your probably not going to want to do it all again. Very little differences in the actual story. The only main replay value is to try it on a different difficulty, whether for a trophy or challenge; or to change how you played as Death from your previous playthrough by changing where you chose to use skill points. However it is massive, the first major area you go to has many different places to explore and different Side-Quests to complete. So it gives you a lot of other things to spend your time doing rather than progressing straight through the game.


Actually an 8.5 but I decided to round up. Overall between gameplay, graphics, sound, lastability, and most of all the story behind the game I believe Darksider's II to be an excellent game to get and try out. You really don't have to have played the first one to play this one which is good, the story of how it all began is told in the beginning. Darksider's II is a great game, already said that a few times but it deserves it. It will not disappoint you.



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Darksiders: Wrath of War | PlayStation 3

Once you buy or obtain a weapon from whatever method it is yours forever. You don't have to do anything. Since you can only equip three, with one being Wrath's sword and the other Death's Scythe, you must choose what the third one will be by going to the start menu and equiping it to the third slot.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops | PlayStation 3

Musical Easter Egg - Moon
The only zombie map with multiple Musical Easter eggs that players can activate.
Song: Coming Home
How to Activate it: By pressing the action button (X) on the three teddy bears with P.E.S. Masks on. The first on is on a red crate located between tunnel 6 & 11 entrances, near the "Simon Says" computers. The second is near the M16, open the door near the M16 and it should be above the players. The third is found close to the Stamin-Up/Semtex in a hole in the wall, where the helmet should be sticking out.

Song: Re-Damned
How to Activate it: Holding the action button by a computer in the lab next to the door to the Bio-dome.

Song: Coming Home (8 bit version)
How to Activate it: Use the action button (X) on the radio at the end of tunnel 11 on top of some computers, near power room door.

Song: Pareidolia (8 bit version)
How to Activate it: Obtaining a Film Reel and pressing the "use" button near a computer in the labs, and can only be heard in close proximity to the terminal.

Song: Nightmare
How to Activate it: Getting the "One Giant Leap" trophy. Acquired by having the excavators blocking both tunnel 6 & 11 and a player must be trapped in the spawn area. The player then must be down and die, after than they must re-spawn, resurrect, next to their teammates.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops | PlayStation 3

Musical Easter Egg - Shangri-La
Song: Pareidolia
How to Activate it: Using the action button on all three meteor fragments. First one is in the spawn area, behind the Quick Revive in a pile of rubble. The second one is by the bride right beside the Juggernaut/Speed-Cola perks. The third one is located within the broken wall slightly across the Stamin-Up vending machine.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops | PlayStation 3

Musical Easter Egg - Call of the Dead
Song: Not Ready to Die
How to Activate it: By using the action button on all three meteor fragments. The first is at the spawn area on a set of metal crates, between the water and pathway up to the lighthouse. The second is on the boat with the power switch, it is three floors below the power switch in the dinner area. The third on is in the lighthouse in the room with the PhD Flopper, underneath a small table with a clock on it.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops | PlayStation 3

Musical Easter Egg - Acension
Song: Abracadavre
How to Activate it: Use the action button on all three of the teddy bears holding a sickle. The first one is in the Centrifuge Room, up the stairs, turn right, and on the end of that walkway is the first bear. The second one is near the Lunar Lander closest to the Stamin-Up is a gate; under the red star is a teddy bear. And the third is by the lunar lander past Speed Cola, it is on top of the wall opposite of the mystery box location.

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