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Siren Alley
BioShock 2

Siren Alley

BioShock 2 Walkthrough and Guide

by Michael Monette  

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Siren Alley

Goal: Find Pumping Station #5
Walk the straightforward path across the ocean floor to reach the Airlock chamber at the other side. Cycle the Airlock Control to drain the water and enter Little Eden Plaza. The first Audio Diary (A Silent God) of this level is near. Turn left once through the doorway; the diary is hanging next to the painting here.

There is a Big Daddy in Little Eden Plaza. This one, called a Rumbler, is armed with a shoulder-mounted launcher. The Rumbler is the easiest of the Big Daddies to take down -- especially if you have an upgraded Drill and the Freezing Drill Gene Tonic.

At the bottom of the steps just beyond the painting of the plane crash, turn left to spot a Vending Machine. If you are low on Drill Fuel, buy as much as you can with whatever cash you have. Look for some Phosphorus Bucks for your Shotgun next to the Corpse just beyond the Vending Machine. Clear the immediate area of Splicers and then turn your attention to the Big Daddy.

The Rumbler is the easier Big Daddy to take down, though he is equipped with a shoulder-mounted launcher.

Since the Rumbler is a long-range fighter, it's best to get right in his face and take him out quickly. With the Drill and the Freezing Drill Gene Tonic equipped (there's a Gene Bank right next to the Gatherer's Garden machine at the south end of the plaza if you need to switch out a Tonic), hit the Rumbler with Drill Dash and then get to drilling. This will work best if you have the Drill Fuel Efficiency upgrade.

Circle around to keep behind the Rumbler as you continue to drain his health with your Drill. If you have the Freezing Drill Gene Tonic, the Rumbler will eventually freeze. Switch to your Shotgun and hit him with Phosphorus Bucks while he is stuck in place. He'll fall in no time.

Be sure to loot his corpse to collect the Mini-Turrets he's carrying. Mini-Turrets are dispensed using the Hack Tool, and are very handy when protecting a Little Sister during a gather.

Killing the Rumbler in Little Eden Plaza

With Big Daddy out of the picture, you can adopt the Little Sister or Harvest her on the spot. As with the others, you can gather ADAM from two corpses with this Little Sister.  These Gatherings are optional, each one yielding an additional 60 ADAM on top of whatever ADAM you get from harvesting or rescuing the Little Sister once you are done with her. Hold the X/Square button to have the Little Sister lead you to the first gather spot.

If you have rescued every Little Sister thus far, rescue this one and the sisters will leave you a gift at the Gatherer's Garden. This gift contains the Proud Parent Gene Tonic (Little Sisters gather slightly more ADAM from every corpse), 80 ADAM, and some money.

There's ammo, the Handyman Gene Tonic, and an Audio Diary (Misbehaving) in the restaurant in the middle of the plaza. There's a hole on the second floor you can drop through to get in. Use Incinerate to melt the ice mounds so you can collect the embedded ammo. The diary and tonic are on the counter in the middle room. Hack the Door Control in the room next to the kitchen to get out.

If you've rescued every Little Sister thus far, look for your reward at the Gatherer's Garden.

There are three audio diaries and a Power to the People weapon upgrade station in the neighbouring Mermaid Lounge, accessible through the automatic double-door at the west end of Little Eden Plaza. The first Audio Diary (The Rumbler) is in the first floor restroom next to the Ammo Vending Machine at the west end. Use Incinerate to melt the ice mounds to uncover the diary. The other Audio Diary (Plasmid Shipment) is on the second floor. Look for the diary on the table at the back of the slot machine room at the northwest end of the second-floor walkway.

To get to the Power to the People station in the Mermaid Lounge, shoot a Hack Dart at the Door Control panel visible in the kitchen through the window at the top of the stairs. Complete the hacking stages to open the gate. Drop through the hole in the kitchen storage room to reach the weapon upgrade station on the first floor. The third Audio Diary (Father to Fall) is on the ground next to it. The gate will close before you can exit this room. A Splicer in the next room will set fire to the oil spill here, so sit back in the corner and wait for the flames to dissipate. Another Splicer will jump down from above, so be ready with a weapon.

If you hang around Little Eden Plaza long enough, another Rumbler will spawn. Wait until he has a Little Sister with him and then go ahead and use the strategy outlined above to kill him. There are three Little Sisters total in this level.

Hang around Little Eden Plaza long enough and another Rumbler will spawn.

When you're ready to leave Little Eden Plaza, exit into the Maintenance Area via the automatic door at the south end of the plaza. There is another gift from Eleanor through this door to your right. It's the Security Command Plasmid. Hit an enemy with this Plasmid and every security unit in the near vicinity will attack him or her.

There is Security Camera on the wall to the left through the doorway, so be ready with a Hack Dart, or simply run up and hack while the camera is turned away. Head up the stairs to the locked security door to Plaza Hedone.

Goal: Find the Keycode to Access Plaza Hedone
Pick up the highlighted Audio Diary (Lamb's Salvation) and then return to Little Eden Plaza. The code to unlock the door into Plaza Hedone is in Daniel Wales' office in the Pink Pearl. The Pink Pearl is accessible through the double-door at the northeast end of Little Eden Plaza. There's a Brute Splicer there, so be ready with Telekinesis or the Hypnotize Plasmid, which you can use to set the Brute against the Rumbler if there is one in the area.

If you spared Grace in Pauper's Drop, you can find some ammo in the Mail Tube by the Pink Pearl entrance.

In the Pink Pearl, pick up the Speargun next to the Rumbler corpse across from the doorway and then continue on into the next room. There's an Audio Diary (Father Simon Wales) on the desk in the first-floor office, which is accessible through the automatic double-door in the northeast corner of the lobby.

Look for the Speargun when first entering the Pink Pearl.

Daniel Wales' office is on the top floor, but there's an Audio Diary (Double Standard) to collect on the second floor first. The diary is on a table in the bedroom through the automatic double-door beyond the Turret.

The stairs to the third floor are at the north end of the second-floor walkway. Hit the two Trap Spears with a Rivet to clear the doorway. There are a few Splicers on the third floor, including two Spider Splicers. The door into Daniel Wales' room is in the southeast corner of the third-floor walkway. There is an Audio Diary (Wales an' Wales) on the desk in the office at the back of the hall. Be careful not to drop through the hole before collecting the diary.

Goal: Defeat Daniel Wales
Drop through the hole at the end of the hall when you're ready to face Daniel Wales. There are two Turrets and a Spider Splicer in the next room. You can hack both of Turrets with Hack Darts, or just destroy them. Pick up the Hacker's Delight 2 Gene Tonic on the ground to your right.

Daniel Wales is a runner, so take him out quickly.

When the Spider Splicer is dead, use Telekinesis to pick up the explosive barrel by the oil spill by the door. If you're quick enough, you can hit Daniel Wales with the barrel, knocking him to the ground and allowing you to move in to quickly take him out. Daniel Wales has plenty of health and is a runner, so it's in your best interest to kill him swiftly.

Daniel will be to your left as soon as you're through the double-door. Turn left and immediately propel the explosive barrel at him. Daniel should fall if you hit him. Equip your Drill and hit him with Drill Dash when he stands up. Continue using your Drill to drain his health while he is on the ground. Daniel has a Security Drone with him, so either destroy it or hack it to your side. You won't need a Hack Dart if the drone gets close enough. Use your Shotgun and Phosphorus Bucks to finish Daniel off, then loot his corpse for the Audio Diary (The Date is the Code) containing the keypad code.

Killing Daniel Wales

Goal: Use the Keycode to Access the Plaza Hedone
Return to the locked Securis door at the top of the stairs in the Maintenance Area. Enter 1919 into the Keypad to open the door.

Goal: Defeat Simon's Followers
The power has been cut. You must hold out until it comes back on. Sinclair will send you a couple of Mini-Turrets, Trap Rivets, and a First Aid Kit in the Mail Tube next to the door. The best place to set up your defence is on the ground floor, where you should have a hacked Security Camera. Place the Mini-Turrets using your Hack Tool and then sit in a corner.

You'll be attacked by Spider Splicers, and a Brute Splicer at the end. You can purchase First Aid Kits from the Vending Machine here if you're low on health.

Defeating Simon's Followers

Goal: Enter Pumping Station #5
In Plaza Hedone, there is an Audio Diary (Buy Her Memory) in the room through the automatic double-door along the northwest end of the upper walkway. On the ground floor, look for a second Audio Diary (The Pair Bond Mechanism) on a stack of blocks in front of the Gene Bank, Gatherer's Garden, and Vending Machine at the south end of the area.

There is a Rumbler in this area. If you have yet to rescue the three Little Sisters in this level, purchase some Drill Fuel from the Vending Machine and kill the Rumbler with a Drill Dash followed by more drilling and some blasts from your Shotgun. Just make sure he has a Little Sister with him before attacking! Be sure to loot the Rumbler's corpse for Mini-Turrets when he is dead.

Remember that rescuing or harvesting the final Little Sister of the level spawns a Big Sister. Make sure you're ready to face her before making your choice. You should be more than capable of handling a Big Sister at this point.

A good place to face her is in Plaza Hedone, especially if you hacked the Security Camera above the double-door at the south end. If another Rumbler has spawned, you can use the Hypnotize Plasmid to turn him against her. Other than that, use your Drill and Drill Dash, the Machine Gun and Armor-Piercing Bullets, and your Shotgun and .00 Bucks or Phosphorus Shells to make short work of her.

Killing the Big Sister in Siren Alley

A tunnel below Plaza Hedone contains the Vending Expert Gene Tonic and an Audio Diary (The Requirements of Utopia). The tunnel is accessible near the stairs in the southwest corner of the plaza. Start down the corridor next to the stairs leading up to the second-floor walkway. Walk along the corridor to reach the stairs down to the tunnel. The Tonic is hanging from a rope partway down, and the diary is on a stack of blocks at the end.

There are a few more audio diaries to collect before moving on. The first is in a secret area in Joe's Green Groceries, along with a Gene Tonic. Enter Joe's Green Groceries at the south end of the ground floor. Press the Conspicuous Switch behind the counter to open the door on the other side of the wall. Proceed through the door to enter the Illegal Plasmid Lab. Look for an Audio Diary (An Empty Niche) on the table in the room through the Securis door next to the Ammo Vending Machine on the flooded ground floor. The Cure All Gene Tonic (restore EVE when visiting a Health Station) is on a mattress through the adjacent doorway.

A second Audio Diary (Lamb's Operation) can be found in the Smuggler's Hideout on the Rooftops above Joe's Green Groceries. Take the stairs up to the second-floor walkway and cross the wooden bridge to the top of the grocery store. In the alley here is a Turret; hack or destroy it, and then proceed through the Securis door. The diary is on top of the Smuggler's Crate in this room.

Press the Conspicuous Switch on the counter in Joe's Green Groceries to open the way to the secret Illegal Plasmid Lab.

A third Audio Diary (My Name is Eleanor) can be found in the Little Sister Orphanage, accessible through the automatic double-door at the southeast end of Plaza Hedone. The diary is up the stairs, at the back of the sleeping quarters through the automatic double-door. A couple of Spider Splicers and a Brute will give you trouble on your way out. Just wait until the Brute breaks through the gate and then kill them all.

Once you have everything in Plaza Hedone, continue through the Securis door marked “Temple of the Lamb” next to the vending machines at the south end of the plaza. Continue through the door along the west side of this area to enter Pump Station Access. There is another Audio Diary (Shackled to the Great Chain) to collect here. Head up the stairs through the doorway past the Vending Machine and go to the west end of the upper walkway. The diary is in the room behind the gate. Hit the Door Control panel on the wall to the right and complete each hacking stage to open the gate.

Before heading through the door at the east end of Pump Station Access, pick up the Audio Diary (Guidance of the Lamb) on the ground below the two paintings to the right. Through the door, head down the steps and turn into the room to your left. Use the Power to the People station here to upgrade one of your weapons. Look for an Audio Diary (Therapy with Gene 2) in the filing cabinet across from it.

Don't miss this Power to the People station on your way to Simon Wales' church.

Proceed through the door at the bottom of the steps when you're ready to face Father Wales.

Goal: Defeat Simon Wales
Simon Wales is a Spider Splicer, and he has a similar amount of health as his brother did. Two Spider Splicers, a Brute Splicer, and a handful of Leadhead Splicers accompany Wales. Make sure you've killed the two Spider Splicers and the Brute before dropping down from the walkway

Throw down any Mini-Turrets you have and then use your Shotgun to kill the two Spider Splicers, who will come at you right at the start. The Brute will show up eventually and jump up onto the walkway soon after. If you have the Cyclone Trap Plasmid, place some traps on either side of you and wait for the Brute to show up. When he does, he will hit one of the traps when he charges for you, sending him flying. When he hits the ground, switch to your Shotgun and fire at him until he gets back up. When he gets back up, equip your Drill and hit him with a Drill Dash to finish him off.

With the Spider Splicers and the Brute dead, Wales will appear. He has a Security Drone with him. Try to hack it to your side when it flies up to you, or simply destroy it. Drop down to the area below and kill the Leadhead Splicers in the area. Hit Wales with your Shotgun, Drill Dash, and whatever else you have. Throw down Cyclone Traps in front of him to send him flying, and then blast him while he's down. Keep an eye out for Leadhead Splicers all the while.

Defeating Simon Wales

When Wales is dead, loot his corpse to find the Pump Control Key.

Goal: Divert the Emergency Pumps
Before doing anything else, pick up the final Audio Diary (The Creed of the Faithful) on the pulpit at the front. Continue to the control room and activate the Pump Control to complete the goal.

Goal: Get to Dionysus Park
Follow the arrow at the top of the screen to the beginning of the level. When Little Eden Plaza is flooded, make your way to the ocean floor and walk across to the Dionysus Park airlock. Cycle the Airlock Control to complete the level.

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ID #285456 | May 26th 2013 Guest
the doors wont open to let me out of the 'Temple of the Lamb', I have defeated Simon's followers and came in here but don't know what to do now?
ID #123096 | Mar 15th 2012 Guest
does anyone know what the button under the desk in daniel wales office is for ? it's on a timer.
ID #70406 | Aug 26th 2011 Guest
That's for the safe behind the painting which is behind that desk where the conspicuous button is.
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In the Illegal Lab, theres another conspicous button in the room on the second floor, do you know what that is for?