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1: The Old Country
Mafia 2

1: The Old Country

Mafia 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 1: The Old Country

Baptism by Fire

The game opens with a cinematic Cut Scene (CS) of the protagonist, Vito Scaletta, an emigrant American from Italy who arrived as a child, when his family opted to pursue the American Dream.  As we watch, we are given an abbreviated history while Vito looks at his photo album, first telling us about his trip to America, and then how he ended up in the Army during World War II, after being caught by an Irish Cop boosting goods.  The CS of his service int he military abruptly ends with our taking control of Vito, who is in something of a jam at the time!

This is both the tutorial and our introduction in a baptism of fire!  As the protagonist it is up to you to kick off this powder keg, and you do that by carefully targeting the officer who is about to execute a local, and blowing him away.  Once you do that though, the fight really kicks off, so you need to quickly and coolly cut down the remaining soldiers on the steps of the building, then work your way up the steps and through the window on the left of the main door, minding the sudden flurry of heavy machine gun fire that has pretty much shredded the door!

Inside you are tasked with lobbing a grenade into the midst of the machine gun nest outside of the window in the courtyard -- and you inadvertently throw the grenade into a case of grenades, setting off a much larger explosion than you had intended.  In the rear of this area is a table stacked with weapons and ammunition -- including a better rifle and a pistol, which you should grab.  Once you have supplied yourself, head over to the door where the rest of your unit is staging and take cover by it, then head on through and fight your way to the second floor and out onto a balcony, where you meet strong resistance.

Check the D-Pad out now, as you can use that to switch between weapons: left is hand, right is pistol, down is carbine, and up is the SMG you picked up a few minutes ago.  As you work your way through the building you are ordered to man a mounted MG, at which point an Italian tank ruins your day.  Fortunately this also marks the point at which the Italians surrender, so you do not end up with a bullet in your head after all!

After a very brief introduction to the local Don, the chapter ends with a fade-to-black and you unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Viva la Resistenza!" for completing Chapter 1!

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