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5: The Buzzsaw
Mafia 2

5: The Buzzsaw

Mafia 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 5: The Buzzsaw


Your First Hit


The Chapter begins with you coming out of the bathroom and running into one of Joe's girls.  She leaves and you get dressed and head out the door.  As you exit the building you witness Joe's girl getting rear-ended and the guy that hit her going all abusive.  Very uncool!  You head over to see if you can help and what do you know!  You can!

She appreciates the way that you handled that jerk and invites you over, but you are not interested.  Actually you have me worried...  You do not seem to be attracted to girls, and that bothers me...  After all, you are a good looking Italian-American War Hero, you should be prowling.  That's all I am saying, you know?  As the CS ends you unlock the Achievement / Trophy "A Lesson in Manners" and, hey, since his car is here and he is in no condition to use it... Why don't we borrow it?

Drive over to the restaurant and head in to meet with Joe and Harry -- and you finally get to meet Luca!  You are invited to sit and eat, and Luca has his say.  It seems that he wants you to perform a hit for him, and you point out that this is not exactly a new skill for you.  This is a pivotal assignment for you -- do well and you will be on the fast track to being a made man, assuming you can scrape up the initiation fee that is...

Henry fills you in and then points you to the gun dealer who has the hardware that you need.  Head over to the Army/Navy Store and pick up the MG-42 Machine Gun, and then load the gun into the van outside and drive it over to the meet up with the boys at the Distillery.  When you arrive you get a CS in which some time has passed with you and the crew on stake-out.  Henry fills you in on his past, and the story of how he ended up here in the 'States.

Eventually the target shows up, but a look-out in the steer noticed your stake-out and he warned the target just as they arrived.  You use the MG to take out his guards, but the Fat Man gets inside the Distillery!  You have to go in after him, chase him down, and kill him!

As you follow Joe and Henry out into the hall instead of going down the stairs with them, run up the stairs here and grab the magazine at the top of the landing (Playboy 12 of 50).  Now you can head down the stairs and follow the crew into the other building.  The street is still a war zone, and another pair of goons show up, so take them out but try not to have a car blow up next to you!

After you kick in the door and enter the Distillery, you will need to take out the defenders here -- and once you do, before you head up the stairs run into the office to the left and grab the magazine there (Playboy 13 of 50).  You need to grab it now, because once the fire gets started you cannot return for it!

Fight your way to the lift on the next floor up and hit the button to raise it.  When you get off you will face a few more thugs -- one of whom drops a Tommy Gun so be sure that you pick that up as you are moving past where he fell so that you add that to your available arsenal!  At the stairs up there is another Tommy Gunner so take him out carefully then head up and kill the last guard for a CS in which you confront the mark.

He begs for his life and just as Henry is about to deliver the killing shot the mark shoots him!  Henry tells you to get him out and to a Doctor he knows -- as you are doing that look on the right side of the room for the last magazine for this Chapter (Playboy 14 of 50) and grab that!  Now protect Henry as you  make your retreat.

Fight your way out -- there really is only one path that you can follow -- and as you exit you get a CS in which the cops are arriving and you are getting into a car here.  DRIVE!  Follow the route, crashing through the fences and avoid the cops as you make your run for it.  There is a timer, and you are going to have to contend with the cops several times, but if you do not mess around and drive well, you will have plenty of time left, and Henry will not die in the car!

After you get him to the Doctor he pays you for the job -- $2,000 -- but remember you need $5K for your initiation fee, so if you do not have that, before you head home to end the Chapter it may be time to deliver a few cars to the Chop Shop at the Junk Yard, right?   Once you have your nest egg head to the marker on the map -- your Mom's flat.

You get a CS with your sister, who you give the money that they need to pay off the loan shark, and after she thanks you profusely you part company $2000 poorer.  Now it is time to return home to Joe's and crash on your kitchen couch.  You unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Good Spirit" for completing Chapter 5 and the Chapter ends!

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