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The Adventure Begins
Risen 2: Dark Waters

The Adventure Begins

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Adventure Begins

After you slot the game and you reach the loading screen you are prompted to select the storage destination for your saved games -- either the hard drive on your console, or the Cloud.  Bear in mind that if you select the Cloud you are locked in to having your Internet connection online and available whenever you play the game, since that is where your saved games ultimately reside, so if you have spotty Internet coverage, or you expect to need to play when you have no connectivity you will want to choose your hard drive as your game save location.

Once you pick the game save location you are presented with the main loading screen, where you have the option of choosing to create a new game or continue a saved game (if you have one).  In addition you have the choice of Options for the Options Menus and Extras, which takes you to a menu that allows you to review installed content, view the available DLC on Xbox LIVE -- which in the case of Risen 2 is basically The Air Temple and Treasure Isle DLX plus a pirate outfit for your Avatar that costs 240 MSP, and a pair of free video trailers for the game, the GamesCom Trailer and the Reveal Trailer.

From the Extras Menu you can also view the Achievements screens (it loads the screens from LIVE and not an in-game version), the official Game Credits roll-by, and finally a 'Back' selection to return to the Main Menu.

Surprise!  A Very Unpleasant way to Die!

One of the drawbacks to the game is that you are only provided with a total of eight save slots -- seven really since one of the eight is used by the auto-save utility.  If you are determined to unlock the bulk of the game Achievements in less than two full play-throughs, you will be wishing that you had more game save slots, but that cannot be helped, so we will do the best that we can to point out to you when and where to make your strategic saves.

Note that whenever the graphic of a spinning compass appears on screen the game is saving and you want to be sure that you do not turn off the console when it is doing so since that can corrupt your save...

Selecting New Game creates the initial save for your new game and then plays the Introductory CS in which you learn about the basic situation in the land with respect to the Titan Lords and their war along with the reaction of the Gods, and an explanation for the ancient prophecy -- or at least that you now know that the prophecy is true -- and then a CS begins that shows you the last stronghold of the Inquisition Faction (and the fact that it is largely in flames).

Juan reports in to the Lieutenant -- that would be you, pirate eye patch and all! -- and he delivers the message that Commandant Carlos would like to talk to you, and that he is waiting for you at the top of the tower!  The first thing that happens once you gain control of your character is you are prompted to open your Log Book ('B') and that shows you your active quest -- Meet the Commandant! 

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