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7: In Loving Memory
Mafia 2

7: In Loving Memory

Mafia 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 7: In Loving Memory

Replacing your Personal Arsenal

Thank God that is over -- I know that any serious gangster has to make room for the prison experience but yeesh!  And look at this!  We get released in the Summer, to a world that has largely improved over the one that existed when we went down for our special crime!  The sound track is much faster anyway :)

Right, we got dumped by the cab on a corner near Joe's place and we are broke.  I guess we head for Joe's?  On the way to the back door I checked my garage and, sweet! My cars are still here!  I hope someone has been charging the batteries!   When you arrive at the apartment Joe is happy to see you, but did not appear to be aware you were getting out.

Joe has hooked you up with an apartment, and has plans to celebrate with you.  You talk shop for a bit, and then Joe gives you your Lock Picks and $200 and you leave, but BEFORE you do that, head up to the 4th floor and grab the magazine at the end of the hall (Playboy 18 of 50) first.  Now head to the garage for your ride to the new place.

When you arrive park on the side street and check out your garage -- all your cars are there!  Before you head into your flat head upstairs and grab the magazine from the cupboard there (Playboy 19 of 50) and then head into your flat, where you will get the grand tour from the landlord, Dick Pardo. 

On the table in the kitchen is your next magazine (Playboy 20 of 50) so grab that now -- what a swinger!  We are all done here so head down to the garage and grab your car then head to the marker on the map and get yourself a nice suit -- dude you look good!  Now find yourself a woman and... Just kidding.

Okay you have a choice to make here -- head to the next destination or do a little preparation work.  You can look for an honest job or go back to your thieving ways -- you know the first choice was not really an option right?   What I did was take my jalopy back to my flat and store it in the garage, and then spent a while stealing cars and selling them at Mike's to build a bankroll.  Having money is, well, good, because it lets you set yourself up.  Once I had my bank roll I hit the Gun Shop to resupply my personal arsenal, and then stopped by Giuseppe's to grab a nice clean .357 Magnum -- oh yeah, never know when you will need one of those!  He also has Molotov Cocktails for sale, and are you thinking what I am thinking?

Open the map and set your market on Harry's Army/Navy Store (on the north part of the map) and head inside, where you will find the next magazine on the floor in the "sales" room (Playboy 21 of 50).  Once you have that, go talk to Harry to see what he has in stock -- this is a good idea since you want to restore your personal arsenal and this is the only place you can acquire the special weapons you have unlocked.

-- Note on Weapons --

In case you did not notice this before, the only weapons that you can purchase in the game are weapons that you have "unlocked" in the game.  You unlock weapons by picking them up when an enemy has dropped them.  For instance, other than the Government Model Colt .45 you were given by Joe, all of the weapons that you can buy in the Gun Shop or at Harry's are guns you have picked up after killing an enemy that had them.

By now you should have unlocked the following at a MINIMUM:

• Colt Model M1911 .45 Caliber Automatic Pistol.
• Remington 12 Gauge Pump Shotgun
• Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Trooper Model Revolver.
• Smith & Wesson .38 Police Chief Special Revolver.
• Thompson M1921A SMG.

Later in the game you will be able to obtain German SMG's, and pistols here as well as hand grenades, so be on the lookout for and pick up any weapons you have not unlocked when you battle enemies!

-- Back to the Story --

Now that you have all of your weapons and ammo restocked and a bank roll of around $2K go ahead and drive to Joe's to continue the story line.  When you arrive and ring the bell you will find that Joe is quite the sharp dresser these days!  You are waiting for Hoe's friend to arrive -- Eddie Scarpa.  I don't know about you but this guy strikes me as trouble...  But it turns out that they are just taking you to get laid!

This should be interesting -- so far Vito has not exactly been interested in the girls.  When you arrive you get the expected CS and some shop talk, including an offer for a foot into the door so to speak, and then you get ready to leave but Joe and Eddie are shit-faced.  Once you get them into the car -- and that takes a bit -- and that is when the problems actually start.  You see, there is a body in the trunk...

Now would be a bad time to get pulled over by a cop, right?  So drive nice and careful to the marker on the map, where you will find "The Hole" you need.  On the way you have to stop so Eddie can blow chunks, then you take a nice scenic ride.  Just to be clear, you are supposed to stop, get out, and open the gate, not drive through it.  When you finally arrive, guess who gets to do all of the work.  That new suit you bought is going to need to be dry cleaned.

Now it is back to Joe's -- while you get a serenade from the two still very drunk gangsters, who pick a classic Dean Martin song as their, uh, well... It really sounded like a couple of guys killing a cat...  That ends the Chapter, and unlocks the Achievement / Trophy "Last Respects" for completing the Chapter!

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