Managing the Team

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Managing the Team


Monitoring your players' form is important as it means you can select your team based on individuals' current performance. This should, in theory, mean that they are more likely to play to the same standard again in the next game. By contrast, a player who has performed poorly in the last five games may need to be dropped from the team and someone else given the chance to shine.

To see the performance of a particular player over the last five games, head for the ever-useful Squad Screen. From there, you can use the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner to change to 'Selection View'. Tick the column called Form, as this will filter just by players' Form in the last five games. The number in this column represents the player's Form over those games.

Match Reports are a great way to analyze your team's performance after the event. To access Match Reports in Top Eleven, you must visit the Fixtures screen. This also shows the results of the matches. Click on the result that you would like to see the match report for, and it will then be displayed for you.


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What is the result of playing a player our of position as indicated in the formation view with either a yellow or red warning sign next to the player? Similar but non-proficient positions are shown yellow (MC at AMC), unlike positions (S at DR) are red. Do they perform worse during the game (1-4 rating)? Are they more prone to injury? Do they foul more and turn the ball over? Anybody know??

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As a fellow player, I would suggest you go for the best+youngest players on the transfer list, and make sure that when you are browsing the transfer list, sort the players out by quality I am level 10, so I would want to look for a player that is not over the age of 24, has a rating of 69 (highest 5* rating for lvl 10) and also take note if the player is top of the transfer list.

Special abilities aren't as important, since I had a player that was a 3-star with free-kick SA, but somehow screwed up my team's freekicks, so I eventually sold the player. Special ability players also tend to be at least 26/27 years old, and even if you get a player that is good quality+has a special ability, it is not worth it.

Last season, I overhauled my whole team with young and high quality players, and even though I had only 1 SA, I still dominated my league, eventually winning it. If the player ends up being e.g a 54 (4*) you can sell the player for a good price.

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So what would be better a 4* player with an ability take a CB with defensive wall or a 5* player without and ability

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