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4: Murphy's Law
Mafia 2

4: Murphy's Law

Mafia 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 4: Murphy's Law


An Irish Problem


You wake up the next morning and have the breakfast of Champions -- a beer -- and find a note from Joe telling you that you have another job.  You need to bring a piece and some lock picks -- oh joy!  On your way down the stairs did you hear that dog and look out of the window into the alley?  Yeah, it took me a minute to realize that those were a couple of drunks in the alley and not two guys being mauled by a pit bull!

When you reach the restaurant you meet Joe and the gangster, and hear about the new job.  Well, first Joe bitches about the job you pulled last night, then you start to talk about the new job until a made man we do not know goes postal.  You finally hear the plan, and then you are booted out into the street with a new destination.

Jump in your car and drive to the Mall -- nice outfit by the way!  When you arrive at the Mall park in the street and go pick the lock, then go inside and start robbing the place, when a gang of Irish Gangsters show up to rob the place!   They use a car to um, pick the lock on the window, and you end up in a Mexican Stand-off until the cops show up.  Now you would think that it would turn into an every man for himself deal, but no, the Irish gangsters want you dead, and they want your loot.

After exchanging a few shots you and Joe bolt back into the Mall and run for it!  No joke, this is a bad situation and you could end up dead.  Cover Joe while he picks the locks on the doors, then follow him up a few steps of a short flight of stairs and look down on the ground in the corner for the next Playboy Magazine (Playboy 8 of 50) -- once you have grabbed that, BEFORE you follow Joe up the stairs walk towards the windows that are in the alcove, and under that flight of stairs is the next magazine (Playboy 9 of 50) -- grab that and THEN head up the stairs, and cover him some more.

You are going to have to kill some cops here -- there is no way to avoid it -- so make sure you go for humane head-shots, right?  Eventually you find yourself out on a ledge -- literally -- and as you continue to run you encounter different groups of uninformed cops, and kill them.  Note that one of the cops drops a Remington Pump Shotgun in the fight on the roof, and if I were you I would be sure to collect that one!  That is how you unlock new weapons in the game, by picking them up from enemies, and a shotgun like that, well, that could come in handy later!

Cross back to the other roof and enter the building, pausing to grab the magazine on the floor near the shelf (Playboy 10 of 50).  You now escape the cops and see the Irish gang arrested, then Joe takes the loot and you part company.  Your job is to get home, so go do that!  Boost a car and try not to be seen doing it, then head to the nearby Clothing Store and change your clothes to lose the Wanted Level.  Now take a nice safe drive to the marker and home! 

Enter the building and, instead of heading right upstairs, go down to the first floor front entrance, then towards the gate to the basement and pick up the last magazine for this chapter (Playboy 11 of 50).  You are basically done for now, so head to your bed and  simply say Goodnight, Gracie!  Hit the bed and end the Chapter, and unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Night Shift" for completing Chapter 4.

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