Getting Started

Top Eleven Football Manager Walkthrough and Guide

by Mongoose General  

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Getting Started

The first time you play Top Eleven Football Manager, you will be asked to name your club. You should pick something distinctive so that you stand out from the crowd and to your friends. After this, you can select your nationality and city. You can also pick out a logo and choose the colors that your team is going to be playing in.

The game features a tutorial to introduce you to the basics of navigating the shop in Top Eleven. For the immediate purposes, just click on the Create Your Own Jersey button. You can then pick the color and the pattern to make it distinctive. These initial customization options are free, but as you progress through the game and look at some of the more complex options, you would be expected to pay for them. You can set up your own unique Home and Away jerseys.

Pick your strip and your crest to personalize your team.

With that done, select the shield icon, which represents your club's logo. There really aren't many options at the moment - they want you to have to pay to customize your logo just like you want it, but that is ultimately up to you. You can store logos, jerseys, and any other items that you acquire in Storage. This may seem a bit odd as they are not physical items - you need to remember to 'equip' each of these before they actuall come into use.

With that out of the way, you are given $100,000 in Cash to work with, as well as 5 Tokens to get you going.


Compared to many Facebook games, Top Eleven has quite an intimidating menu system. There are News, Squad, Training, Fixtures, Competition, Transfers, Finances, Stadium, Club Information and Trophy Room.

News lists all of the important announcements that have come into your club. These can include things like new sponsorship offers, player injuries and team news.

Squad is probably the screen that you will use the most. You can see your current team line-up and set the formation and tactics ahead of your next match. You should take care to examine the map of each player's abilities in this screen, as it shows you the areas where they are strongest and weakest, allowing you to pick their best position on the pitch.

Training is pretty self explanatory, as it allows you to manage the training of all your players. You can pick the training regime and organize practice matches.

Fixtures show you the upcoming matches and allow you to see match reports from completed games. This screen also lets you see the fixtures that your friends have upcoming.

Competitions shows you the current position of your team, as well as things like the top goalscorer and leader for assists. It is a good place to catch up on all the stats available in Top Eleven.

Transfers is where you can view players on the transfer list, search for players to buy, and manage any offers that have come in for your own players.

Finances is an important section to keep an eye on as you need to make sure you don't spend too long in the red.

Stadium is where you can upgrade all the facilities of your club. This allows you to increase the maximum capactiy of your ground and so potentially attract more fans.

Club Information is simply where you can see and edit the basic details of your club.

The Trophy Room displays all of the successes that your team has made.


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