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Follow the dark path or use the light


Holocrons Guide

Star Was: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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Holocrons Guide

This section of the guide just deals with getting all of the Holocrons in the game.

KAMINO: The Escape

HOLOCRON - Chaos saber crystal
Continue on the path using Force Pull to pull the platform out so you can get across. On top of the area is the first Holocron. It contains a chaos saber crystal.

HOLOCRON - Meditation saber crystal
There is another Holocron at the end of the hall past the fire traps.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
As you continue outside you will come to a half circle walkway. The Holocron is out to the left on a small platform.

HOLOCRON - Experience
There is a Holocron on the table in the small room.

HOLOCRON - Experience
Another Holocron is in plain site as you start this outside area. Simply double jump dash through it.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
This Holocron is immediately to your left as you enter the next building.

Kamino: The Escape Collectibles


CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Eastern Arch

HOLOCRON - Protection saber crystal
This crystal in on the other platform past the Acolytes. It's behind a stack of boxes so it's not visible right away.

HOLOCRON - Experience
Jump from elevator to elevator and grab this Holocron on the top ledge which is your destination.

HOLOCRON - Fury saber crystal
As you exit the second set of glass doors the Holocron is on the left. You do have to turn to see it so make sure you don't miss it.

HOLOCRON - Healing saber crystal
When you get back inside there is another sphere. When you remove it, the Holocron is underneath it.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
Another run dash sequence. Just double jump dash to maneuver away from the obstacles and storm troopers. About hallway there is a Holocron in the air, you need to double jump dash through. If you miss it just let yourself die for another crack at it.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
There the Holocron is in the middle of the top force field area of the first casino area.

HOLOCRON - Experience
There is a Holocron hovering over one of the high bridge areas. Make sure to get it before you drop down the next shaft.

After destroying the last one Force Push your way through the Carbonite doors. At the end of the hall is a holo of a Fett. Destroy the 3 games machines in front of it and the Outfit Holocron will appear.

CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Eastern Arch Collectibles


CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Western Arch

HOLOCRON - Experience
The first Holocron is immediately to the right behind the docking clamps right on the platform you start on.

HOLOCRON - Chaos saber crystal
You'll come to a section where there are 3 boxes stacked on top of each other at the middle of a U section. Grab one of the boxes and move it towards the side. Then double jump dash into the Holocron.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
Then you get inside there is a Holocron on the left. Grab it right away before the gunship comes back.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
As you work your way across the bridge there is a Holocron over the middle. Double jump dash to it.

CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Western Arch Collectibles


CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Tarko-se Arena

HOLOCRON - Experience & Corrosion saber crystal
You need to get both of these Holocrons before taking the elevator all the way up. Get on the elevator BUT jump off at the top right ledge. Get Holocron one, then jump out the top right and dash into the lower area and get the second Holocron.

CATO NEIMOIDIA: Tarko-se Arena Collectibles



HOLOCRON - Experience & Blue Bacta Tank
The first two are right away. Head around the back of the ship and jump on the large boulder there and from there to the ship. The Holocron is on top of the ship. Then Force Grip the large boulder to find the second Holocron underneath it.

HOLOCRON - Life Drain saber crystal
Double jump up to the left of the ship and just above a ridge is a hut. The Holocron is just to the right of the hut by a tree.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank & Focus saber crystal
Left of the hut is a giant boulder. Move it to reveal the Holocron. The next one is right on the path.

HOLOCRON - Experience
On the path to the cave. Grab it and then enter the cave.

DAGOBAH Collectibles


SALVATION - Aboard the Salvation

HOLOCRON - Regeneration saber crystal
After the battle put the part back in the door and lightning the conduit to open the door. The Holocron is in the middle of the hall on the other side.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
When you go through the next doors there will be a set of doors in front of you and a hall down the right. Turn around and pull the fuse from the door and take it down the long hall. At the end there is a door on the right. Use the Fuse and Lightning to open the door. The last three coolant tanks are in there. Bust all three for the achievement and then get the Holocron that is in the middle of the middle tank.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
When you get to the open area with the ledge the Holocron is right under you. You need to jump to the fall ledge and then jump back. Don't stay here long as it will drop out.

HOLOCRON - Experience
There is a Holocron on the left side of a smaller spinning fan. These stop of their own. So wait for the right moment and jump Froce Dash your way through.

HOLOCRON - Experience
You'll come to a room with two ledges on your side and two ledges on the far side. On the far left is a pipe and the Holocron is on this pipe. Jump Force Dash through it. If you miss you can do it after you clear the room. If you land on the pipe and dash to the other side you can actually pass by the entire encounter.

SALVATION - Aboard the Salvation Collectibles


SALVATION - Battle for the Salvation

HOLOCRON - Experience
There are a group of snipers on the upper right. Jump up on the middle ledges and then dash over to the snipers and eliminate them. The Holocron is in an escape pod in the back of this area.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
You will come to a section of red cogs that are glowing that you need to Lightning to blow them up and get past. The Holocron is in the middle of these cogs.

HOLOCRON - Meditation saber crystal
Right in the hallway. Can't miss it.

HOLOCRON - Incineration saber crystal
Make sure to check its pod before moving on for the saber crystal.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
This Holocron is in the side room where you destroyed the last three coolant tanks. It's in the middle of the front tank again. This time they are already destroyed and the door is open. (Since you did do it last level right?)

HOLOCRON - Experience
As you continue working your way back to the bridge you'll finally have to take a new path as the way is blocked ahead of you. Force Grip the broken elevator UP so that you can go under in. Turn around when you land and jump up to the small dark alcove. The Holocron is in there.

HOLOCRON - Experience
This one you have to work for. Head to the front of the laser and there will be two large crates. Stack them one on top of the other near the Holocron. Now head around back of the laser and hug the left wall. If you go down the middle the game will advance. Double jump to your crates, then double jump dash to the Holocron. You just got the hardest one.

SALVATION - Battle for the Salvation Collectibles

KAMINO - The Return

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank & Experience
These are on top of the piles of junk in the main room. Just climb up the junk and jump to them. Easy.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
When you get to the second tower you need to jump on the screens and to the middle of the section and the Holocron is in the back right.

KAMINO - The Return Collectibles

KAMINO - The Confrontation

HOLOCRON - Disintegration saber crystal
When you get outside you will see the saber crystal in front of you on a half circle platform. Before you drop down Force Grip the crate that is beside you on this high area and move in front of the platform. Then hop down and use the crate to get Holocron.

HOLOCRON - Shock saber crystal
You'll do yet another drop down into a room with a ton of Spiders. After taking them all out the saber crystal is right in the room.

HOLOCRON - Experience
Then in the final section you'll get to a series of rotating circle platforms with glass chambers on them. There is pretty much a Terror Trooper on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE PLATFORMS. At the top level you'll see the yellow Holocron inside one of these. Smash it open to get the last Holocron.

KAMINO - The Confrontation Collectibles