CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Western Arch

Star Was: The Force Unleashed 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by swaggers  

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CATO NEIMOIDIA: The Western Arch

HOLOCRON - Experience
The first Holocron is immediately to the right behind the docking clamps right on the platform you start on.

This level is very straight forward. Lots of Carbonite Droids and Jumptroopers and Rioters.

HOLOCRON - Chaos saber crystal
You'll come to a section where there are 3 boxes stacked on top of each other at the middle of a U section. Grab one of the boxes and move it towards the side. Then double jump dash into the Holocron.

HOLOCRON - Blue Bacta Tank
Then you get inside there is a Holocron on the left. Grab it right away before the gunship comes back.

HOLOCRON - Green Bacta Tank
As you work your way across the bridge there is a Holocron over the middle. Double jump dash to it.

Gunship Battle
Get behind one of the four barriers when the gunship is firing it's lasers. Then run out and do a Saber Throw on the turret and then Force Grip the incoming missiles back at the gunship. Repeat.

Gunship Battle

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8 comments, latest first.
Yes tap both the left stick and circle. Worked for me. I was stuck on this boss for 2 hours.
Having to sleep at night withouth beating a boss sucked.
Having to do it because of a crappy QuickTime event was like the icing on my face.
I'm haunted all through the night.
The gunship laughs. But I have the last laugh.

Added 18th Dec 2012, ID #223980

You don't hold left and mash o, you have to mash both simultaneously. Tap both together

Added 22nd Nov 2011, ID #89306

its a crap game - doesnt work on xbox either. Really bad design.

Added 19th Mar 2011, ID #33215

same problem.... does anyone know how to complete the quick time event on PS3??? I push to the left and tap the circle, but it doesn't work,... I hold the circle and push left, and still nothing happens.

Added 20th Feb 2011, ID #29649

The thing is you ned to HOLD A and repeatedly pressing E.

And after that same thing for other side (holding D, and pressing E).

Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22594

had the same problem

Here's the way i got through on the

press both A

Added 27th Dec 2010, ID #22569

same as above. PC version of FUII and I simply cant do the button presses required:

E repeatedly then A??

This is extrememly frustrating.

Added 12th Dec 2010, ID #20894

I can't get past the Gunship battle, everyone time I try to force that ship I fail. Any suggestions? Should I get higher force skill?

Added 10th Nov 2010, ID #17786