Audio Log Locations

Halo 3: ODST Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Audio Log Locations

There are 30 Audio Logs to find. Each Audio Log will reveal the story of a girl named Sadie.  Finding one, three, 15, and all 30 of the Audio Logs will each unlock an Xbox 360 achievement. Furthermore, as you collect more Audio Logs you’ll unlock Supply Caches around the city. Each Supply Cache unlocked will be marked on your map. Travel to a Supply Cache to find an assortment of weapons and possibly a Mongoose or two.

Terminals will be outlined in yellow while VISR is active, so leave it on while searching for the logs. Car alarms, flashing lights, and ringing payphones all tell of a nearby terminal.

Twenty-nine of the Audio Logs are in the Mombasa Streets hub and the last one is in the Data Hive level. To find the Audio Log hidden in Data Hive, one must first find all 29 Audio Logs in Mombasa Streets. This is best done solo after having completed the campaign once solo or co-op. Once the campaign has been completed, you can then select the “Mombasa Streets” level, where all areas of the city are unlocked from the get-go. Find all 29 Audio Logs in Mombasa Streets during solo play, then save and exit and load the Data Hive level to get the last one. This is best done on the Easy or Normal difficulty level since you will encounter plenty of Covenant while scouring the city.

Advising that the Audio Logs be collected during the solo campaign is not to say they can’t be collected during co-op play. They can, but there may be some complications with the collected Audio Logs saving upon exiting a co-op session. If you’re determined to find the Audio Logs in co-op, try to do so in one sitting, which shouldn’t be a problem with a few buddies.

It’s also possible to collect the Audio Logs your first time through the campaign. Some parts of the city will be locked before and after certain missions, however, so you’ll have to plan ahead and collect the Audio Logs in the areas accessible to you before and after each mission.

Match a marker on the map with the corresponding video for a clear demonstration of the location of that Audio Log.

Currently all of our videos for ODST Audio Log locations can be found on this page: 3: ODST/Alphabetical,Guide/halo3odst.htm

Audio Log 30/30: Collect all 29 Audio Logs in New Mombasa and then start (or replay) the Data Hive level. If you have fulfilled this prerequisite, the friendly NMPD officer you encounter during the level will follow you down to sublevel 9 (the second data-stack you come to). Normally he’ll remain on sublevel 8 and die.

To find the last Audio Log you must keep the officer alive through the Brute-packed corridor. When the last Brute falls, follow the officer to a locked security door. When he heads through, follow him in and look for the terminal along the northwest wall. Activate it to unlock the Audiophile achievement. The NMPD officer will then turn hostile; he’s armed with a Shotgun, so kill him quickly.


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Where is #25

Added 21st Dec 2014, ID #487879

I don't know which one I can't find, sadly

Added 26th Oct 2014, ID #463302

how do i get to number six?

Added 17th Apr 2014, ID #375892

#09 is really hard to find. It's inside this large room through an abnormal door. The door type is usually found leading to one of those places with two engineers in them. If you can't find it, just keep looking for it. You'll find it eventually.

Added 3rd Jan 2014, ID #338625

I have all the terminals.Tahnks

Added 10th Jun 2013, ID #289280

how do i get to #13

Added 29th May 2013, ID #286322

how do i get to #20?

Added 29th May 2013, ID #286309

I found 29 terminals but i couldn't find the last one in the "Data Hive" silly me

Added 13th May 2013, ID #282345

There are covenant shields protecting #9 from both ways into the bottom left part of the map. how do i get around them?

Added 31st Jan 2013, ID #248427

Can't find number 16, where is it?

Added 16th Jun 2012, ID #153404

Fun game.

Added 20th Dec 2011, ID #96700

So can you quit after you find 29 or do you have to play the hole campain?

Added 19th Sep 2010, ID #13068

Good Guide it really helped found all of them.

Added 8th Sep 2010, ID #11919

I currently have 28 of the audio files and I can't find the 29th file even though I've searched in all the log locations, what is wrong?

Added 25th Aug 2010, ID #10198

Im playing with my buddy and we cant seem to get number 2. Any help?

Added 20th Aug 2010, ID #9700

i found alot of data terminals by myself and im up to 25 now,but im searching for the last four and the one on data hive.which data terminals are the ones i mightve missed?

Added 18th Aug 2010, ID #9432

in the end of halo 2, arby, the 31373 leader, found that its all a settup, so he then waged war with the covenant and the elites became allies wit the humans.

Added 17th Jun 2010, ID #847

what is up with the dead elites in the mombasa streets?

Added 10th Jun 2010, ID #163