Top Eleven Football Manager Walkthrough and Guide

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Cash takes the form of dollars and is the main currency in Top Eleven. They are used for pretty much everything in the game, from signing new players, to investing in your club's infrastructure (things like the stadiumsize, quality of the pitch, training facilities and medical equipment).

How to earn Cash:

It's quite easy to understand how to get Cash in Top Eleven as, unlike many Facebook games, it pretty much equates to real life. You earn Cash by selling players, attracting as many fans as possible to watch your team to support your club with ticket sales, and signing lucrative sponsorship deals – which are better depending on performance.

If your finances in Top Eleven reach minus numbers, you are in a bit of trouble. You are allowed to go 'overdrawn' into the minus figures, but have to resolve this within 7 days. Otherwise, the game will sell some of your players (starting with your most valuable one!) until the balance has been redressed. After 7 days, the first player will be sold. One more will go each day until you are back in the black.


You are able to get your club a sponsorship deal, which will allow you to earn a regular income of coins into your coffers.

To do this, visit the Finances menu. Click on the 'Sponsorship' tab. From here, you can select which companies you would like to sponsor your team. Some will be locked until your team is at a certain level (including, humorously, sponsorship from the developers themselves!).

The regularlity of payments and value varies depending on the company and your team's calibre. Sponsorships expire after a set period of time, so be sure to check back to make sure you are not missing out on any Coins that you could potentially be earning."

Sponsorship is a vital source of income.


Fans are one of the primary metrics for establishing how well you are doing at Top Eleven, but also net you plenty of Cash. Of course, your league position may be more important, but having plenty of fans will keep your team's morale high and, most importantly, generate income for your club through ticket sales and merchandising. Your team's performances have an impact on the number of fans that support your club, but making sure there are tickets available at games with enough seats is important too.


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