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3b: Have Fist, Will Cut Hair
Mafia 2

3b: Have Fist, Will Cut Hair

Mafia 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 3b: Have Fist, Will Cut Hair

Collecting for the Barber

On your way out of the warehouse you are stopped by the foreman, and during the conversation he realizes that he may have given you the wrong job!  So it is back to the office to talk to Derek again, and he asks what the hell you were doing loading boxes?!  Derek pulls out his gun and then rings Joe to verify you -- clearly this guy is serious about his security.  Joe and Derek have a chat, and Joe vouches for you which pleases Derek.

The story is simple enough -- Derek runs the docks and he expects a certain contribution from the folks who make their living there, and he has not been getting it -- so he wants you to work as hired muscle.  Granted it is hired muscle with a brain, but what you are in simple terms is an enforcer who is tasked with helping the dock workers to remember that it is time to give at the office!  Grab the Playboy Magazine on the floor here before you continue on the mission.

The first few fees for the Barber are easy to collect, but eventually you run into a guy who, well, he does not want to pay.  You should be pretty good at melee by now, and the up-side of this is after you thoroughly kick this guys ass, everybody pays all at the same time!  No need to talk to them individually as they have all paid, so head back to the office to turn in your collections and get your take and a bonus.

As you are about to leave Derek mentions that Joe needs you to meet him at Freddy's.  You then unlock the Achievement / Trophy "He Who Pays the Barber."  Now you could do that -- head right to the meeting -- or you could boost a few cars for the Junk Yard Chop Shop to add some money to your bankroll, the choice is yours!

If you have been using the same car to get around, you may want to put in the extra effort now to rack up 50 miles of driving in it, if only because you already have something of a start, and the rest of the game play does not really promote the use of the same vehicle for what you have to do.  In fact that is one of the Achievements that you are least likely to unlock in regular game play.  You also may notice on your way out of the docks a ramp-like, um, ramp.  If you get your car moving real fast and hit that in the center you can get some good air-time and unlock the Achievement "Get Rich or Die Flyin'" now too.

Taking the time to get the 50 miles on one car out of the way now actually pays dividends if you are smart about it -- rather than do all of the driving on the highway, which is really the easiest way to unlock this one, spend that time driving through the city.  The dividend is that you reveal the markers on the map for all of the locations with interaction in the game -- including Gas Stations, Body Shops, Clothing Stores, Bars, Restaurants (including the various traditional Diners that look like railway cars), and Gun Shops.  If you have not already done so, you can also get markers for Derek's Office, Bruski's Scrap Yard, Giuseppe's, and Harry's. 

Once you have unlocked the Achievements that you intend to unlock, and obtained enough money to cover your expenses plus the $2K you need for your sister, head to the meeting with Joe and Freddy's Place in Little Italy.  When you arrive you can park on the street, before heading inside and up the stairs.  Joe is waiting for you, and he has set up a meet with a Made Man who is willing to throw some work your way.  Harry has a job -- he wants you to steal Gasoline Ration Stamps.

The Stamps are kept in a safe at the Ration Board -- a Federal Agency -- and according to Harry, he has an inside asset, a girl named Maria.  Harry needs you to pull this job solo, as he has something for Joe to do, and he wants you to do this job clean without being detected!  Not only that, but he has no help as far as the safe is concerned, so we are sort of winging this one!

After the meeting ends head back to your car and go to the destination marked on the map to meet with Maria.  When you enter the apartment building BEFORE you  knock on the first door on the left inside, look on the floor for  a Playboy Magazine (Playboy Magazine 4 of 50) .  It is just inside the entrance, so be sure to grab that before you knock on her door.  She is willing to cooperate but she wants a lift to the hospital as part of her "fee" for helping you, as she wants to visit her sister, who is in the hospital.  When you get back to your car and Maria eventually joins you, before you start driving use the speed limiter (the A-Button) so that you cannot go faster than the speed limit, and thus freak her out.

As you drive her to the hospital she tells you everything that you need to know to pull this job off -- well, almost everything anyway.  After you drop her off the destination marker changes, so head over there and park.  Before you go in like gangbusters, remember that there is an alarm system and guards, so the first thing that you need to do is get into the basement and cut power to the alarms!

-- The Stamp Heist --

Part on the street and head into the alley past the barricades, and you will see a section of fence at the rear of the alley on the left hand side that you can climb over easily.  Stealth to the open window (press down once on the left joystick) and enter the bathroom, then follow these steps:

(1) Exit the bathroom and follow the hall past the lifts to the entrance to the main foyer, where you will see the manned guard desk -- wait for the guards to star their rounds, crouching near the wall to wait until one of the guards leaves the desk.  You will hear the guard on the floor above you start having a conversation about a television, so it is now safe to sneak past the guard who remained at the desk;

(2) Enter the foyer sticking close to the left hand wall, and be sure you are in stealth mode!  Cross the foyer staying close to the wall and enter the hall on the side opposite from where you entered;  Follow this hall to the left through a double set of doors and you will see a green metal door on the left that leads downstairs to the basement -- go through that door and be sure to close it after you enter.

(3) Head down the stairs then follow the circular hallway here to the left (clockwise with the stairs at 6 O'clock).  You want the second door on the left side wall, which is at roughly 10 O'clock.  Inside is the control box for the alarm system -- disable it.  You will know it is disabled because the light on it goes from red to green.  Now continue clockwise around the hallway, entering the door at 12 O'clock -- this is a storeroom -- inside on the floor is an issue of Playboy Magazine (Playboy 5 of 50) -- grab that now;

(4) Retrace your steps up to the first floor, and then stealth through the lobby behind the guard at the desk and up the stairs that are directly behind him -- this takes you to the second floor.  Crouch by the inside wall on this side of the building and watch for the tell-tale hand torch beam that will show you where the guard you are stalking is presently located. 

Being careful not to be seen, wait until he heads into the hallway to the left in the center of the building, then stealth behind him and silently (use the B-Button while in stealth mode) kill him!  That takes care of the guard on the West side of the 2nd floor, but you should drag his body into one of the offices on the West side of the building just to be safe.

With the first guard's body now hidden, carefully stalk the second guard on this level (he is on the East side of the floor), and stealth kill him.  Drag his body to a safe spot just in case -- I do not know for sure that there are not other guards, so stash him out of sight to be safe;

(5) Now carefully stealth back down the rear stairs, approach the guard at the desk, and kill him, then hid his body too.  After you hid him head back to the desk and grab the copy of Playboy Magazine (Playboy 6 of 50 ) here;

(6) Head upstairs to the center of the East side where you will find the Director's Office -- before you go into that, head into the office across the hall and grab the Playboy Magazine (Playboy 7 of 50) here.  Now head into the Director's Office  and take the key from the desk;

(7) Head back to the rear of the building and open the glowing door -- inside is a door for you to pick open in order to access the safe.  Open that door and go inside and open the safe, retrieving the stamps.   Backtrack out of the building, and as you climb over the fence you will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "The Professional."   Now grab your car, then drive to Freddy's where you will complete this phase of the mission.

-- Selling the Stamps Quickly --

You now need to sell the stamps -- and there is a timer running of sorts, as you need to sell them before midnight!  Use your map to mark the location of the nearest Gas Station -- see, exploring while you drove is paying dividends!  Head there and sell some stamps to the attendant, then use the map to find the next Gas Station and head there.  Rinse and repeat until you have sold all of the stamps!  It should only take you 5 or 6 stations, which you can easily do in the allotted time.

Once you hear yourself say "Alright that is the last of them" head back to Joe's apartment and sleep in your bed to end the chapter and unlock the Achievement "The Price of Oil."  If you completed selling the stamps you also unlocked the Achievement "Mail Man" so good on ya mate!

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