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Top Eleven Football Manager Pack Shot

Top Eleven Football Manager


Top Eleven Football Manager Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Tokens are the premium currency in Top Eleven, something which is in virtually every Facebook game nowadays. Thankfully, the game is much more generous than some, both with regards to giving out Tokens, and for forcing you to use them. In fact, Tokens are used only for rushing any building projects that are ongoing, making bids on players in auctions, and for changing the details of your club (something which you should have set up properly at the start of your game anyway).

How to earn Tokens


In Top Eleven it is possible to receive one token per day for free, if you are taking part in the correct TV Rights contracts. This encourages players to keep cominig back and means you can, potentially, compete at the game without ever having to spend your real money on it. Otherwise, you can earn Tokens by clicking on the 'Win Tokens' link at the top of the game screen. This works much the same as in other Facebook games, where you are rewarded for completing surveys and participating in offers. Finally, you can choose to simply buy the Tokens yourself. Again, you will have to physically pay for these using your own money in real life, and you can do that over the internet or on your mobile. It is not necessary in Top Eleven though, and it is worth spending some time playnig the game for free first to see if you really want to invest actual money in your team.

To buy Tokens in Top Eleven, click on the Buy Tokens option at the very top of the game screen. Sometimes, you will see the Tokens icon in game next to something you can buy or speed up - you can also click the icon there. You are then able to enter your payment details and confirm the amount of Tokens that you would like to purchase.

You can also now earn Tokens through Direct Transfers. See the Direct Transfers section of this guide for more info, but essentially, as the manager of a team selling a player, you will receive a fee from the purchasing manager upon the deal being done. This is an incentive to conduct deals in this manner.

NOTE: You are now able to purchase Tokens using Facebook Credits. This can be a great way to advance at the game more quickly than you would otherwise.

TV Rights

Much like the Sponsorship options, you can use the TV Rights tab in the Finances Menu to get a regular income of Tokens to help boost your team. These have certain conditions that you have to fulfill - there will be one that always rewards you with a Token every day, but higher-level ones will give you more for playing the game daily, beating more teams or fulfilling other criteria.



Like the new Direct Transfer system, you can also earn Tokens through Referrals. This is essentially where you invite other Facebook friends of yours to play Top Eleven. They do have to perform certain actions in game and, depending on how frequently they play, how into the game they are, you can receive different amounts of Tokens.

To view the status of your current referrals, click on the Awards section. Below is a list of the Referrals that you can earn:

Strength in Numbers:
Invite 1 friend to the game and have them register within a week of receiving your invite.
Reward: 1 Token

First Class:
Your referred friend watched 3 live games.
Reward: 1 Token

Ticket Tips:
Your referred friend sold over 6,000 tickets for a match.
Reward: 1 Token

Media Tutor:
Your referred friend earned 32 Tokens from media in one season.
Reward: 3 Tokens

Mentor of Champions:
Your referred friend won three consecutive Champions League matches.
Reward: 2 Tokens

Your referred friends have watched (in total) 25 live games.
Reward: 1 Token

Assistant Coach:
Your referred friend has trained a special ability.
Reward: 1 Token

Your referred friend has logged into Top Eleven using their mobile phone.
Reward: 1 Token

Business School:
Your referred friend has won 1 auction transfer.
Reward: 1 Token


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