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6: Time Well Spent
Mafia 2

6: Time Well Spent

Mafia 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 6: Time Well Spent

Fixing O'Neill

“One of the many lessons that one learns in prison is, that things are what they are and will be what they will be.”  -- Oscar Wilde

You knew that this had to happen, right?  I mean how can you be an old school gangster without having the prison experience?  As you exit the building the following morning an odd looking character is leaning against the wall near the door -- he looks like a Fed... And what do you know!  He is a Fed!  He is joined by two of his buddies and together they arrest you -- one of the attendants you sold those ration stamps to has ratted you out.

The charges lead to jail, and eventually a day in court, but you are a stand-up guy and you take the rap in your chin, alone, because in those days you did your time and you did not rat.  We are treated to a cinematic review of our arrival with the illustration by example that this is not a very nice place.  Eventually we end up in our cell, and the only thing that we can do is use the bed, so, well, use the bed!

-- Three Days Later --

We are in the prison yard and we have the name of a contact that we can go to for resources in the inside.  Yes, Joe came through for us!  Now, before we do anything else, there are two magazines for us to collect, so walk along the building to your right and you will see an alcove with a set of bleachers in it.  At the back is a bloke sleeping on the grass and by his leg is our magazine!  Pick it up (Playboy 15 of 50), then walk towards the front of the bleachers.

Look ahead of  you and you will see a guard standing on a catwalk above.  In the foreground to him is a silver shack on the left on this side of the fence.  In between the shack and the fence is our next magazine, so head over there and pick it up (Playboy 16 of 50) now.  Nice one!   Now we could ask around for Leo, but that will not get us anywhere really, just a bunch of rude gestures and the general response to piss off!  So instead we will go ahead and progress the mission.

Walk along the fence here to the left until you reach the corner and  you will hear a prisoner muttering the very infamous lines from the classic Sega video game Zero Wing.  How cool is that?  "All your base are belong to us!"

Now continue to the left to trigger a CS with one of the Irish gangsters from the Jewelry Store -- and he wants revenge on you!  Neither of you really win, as the guards eventually step in, and you end up in the hole.  A few days later the old guy who bet on the fight is chatting with one of the guards.  This would be Leo!

Leo is not exactly an ally, but he wants something from you and as long as you help him out, he will extend the protection to you that Joe had hoped that he would.   To start Leo teaches you how to do block and counter-punches, which is an advanced form of tactics in this game.  After the training Leo pumps you for information -- and you learn that that initiation fee was a scam!  Leo seems to be pleased to learn about that fee...

You can talk to the other guys in the crew to get to know them and then leave, or you can just leave, it is up to you.  You may as well get to know these guys -- they are almost family right?  If you listen to the conversations around you there are some gems of gossip to acquire -- about Leo in particular.  Once you are done chatting hit the door and you will run into Mister Wu.

It looks like it is time to fight again.  For this to work you need to follow Leo's advice -- short fast punches to tire the opponent out, and then slam it home for the win!  Take it easy and do not let him hit you too much because he hits really hard!  Watch his punches, and when his elbow is tucked in that is when to hit him.

-- After the Fight --

You win the fight and end up back in your cell on a new morning, and a guard has arrived to take you to your job.  Your job is in the Laundry -- of course -- that is where all the new guys work, right?  Well, there or in the Kitchen if what you see in the movies and on TV are to be believed...  On your way to work you learn you have the day off thanks to Leo!  How cool is that?  Instead of training you have another fight to fight!  With the Spooks?  Ah, a racial slur -- well you cannot say that they pulled any punches in this game, eh?  Well look at that you ended up in the Laundry anyway!

Okay this guy has some weight on you and he has a wicked cross throw, so you want to fight a defensive fight and use counter-punches to weaken him, then fast combinations to hurt him, and finally some round-house throws to take him out.  Once you weaken him you are prompted to do a new move -- a grab and flurry finish, so do that and ding!  Fight Over!

Now a guard will show up to tell you that you have a visitor, and Leo will give you your cut of the winnings.  Before you do anything else, quickly move to the washing machine on the left side of the room and grab the magazine sitting on top of it (Playboy 17 of 50).  That is the last one for this Chapter, so go ahead and move towards the guard to trigger a CS. 

The visitor is your sister, and she has some news for you -- she is getting married!  Before you can be all that happy about it, she dumps some bad news on you; momma is sick.  You tell her to go see Joe, because he has some money for her.  A Doctor for mom and a wedding present from Vito, bad news, good news.  Ah well.

The CS ends with you waking up in your bunk -- another day, another rude guard, same old same old!  Head out of the cell and  follow the path to your new job of cleaning toilets!  And they said prison was not fun?!   I just want to go on the record and say you suck at cleaning.  Now that we are done with work it is time to take a shower...  Ominous music here...  Looks like trouble.

A couple of perverts decide that they want to make you their bitch -- and you kick their asses -- then the guards kick YOUR ass.  You get the word that your mother has died, but hey, you paid for the funeral.  After the CS you visit with Leo again, and learn that the Irish gang has been tuning up on Pepe.  It is time to deal with the Irish question...

The fight starts out simple enough even if we are getting a bit tired of fighting by now...  But the Mick pulls a knife, and that changes the plan from broken bones to dead Mick!  Taking him out unlocks the Achievement / Trophy "Time Well Spent" which means you have completed Chapter 6!  Good on ya, mate!

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