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Exploring the Jungles of Tacarigua
Risen 2: Dark Waters

Exploring the Jungles of Tacarigua

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Exploring the Jungles of Tacarigua

Now that you possess a map and thus you can not only determine where you are and where you have been, but more or less where you are going, it is time to seriously think about exploring the Jungle and harvesting lots of great resources, killing lots of pesky animals, and meeting a Pirate or three when you locate their hideout!  Not only that but you get to advance some quests in the process, and really if you think about it the whole point of a Pirate-themed RPG is to do quests!

Completing the Grog Delivery Quest and meeting Thompkins

-- Grog Delivery Service --

BEFORE you set out on this exploration and resource gathering adventure you need to get Patty released from the Kitchen so that she can accompany you!  Seriously, her sharp blade and powerful pistol are very necessary to your continued existence on the planet, so getting her released from duty is of major importance.  You can accomplish this by simply completing the quest that the Cook gave to you, and deliver all of the Grog to the five guards to which it is destined!

From the town square head north and follow the lightly-vegitated path to the sugar cane fields and locate a guard named Giles.  After you give him his Grog he orders you to tell another guard named Thompkins that the Grog has been delivered.  Technically you can tell him to do it himself and go to hell, but that will not flag the small quest that involves following his order, which in turn will cost you Glory Points (XP) you otherwise could earn...  So go ahead and accept the order, which flags the quest "Let Thompkins Know."

Thompkins can be found around the corner of the shed near the grass field, and when you talk to him he tells you about the hogs and the forest, and where to get a gun (from him)...  He also gives you some meat to deliver to the Cook which flags the quest Meat for the Cook.  Asking him to hunt flags the quest A Fat Roast.

You can peruse the list of guns he has available to sell, which include:

-- Shotgun (Cost: 750 gold - Damage: 50 / Talent: Muskets / 5 Muskets)
-- Bomb (Cost: 250 gold - Damage: 3000 / No Talent Required)
-- Dagger (Cost: 10 gold - Damage: 20 / Talent: Throwing Weapons)
-- Boarding Pistol (Cost: 400 gold - Damage: 50 / Talent: Pistols / 10 Pistols)
-- Bullets (Cost: 1 gold - For Muskets and Certain Pistols)
-- Lead Shot (Cost: 1 gold - For Shotguns and Certain Pistols)

He explains that he does not know the finer points of the use of these weapons and cannot train you in them, for that you need to find a Gunsmith.

Now that you have completed what needed to be done here, head back to town and speak to the Cook to turn in the Grog Delivery quest, as well as the meat from Thompkins which completes that quest as well.  This will also cause the Cook to release Patty from her job in the kitchen, and she now rejoins your party, which is what we were seeking in the first place!

After you get Patty back in your party return to the sugar cane fields and head into the Jungle behind where you met Thompkins and hunt down and kill the Jaguar that he told you about, and then return to him and let him know that you did that for an extra 50 Glory in addition to the Glory you got for the actual killing of the beast!

Reclaiming Patty to your Party and Finishing the Cook's Quests

-- Into the Wild Jungle... Sort of... --

Now that we have Patty back in our party we can begin to explore the Jungle and look for the path to the Pirate Den, as well as fill in some locations on our shiny new map!  So, follow the path past the jail and up the hill to reach Vasco's Tower, where you can meet Vasco and complete the Location Quest Tacarigua Found > Vasco's Tower

Vasco will fill you in on the cave and the pass, and offer you advice about the safest ways to travel and has some small bits of information on the Pirate's Den, so he is worth talking to.  He warns you that there is a huge monster to the North -- probably a Titan or something almost as deadly...

If you head through the cave in the cliff above his tower you will find some gold and Provisions in a chest as well as other resources on the ground, and a bridge that has a few monkeys near it you can kill for Glory.  Now, instead of crossing over the bridge continue along the path on this side, kill a few Warthogs and, in the brush ahead on the right of where you fought the warthogs you will find the scattered bones of an old Pirate, among which there is a bottle of Grog and a Pirate's Peg Leg -- that Peg Leg is the first Legendary Item for you to collect!  So collect it!

After you cross over the bridge follow the left path and you arrive at the main gate to the Pirate Den, where you are confronted by a Pirate who interrogates you to learn if you are an Inquisition Spy!  If you have upgraded Cunning twice you should be able to persuade this guy to let you in, if not then you will not be entering via the Main Gate!

Bear this in mind if you cannot either persuade him using Silver Tongue or Intimidate him -- this is not the only way into the Den.  There is another entrance along the side by the sea, so you can head there and get in as the guard on that side is not as snarky as Fence is here...  But on the other hand you also do not get the Glory that you could have gotten from your encounter with Fence.  Considering that all you really need to do is remember to upgrade your Cunning Ability a second time, it really is not that big a deal.  BUT, if you went through this and saved and you were not able to get Fence to let you in, well mates, you cannot cannot come back and try again, you only get one chance with him, so it is to the other gate you go!

-- Cooking Your First Meal --

Either way the gates get opened, the gates stay shut, head to the right of the gates where you will find a Campfire with some food at it.  You can take the food, that is not the important bit, the important bit is that you can ALSO cook your OWN meat at this fire!  That's right all the meat you have been collecting as you killed animals can now be turned into usable Provisions!  Well done mates!  Eat up!

After you cook up all your raw meat, assuming you got the gate open (and I am assuming that because I did) you can now head inside the Pirate Den!  This also updates the sub-quest Find the Pirates Den that is part of the Titan Weapon quest...

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