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The Actions Primer - Things You can do in the Game
Risen 2: Dark Waters

The Actions Primer - Things You can do in the Game

Risen 2: Dark Waters Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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The Actions Primer - Things You can do in the Game

There are a number of special actions that you will want to perfect in the game which range from pedestrian tasks to special actions with predictable and desirable results.  Because of the significance of some of these actions they are covered by the game guide that comes with the game in the game case, and on the off chance that you lost that, disposed of it, or are playing the game as a rental and so do not have access to the game guide that came with the game, we are covering those actions here...

Actions > Buying & Selling
While your Inventory is not limited, selling off the items you collect that you no longer need or did not need in the first place is one of the best ways besides finding piles of gold in treasure chests to obtain wealth in this pirate world.  You can sell your items to the merchants in the game, as well as purchase items from them.

If you end up selling something to a merchant that you later realize is actually an important item or one that you need for a quest or other action, you can return to the merchant to whom you sold the item to and buy it back for whatever you were paid for it.

Actions > Climbing
Climbing in the game is the only way to access certain areas in each zone, and is accomplished by standing below the area or object that you want to climb up to, and jumping -- your character will automatically grab the object above you and then climb up.  Continue that process to reach the top of a given object/path. 

Actions > Distilling
One of the more popular pursuits in the game, you will want to go out of your way to collect recipes as well as the special ingredients, and make a mental note of the location for the Pot Stills that you can use to brew your libations.  Not only do these restore health, they also taste mighty good!

Actions > Fighting
Regardless of which Faction you end up choosing, fighting will be the focus of much of your actions in the game as you undertake this adventure.  Fighting is effected by a number of different facets in the game, from weapons that increase your damage and effectiveness, to the clothing and armor that you wear that improves your defensive stats. 

Your left hand holds your throwing weapons, bladed weapons, and spears, while your right hand holds your Firearms and Dirty Trick items.  Selecting the weapon that you use for an attack is controlled by the combat mode you are in -- which you change by pressing the Primary Action Button -- allowing you to switch on-the-fly between your primary weapon and secondary weapon. 

Actions > Forging
The traditional smithing method, forging skill is used to repair bladed weapons and make your own bladed weapons provided that you have reached the required skill level (Level 6 Blades) and you have the required schematics and materials.

Actions > Gunsmithing
Once you reach the prerequisites for this skill -- Firearm Level 6, regular Smithing skill, learning the skill from a Gunsmith instructor, and having collected the odd bits that you use to actually make the devices that are restricted to the schematics you own -- you can then construct your own weapons.

Bear in mind that your Gunsmithing must take place at a workbench, which you will find at strategic locations throughout the world.

Actions > Mining
Your primary source for the ore that you turn into the metal that you use to make your weapons -- which you will want to do at least a few times just for the fun of it.  No special skill is required, just a special tool called a Pickaxe -- and you will need to locate veins of metal ore of course -- but once you have done so you can mine to your heart's content!  Note that creating your own weapons is a good way to keep yourself supplied with quality weapons at a tasty price -- free!  If you are pressed for fundage you can also turn that into your own little industry.

Actions > Provisions
In addition to sleeping and potions, food (provisions) is the other way to restore your health, and comes in a variety of forms -- purchased from merchants all over the world, traditional food provisions include edibles and drinks, but you can also gather food stuff in the form of raw meats, herbs and other plants, and fish that you can cook over your campfire as needed. 

Herbs and plants in addition to healing can have additional effects, but bear in mind that in addition to those special effects, the healing properties of Provisions is not really instant, but is effected over time.  You may also find it interesting to learn that booze will also restore health -- though you may find that less convenient than other options...

Actions > Rowing
In addition to being one of the best ways to get to locations on the other side of bodies of water, rowing a boat -- there are a number of them situation around the world -- is also the fastest way to get to other points on the island you are on, and represents the fast-travel system in the game. 

Actions > Sleeping
Besides potions, sleeping is the fastest and easiest way to restore your health (Blood Level), and is also a good way to run the timer when you need time to pass.  Sleeping in a bed for any length of time will cause your health to be restored.

Your character can sleep in pretty much any unoccupied bed, as long as there are no enemies nearby.  Obviously you cannot use a bed while in the midst of combat.

Actions > Traps
Between the Natives, the Pirates, and unknown and mysterious figures from out of the past there are traps all over the place in the world -- traps that can easily kill you when you are not paying attention.  The problem with traps is that you only become aware of them when you are about to trigger one and so the only option you have is to immediately and without delay jump to safety the instant you hear the warning sign of a trap about to go off.

Traps come in a variety of forms, from collapsing floors, to pitfalls, and the traditional stake trap.  When you encounter a trap you will get only seconds warning by sound and an icon appearing on the screen.

Actions > Treasure and Treasure Collecting
Treasure in the game is usually found by following a Treasure Map that will lead you to a beach, cove, or cave somewhere, marked by the traditional X.  When you find the location where the treasure is located your character will use a shovel (so it is a good idea to have one of those) to dig it up. 

Treasures can consist of a wide variety of items, including gold, and it is one of those pursuits you do not pass up on when given the opportunity.  Remember, there is no such thing as too much money!

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