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As you cook certain foods more and more frequently, you will earn Mastery Stars. These show your proficiency at producing particular items. Mastery Stars allow you to unlock new areas, cooking stations and complete some quests.

TIP: You should concentrate on getting Mastery Stars in the easier dishes first.

Below you can see all of the Mastery Stars milestones, as well as what you unlock with each stage:

0 Mastery Stars:
Grill Unlocked

5 Mastery Stars:
Meat Grinder Unlocked

7 Mastery Stars:
Veggimatic Unlocked

12 Mastery Stars:
Toaster Unlocked

22 Mastery Stars:
Broiler Unlocked

30 Mastery Stars:
Orange Tree Unlocked

39 Mastery Stars:
Wok Unlocked

48 Mastery Stars:
Food Processor Unlocked

59 Mastery Stars:
Skillet Unlocked

79 Mastery Stars:
Griddle Unlocked

85 Mastery Stars:
Oven Unlocked

90 Mastery Stars:
BBQ Unlocked

130 Mastery Stars:
Lemon Tree Unlocked

134 Mastery Stars:
Western Sauce Station and Apple Tree Unlocked

147 Mastery Stars:
Asian Sauce Station

156 Mastery Stars:
Deep Fryer Unlocked

188 Mastery Stars:
Slow Cooker Unlocked

207 Mastery Stars:
Marinator Unlocked

250 Mastery Stars:
Steamer Unlocked

268 Mastery Stars:
Expert Brick Oven Unlocked

286 Mastery Stars:
Expert Wok Unlocked

322 Mastery Stars:
Smoker Unlocked


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2 comments, latest first.
how do u unlock the vinegar barrel

Added 20th Feb 2013, ID #256729

you need to fix this list is wrong for example

the marinator is unlocked when you finish quest "soup break" that required 250 stars

the steamer you can buy when you have 267 stars

the grill expert is unlocked when you finish quest "holy guacamole" that requires 255 stars

Added 5th Nov 2012, ID #205558

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