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3: Enemy of the State
Mafia 2

3: Enemy of the State

Mafia 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by CMBF  

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Chapter 3: Enemy of the State


Operating the Chop Shop


You wake up alone in the flat -- Joe is out -- to a ringing phone, and when you answer you are shocked to hear your mother's voice!  Somehow she managed to track down Joe's number -- and a phone -- and she wants to know where the hell you have been?!  You promise to have a chat with the Union bloke, so go ahead and grab some breakfast and get dressed, then head down to the garage.

While we are on the subject, this garage can actually hold up to ten vehicles -- though it does not appear that large -- and in addition to that, you can repair your car here as well, though that costs money to do, so be aware of that if you are low on cash.  Each vehicle in the garage includes a details listing that tells you its stats, like how powerful it is, how far you have driven it, and its state of upgrade.  Actually you have to sort of figure that out for yourself, as what is really listed is it Tuning Level, but you get the idea.

You only have one car at the moment -- so unless you feel like going out and boosting another one, which is not really a bad idea now that I think on it, since you can sell it to Mike when you are done with it...  Hmm...  Well, either way, make your way over to the docks for the meeting with the Union bloke now.

-- Participating in the Chop Shop --

If you decide that it would be nice to make a little money before you get into the swing of the story line, bringing cars to Mike at the Junk Yard is the best way to do that.  Participating in the Chop Shop is simple enough: find a car to steal, steal it, and then shake any police pursuit if you end up being seen stealing the car.  Once you have cleared your tail, drive to the Junk Yard and, just past the office where Mike can be found, you will see a large car crusher!

Simply drive the vehicle into the crusher and park it, get out and then use the stairs on the side of the device to reach its controls.  Once there, activate the crusher, and as it completes the process of making the car go away, a nice chunk of money is added to your bank roll -- an average of around $400 but sometimes more depending upon the car.

If you steal and recycle five different model cars you will unlock the Achievement / Trophy "Proper Scrapper."

If you are in to driving cars there are a few other Achievements / Trophies that you may like to grab early in your play -- one called "Cruise Control" you get for driving a car above 30 MPH for at least 5 minutes, and another, called "One Careful Owner" that you get for driving 50 miles in the same car.  There is one called "Pedal to the Metal for going 125MPH in a car, but that will require a maxed out sports car to earn! 

-- Back on the Story --

When you arrive at the port you find yourself in the office of the Greek bloke who is in charge of the port -- his name is Derek, and he runs the rackets on the docks.  Unaware that your father is dead, he asks after him, then offers you a job unloading...  Stuff. 

Before you start this job, look on the floor just after you exit the office door and pick up a Playboy Magazine (Playboy 3 of 50).  Follow Steve through the warehouse to a pile of crates, which you are to load on to the truck for $10. 

Look, the door is open, your car is outside, so if you decide that this is not what you want to do, well, you can leave!  Or you can load the truck to see what happens next...  Wow, you actually loaded the five crates it takes for you to decide this is not the life for you?!  You are a serious gamer, props to you!

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