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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Grand Theft Auto 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony Guide - Side Missions

Club Management

Enter Maisonette 9 between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m., enter the management room (second door on the left), and press the LB button when prompted to start managing the club. What follows is a tedious string of tasks. Start by following the pink marker on your radar to the first spot. There, use the Right Stick to look around, and then move on to the next marker. Occasionally, you’ll have to boot a drunk or an abusive patron from the club; when they’ve been spotted, simply approach them to trigger the event.

Survey the club for trouble.

There’s more to it, though. There are eight nightclub missions, which count toward the 100% completion stat. Continue surveying the club and eventually one of the missions will be triggered. The order the missions are given in seems to be random, and if you fail one, you’ll have to complete all of the other missions before you can try that one again.

It’s best to complete one mission a night, because if you try to get two in, it may be too late after you’ve completed one, and the club will close while you’re working.

Once all eight missions have been completed, they can’t be replayed. You can continue to mange the club, though.

Clay PG Jackson
Get in the car outside of Maisonette 9 and follow the blue marker on your radar to the parked car surrounded by paparazzi. Get in the car and nudge your way past the photographers. You mustn’t kill any of them, so inch your way out of the alley, using the front or back of your car to push the paparazzi aside, and then take off down the street.

The paparazzi are annoyingly persistent, and will follow you on motorcycles once you’re out of the alley. Lose them by making frequent turns and driving through alleys and parks. When you’ve succeeded, drive Clay to the Majestic Hotel near Middle Park to complete the mission.

Escape the paparazzi.

Iron Belly Deli
Exit Maisonette 9 and drive all the way to the Iron Belly Deli in Bohan and hit the marker there. Deliver the food to the Hercules nightclub to complete the mission.

Royal Guest
Follow the marker on your radar to meet the VIP. Lead him to the car outside the club and make your way to the Easton Station. Park outside and click the Left Stick to sound the horn. Do not move until the two girls are in the car, otherwise the police will start after you. Drive the VIP and two girls to the marked hotel in the Star Junction to complete the mission.

Poppy Mitchell
Meet Poppy in the VIP section above the bar. Then, exit Maisonette 9 and get in the car parked outside. Follow the highlighted route on your radar to the fire truck parked nearby. Get in the fire truck and drive back to Maisonette 9. Hold the LB button and use the Right Stick to spray the paparazzi gathered outside.

When the paparazzi have been dealt with, get in a car with Poppy and drive her to the marked hotel in Lower Easton to complete the mission.

Use the fire truck to spray the paparazzi.

Cloe Parker
Follow the marker on your radar to meet Cloe. Exit Maisonette 9 and get in the marked car parked in the lot next to the club. Wait for Cloe to get in and then drive her to her mansion in Westdyke to complete the mission.

Al Di Napoli
Exit Maisonette 9 and make your way to the Hercules nightclub down the street. Head inside and meet Al Di Napoli. Drive the Al Di Napoli to Vespucci University in Varsity Heights to complete the mission.

Make your way to the MeTV building in Star Junction and get in the marked car there. Avoid running over any of the women gathered around the car as you pull out of the alley. Drop the VIPs off at Maisonette 9 to complete the mission.

Bruce Spade
Exit Maisonette 9 and make your way to the marked helicopter in Westminster. Get in and fly to the marker in Northwood. Land in the field there, wait for Bruce to get in the helicopter, and then fly toward Maisonette 9. Land the helicopter in the street outside the club to complete the mission.

Pick up the VIP and fly him to Maisonette 9.


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How to get unbanned from a club

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